Successes, challenges and future plans of LHC highlighted

first_imgBy Utamu BelleMinister within the Public Health Ministry, Dr Karen Cummings has urged Lindeners and the rest of Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) to be appreciative of the efforts of Government in forging towards improved public health services. The call was made at the second public consultation of the Linden Hospital Complex (LHC), held at the Egbert Benjamin Centre in Linden on Friday. Dr Cummings said the consultation was timely, stressing the Ministry’s mantra of ‘healthy people, healthy communities’ being enforced. Dr Cummings said it is Government’s national priority, through her Ministry, to deliver the best health services in Guyana with focus on strategic approaches, including accessibility to excellent care and healthcare practices. Minister Cummings stated that the consultation was a timely one as the Ministry strives to embark on a health sector reform in delivering quality healthcare.“The Ministry has began a paradigm shift in the efficient and effective delivery of healthcare… we have a lot of things to put in place… so that we can move smoothly… I must underscore that the Ministry of Public Health focuses strongly on quality management and quality standards with an aim to provide all Guyanese with equitable and acceptable quality healthcare,” she said.CEO’s ReportIn delivering a review of the LHC in 2015 and projections for 2016/2017, LHC Chief Executive Officer, Dr Farouk Riyasat said the Board and management are obligated to at least once a year sensitise communities on available healthcare services. He noted that the LHC, which has a workforce of 630, also comprises sister hospitals: the Upper Demerara Hospital (UDH) at Wismar and the Kwakwani Hospital. Due to increase in demand, the CEO said the general outpatient clinic at LHC was extended from five to seven days per week, while he stressed the need for training and additional staff. He said a proposal has been sent to the Board in looking at daily 24-hour pharmacy service, to include weekends and holidays. This, he said, would require additional staff.As at December 31, 2015, a total of 31,500 patients were seen at the LHC, including 26,000 outpatients and about 5500 inpatients. This year, the CEO said close to 200 units of blood were donated, and a total of 900 surgical operations were conducted. The LHC has a delivery rate of 950 per annum, with 20 per cent being teenage pregnancies and 27 per cent was attributed to caesarian sections and high-risk pregnancies. He added that 140 safe deliveries were conducted at UDH last year and 96 at the Kwakwani Hospital. Additionally, there were six stillbirths and two infant deaths recorded. Overall the hospital recorded zero maternal deaths for five consecutive years. Dr Riyasat stressed that to make meaningful reduction in infant mortality, attention must be paid to warning signs.Issues at Upper Demerara HospitalThe CEO said there is need for more utilisation of the services provided at the UDH. He said although services such as a pharmacy, in-patient and out-patient, antenatal and post-natal clinics, gynecology, rehabilitation, emergency and critical care, among others are offered, people are not utilising services the hospital as they should.“Many persons within the public domain are not utilising the services at UDH and I would like to encourage you to use that service”, he said.The CEO stressed that with regards to the laboratory, there are some limitations with regards to training as well as issues with equipment. He noted that several infrastructural upgrades have been planned, while he urged health professionals to improve their attitudes and relationships with patients. Dr Riyasat also stressed the need for improvement at the level of public relations.ImprovementsRegistering her disappointment, stressing that much more was expected from members of the public with regard to attendance at the forum, LHC Vice Chairman Valerie Sharpe-Patterson stated that the LHC is now in a better place as compared to a few years ago. She said the Board consists of concerned members, who are willing to ensure more efficient and effective service to the region.“Two years ago, we had serious issues with drug shortages, not to say we don’t have, we still do… We had serious issues of doctors being absent, not coming to work regularly and other medical officials which hampered the efficiency of the service we offer to the public. We had issues with emergency ward and we also had issues with staff attitude. These were some of the things we dealt with at the level of the Board and I can see that there has been tremendous improvement in some regards and in others, there is still need for much improvement,” she noted.The Vice Chairman alluded that new services are constantly added to the LHC, while she hailed its zero maternity rate over the few past years. She also expressed her hope of the consultation providing a forum for future improvement at the general staff and management levels.last_img read more

Metropolitan Hotel Shut Down over US$51,740 Unpaid Loans

first_imgMetropolitan Plaza Hotel, situated on Broad Street, Monrovia, was last Thursday shut down by the Commercial Court for defaulting on a US$51,740 loan from Global Bank-Liberia Limited.The hotel’s closure was a result of the final judgment entered against the hotel by the court on November 13, 2013.The bank said it loaned or guaranteed Metropolitan Plaza US$99,000 before the lawsuit, of which US$51,740 is still owned by the company.A.N. Charifz, general manager of the hotel and loan guarantor, was nowhere to be found when the court’s officers went to close it down following a “Writ of Execution” issued by Resident Chief Judge Eva Mappy Morgan, last Thursday.In the execution order, Judge   Morgan instructed her court   officers that, “If Charifz fails to comply with the order, they   should arrest him for contempt of court consistent with 1LCL Revised Chapter 44- enforcement of judgment and orders.”The court further ordered Charifz to pay Global Bank the sum of money necessary to satisfy the judgment adding that “if the money that would be realized from sale of the company’s properties is not sufficient to pay the reasonable expenses, then seize the real properties until it shall have raised the sum of US$51,740.”Judge Morgan also instructed court officers to seize and expose for sale land, goods and chattels of the management of Metropolitan Plaza Hotel.”Immediately, after the sudden closure of the hotel, an employee was heard phoning his fellow workers shouting,” Oh, guys the government has closed the hotel. We and our customers have been left in the cold, especially in this festive Season,”According to financial experts, non-payment on bank loans by business institutions could jeopardize the entire financial system of the country,   especially in the post- Ebola recovery period.In August 2013, Global Bank Liberia Limited filed a case in the Commercial Court to recover US$99,000 from Metropolitan Plaza in unpaid loans and interests due the bank.After the company was sued for non-payment, the court ruled on November 3, 2013 that the company was not paying the US$99,000 loan in compliance with the agreement and authorized the bank to sell the company’s mortgaged properties to recover the outstanding debts.The court at the time also ordered the company to settle the outstanding debt within a few months, which it failed to do up to the hotel’s closure last Thursday.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Scammers “selling” NICIL properties to unsuspecting individuals

first_img…company warns public not to be fooledSeveral reports have surfaced over the last few days of scammers, claiming to be brokers of the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL), who are allegedly “selling” properties/assets.NICIL’s CEO (ag),Colvin Heath-LondonThis is according to acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Colvin Heath-London, who on Friday stated that a number of persons with criminal intent have been approaching unsuspecting persons claiming to be in authority and thus authorised to sell a number of properties belonging to NICIL.However, he added that this is far from the truth, and in light of this, is appealing to the public to beware of such scammers posing as officials of NICIL.“We seems to be in a season where there are desperate people doing desperate things and I would like to warn and appeal to everyone to be not fall for the lies being peddled by an evidently organised criminal network.”Guyana Times was told that it was revealed that those responsible have been posing as ‘owners’ and/or ‘brokers’ of several prime properties which all belong to the Government of Guyana with the view of deceiving unsuspecting buyers into believing that they are in a position to sell these properties.“I would like to warn persons in and out of Guyana to be on the lookout for persons posing as owners and or ‘brokers’ claiming to be in a position to sell these assets,” Heath-London stated.NICIL has declared that no property and/or assets belonging to it can be sold without the authorisation of its CEO or its Board of Directors.“We are urgently appealing to unsuspecting buyers to be on the lookout for persons who are seeking to scam them of their hard earn monies,” Heath-London said.As such, he is warning the general public to be on the lookout for persons who are “seeking to gain wealth through dishonest and criminal-minded approaches,” reiterating that only him, as the CEO, or NICIL’s Board has been invested with that authority.“As the CEO, I would like persons to be alerted so as to thwart any such unprofessional, illegal acts that may drag in unsuspecting persons with the promise that they are buying properties,” he added.NICIL is 100 per cent owned by the Government of Guyana.The primary objectives of the company are that of subscribing for, taking or otherwise acquiring, holding and managing the Government’s shares, stocks, debentures or other securities of any company, co-operative societies or other corporate body.This means that all Government shareholdings in public corporations and companies including those falling under the Public Corporations Secretariat, and the Co-operative Finance Administration Institutions were to be transferred to NICIL. The objective was to have a unified and systematic management of Government’s shareholdings.last_img read more

PSC list several concerns regarding Budget 2019

first_img– expresses worry over impact on foreign reservesAlthough the Private Sector was part of the consultation process which helped to shape Budget 2019, its umbrella organisation, the Private Sector Commission (PSC), has listed a number of issues it has with the coalition Government’s annual financial blueprint for the country.The Commission said in a statement on Tuesday that it was mainly concerned about the level of proposed overall tax revenue on businesses and individuals as Budget 2019 projects a 9.9 per cent increase in revenue, while the economy is projected to grow by 4.6 per cent. “Most importantly, there is no provision for reliefPSC Chairman Desmond Searson energy costs, which are stifling businesses,” it said.However, the PSC recalled that it had recommended the gradual lowering of the Corporation Tax over a period of 10 years to 20 per cent. “The PSC is, therefore, pleased at the reduction to 25 per cent which was announced for 2019 and signals a commitment to this mutual goal.”Further, the PSC said it was cognisant of the need to incentivise the manufacturing sector and had hoped that given the large input of the services sector to Guyana’s Gross Domestic Product, thought would have been given to reducing the tax rate for commercial businesses from the draconian 40 per cent as this is having an adverse effect on legitimate businesses.“Worrying too is the impact of Budget 2019 upon the foreign reserves of the Central Bank; an impact that does not appear to have taken cognisance of the need to cushion against external shocks to which the country and its currency are vulnerable,” the statement added.Nevertheless, the PSC said it was pleased that Budget 2019 contained several measures such as the raising of the tax threshold, which it had proposed for the relief of the tax burden upon employees, and the monies earmarked for hinterland airstrips.The PSC said it was also pleased that plans have been announced for the construction of the Linden-Lethem road which it said will ease the woes of businesses and residents which depend on that area for their livelihood. “The direFinance Minister Winston Jordonneed for the East Bank road, which had been proposed by the Commission, has also been addressed and the Commission is heartened that the development of modern Port Georgetown is being addressed.” The PSC also was pleased with provisions for the differently-abled, a demographic which was often neglected.Following the Budget presentation on Monday, Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) Executive Director Richard Rambarran said that although The Private Sector was happy to see some money going back into the hands of consumers, it was extremely disappointed that the Government has made no move to remove or reduce the excise tax on fuel.He explained that in 2018, fuel has had a rehabilitating effect on the Private Sector, because it was multipurpose. He noted that it was not only used in manufacturing, but in every other aspect of business. “It is used in distribution, it is used in just about every single aspect of the production and distribution line; and as such, there should be something, or there should have been something, which addresses fuel costs,” he noted.Rambarran further related that the Government needed to be more serious about the development of a green economy, and not just talk about developing a green economy. He noted the lack of advancement in this area despite the Government repeatedly talking about the Green State Development Strategy.The GCCI Executive Director also noted that the current budget presented needed to be taken within the current context of Guyana, since, according to the 2018 numbers, there has been minimal growth in a number of sectors and sub-sectors, as well as contraction in a few. However, he said that they were pleased with the measures identified which would ultimately put money back into the hands of the consumers as well as the Private Sector.On the issue of tax reduction, he explained that the Private Sector was somewhat pleased with some of the reductions identified, but reminded that the decreases were not across-the-board.Guyana’s Private Sector bodies have been calling on Government to cushion the effect of the excise tax on fuel prices, which affect every aspect of their businesses.last_img read more

River arundo tops on city’s must-go list

first_imgSANTA CLARITA – Aided by a recent grant, the city will soon resume its ongoing battle against an invasive nonnative plant that fuels spreading wildfires and sucks the soil dry. Santa Clarita’s effort is part of a regionwide push to cleanse the Santa Clara River of the bamboo-like arundo donax, which grows up to 25 feet high and chokes out beneficial native species. “Two years ago, you couldn’t see across the river – you couldn’t see the other bank,” said Heather Merenda, the city’s sustainability planner, recalling arundo’s status before conservation crews waged a successful attack on the invader in 2005. “This thing comes back in spades every year if you don’t remove it properly and maintain the removal.” Eradication efforts stalled in 2006 when funds dried up. But progress has been made eliminating the reedy grass from 297 city-owned acres of the river. Encouraged by the gradual return of native plants and animals where arundo once spread jungle-like, the city plans to redouble its efforts and will prevail on property owners to join in the fight. Just last month, the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board provided a $129,000 grant to help fund arundo removal and create a demonstration site offering step-by-step removal tips for homeowners. Water conservation is key for the agency, which has partnered with many cities in its jurisdiction that have targeted the invasive plant. “The arundo just sucks up all the water and we are very happy to be involved in removing it,” said Francine Diamond, chairwoman of the agency board. The reedy Eurasian grass has proven tough to thwart because its hardy roots – which can reach 3 feet below the ground – quickly regrow. When the plant goes to seed, the plant is cut at its base and the stalks are chipped and used as mulch, but the root is left intact. Two years ago, the water-safe herbicide glyphostate was gingerly applied under the supervision of a biologist. The chemical is absorbed into the roots. Arundo was not always seen as an enemy. It gained in popularity after being introduced into California landscapes a century ago, but its fast-growing riverbed invasion has proven anything but pretty. The plant absorbs up to four times more water than willows and crowds out native species. Thickets of arundo can block storm runoff, which often results in flooding. During summer, the towering stalks become paper-dry, creating a fire hazard – and in 2003, they were wicks in a fast-moving blaze. “The Val Verde fire spread across the Santa Clara River because sparks landed on the arundo and allowed it to spread,” Merenda said. “It went up the hills into Simi Valley and ended up in Stevenson Ranch.” The U.S. Forest Service has been attacking the plant since 1995, and says it has been successful in eliminating it from San Francisquito Creek, a branch of the Santa Clara. “It’s not something you can remove with one treatment. It takes follow-up – we’ve been treating year to year because it re-sprouts,” said Teresa Sue, a district biologist for the Forest Service. “Our success is based on going back and doing follow-up treatment.” Other regional agencies, including the Ventura County Resource Conservation District and the Natural Resources Conservation Service in Lancaster, are working with Santa Clarita to solve the problem. The plan is to start from the uppermost reach of the river in Acton and work downstream toward the mouth of the river in Ventura. “If we don’t start at the top and work with private property owners, during the next storm a flotilla of arundo will flow down the river, and when waters recede, the plants will start growing there again,” Merenda said. Other river-bound plants on the city’s hit list are tamarisk, castor bean, yellow starthistle and tree tobacco. The city plans to resume its eradication plans in July. (661) 257-5255 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Northern Rockies Regional Municipality approves borrowing $55 million

first_imgVoter turnout for the referendum was approximately 19.6 per cent of eligible voters.The proposed projects include the completion of the recreation facility, development of a residential lot, upgrades to the airport and town hall, and the first phase of the Sewer Master Plan.$52,570,690 will be authorized to be borrowed after the final count on Monday, June 10.- Advertisement –last_img

From the bench to the back of the net – episode three: London

first_imgtalkSPORT has teamed up with Royal Naval Reserve to bring you a series of brilliant documentaries exploring the very special role of the substitute in football.And in this episode we look at some of the greatest subs in London.For more information on the Royal Naval Reserve, visit listen to previous episodes of ‘From the bench to the back of the net’, click herelast_img

Sunderland striker Jermain Defoe signs new Stadium of Light contract

first_imgJermain Defoe has extended his stay at Sunderland until 2019 after his goals helped to keep the club in the Barclays Premier League.The Black Cats confirmed on Thursday that the 33-year-old striker has signed a one-year contract extension, his reward for a remarkable return of 18 goals in all competitions last season in a side which struggled for much of the campaign.Manager Sam Allardyce said: “Jermain is one of the greatest goalscorers in the history of the Premier League and is a player that every manager would want to have in their team.“He proved that beyond doubt last season by scoring 15 league goals, he is in fantastic physical condition and we are very pleased that we have been able to extend his stay with us.” 1 Jermain Defoe netted 15 goals as Sunderland avoided relegation last season last_img read more


first_imgCLG GHAOTH DOBHAIRMná Sóisear CraobhGaoth Dobhair 8-11 Naomh Pádraig 0-05Tá Gaoth Dobhair fríd go dtí an cluiche leath ceannais den craobh tar eis an bhua a fháil ar Naomh Pádraig tráthnóna inniu i Machaire Gathlán.Bhí cúig bomaite ar an chlog sula bhfuair Gaoth Dobhair an chéad scór le pointe uaidh Aisling Ní Chasaide agus iad ag imirt in éadan na gaoithe.D’éirigh Gaoth Dobhair níos láidre de réir mar a chuaigh an cluiche ar aghaidh agus chuaigh siad isteach ag leath ama chun tosaigh leis an scór 5-03 go 0-3. D’aimsigh siad trí chúl agus ocht pointe sa dara leath. Beidh Gaoth Dobhair ag imirt in éadan Naomh Náille Dé Domhnaigh seo i nGleann tSuillí, am le socrú go fóill.Róisín Nic Pháidín, Sarah Ní Bharclé, Caolinn Ní Chasaide, Áine Nic Suibhne, Julianne Ní Loinsigh, Carolann Ní Chasaide, Jessica Ní Bhradaigh, Míde Ní Bhaoill, Brídín Ní Ghallachóir, Karen Ní Churráin, Aisling Ní Chasaide 3-5, Aoife de Barra, Ashleigh Nic Suibhne 1-0, Aisling Nic Giolla Easbuic 3-0, Rachael Nic Aoidh 0-4. Ionadaithe: Caitlín Ní Dhonaill, Síle Ní Ghallachóir, Maria Ní Churráin 0-1, Maria Nic Ghairbheith, Keara Louise Ní Loinsigh, Gracie Ní Rabhartaigh, Donna Ní Cheallaigh. MNÁ SÓISEAR CRAOBH: 
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GAOTH DOBHAIR 8-11NAOMH PÁDRAIG 0-05last_img read more

Steven Gerrard handed transfer boost from Rangers fans

first_img 2 New Rangers manager Steven Gerrard has been handed a boost from supporters who have pledged £1million to the club’s transfer coffers. Rangers fans have pledged £1m towards Steven Gerrard’s rebuilding job Rangers fan group Club 1872 has announced it will plough the seven-figure sum into the Light Blues at their forthcoming share issue.The supporter organisation is already the club’s second biggest shareholder, having previously invested a separate £1million 12 months ago when buying out Mike Ashley’s Ibrox stake.Now it has been given fresh backing from its 7,500 members to hand over £1m as chairman Dave King looks to raise money to boost Gerrard’s spending plans.Club 1872 director Laura Fawkes said: “A huge thank you to all our members for their regular donations and those in our membership and the wider support who made one-off donations towards our share issue campaign.“These funds will not only put more shares into the hands of Rangers supporters but will go directly into the club to assist with the rebuilding process now under way under Steven Gerrard.”Aberdeen have been confirmed as Gerrard’s first opponents of his Rangers reign – after the 2018/19 Scottish Premiership fixtures were released on Friday.The new boss will then get his first taste of the Old Firm derby just four games into the new season, with Rangers facing Celtic in September 1. 2 Gerrard launches furious touchline outburst as horror tackle on Barisic sparks chaos The first Old Firm derby of the season has been confirmed for September No date has yet been publicly announced for the share issue, but King did suggest back in early May it would take place some time in June.The Rangers chief hopes the offer will raise £6million in new cash, as well as allowing the club to convert some of the £17.7million owed to King and his boardroom allies into shares.Laura Fawkes added: “For Club 1872 to raise this level of funding purely through donations from around 7,500 Rangers supporters shows the huge potential of the organisation. Latest Scottish football news on scrap “What we can achieve together will be determined solely by how many supporters take part. When we look at the number of supporters involved, we have only scratched the surface of the contribution that we can make to Rangers.“We hope that investment into the club on this scale will show the thousands of supporters out there who have not yet joined us, that there are huge benefits of doing so.“Club 1872 is still a young organisation and we are learning all the time but there is no question that if our support acts together we can be a formidable force, not only in pushing our football club back to where it belongs but also in making sure that the the damaging events of the past can never be repeated.”last_img read more