App profit four trends hardware, vertical, business, civilian

CSDN and "programmer" founder Jiang Tao (Sina Korea Lianwei / photo)

        Sina Francisco October 19th morning news, CSDN and "programmer" magazine founder Jiang Tao said today in the mobile Internet Developers Conference, App to profit is moving in four directions, namely vertical and hardware enterprises, and the civilian

developers, the biggest pain point is profit this year, overseas developers have 12% revenues of more than $50 thousand, but 59% of them make ends meet, only 1% of people can achieve greater success." Jiang Tao believes that vertical, hardware, business and peaceful people tend to be ignored by mobile developers several trends. read more

CPA CPS CPM CPO PPL PPS CPC each meaning interpretation of CPTM PPC

People often ask

CPA  CPS        CPC what?
plus advertising seems to have these ah
                CPA (Cost-per-Action): cost per action, namely each visitor to the network advertising pricing model based on action. There is a special definition of user action, including the formation of a transaction, access to a registered user, or click on the network advertising, etc..

  also collected a;   what is CPA, CPC, CPS, CPL, CPM, CPO, PPC, PPL, CPTM? read more

A new site and some suggestions

I first came into contact with the network at the height of the year, 2000. I remember very clearly, in an Internet cafe, Internet bar boss I choose to teach the machine, I surf the internet. That is what all don’t understand, holding the mouse did not know how to use, at random, the pay 20 dollars to Internet access fees, only less than 10 minutes to go out, because you don’t really understand what they don’t know little, chaos. Over the past 10 years, although, he claimed to be the network age of ten years, but I still know little about the network technology, but know a little fur. So now back when to station, no technology, no purpose, no idea, a whole "three noes" of personnel, rushed to buy the domain name space, in a hurry on the line, is really admire oneself. I believe the intention is to practice it, and no other idea, if that is to make money, my income has now occupation can maintain my high quality of life, if it is boring, I can put your feet up to watch adult action movies in the office, just because of his chest. A restless heart. So I built a station. read more

How traditional enterprises into the mobile nternet

HP, Bri user experience ( CEO

traditional enterprises to do what App can learn from this article comes from the knowledge of the horse horsepower answer.

mobile Internet is changing our lives, but also change our business environment. I like to cite a data: in March 2012, the number of domestic smart terminals (iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, etc.) for 85 million units, and in the same year in October, this figure increased to 200 million units. 7 months, an increase of more than 100 million devices. By the end of 2013, this figure will increase to the number of read more

Why does the company’s Shutterstock price earnings ratio exceed Google

It’s not a good sign for

CEO to sell his company’s stock. But last month, when Shutterstock Jon Olinger in two offering more large-scale selling his own the material pictures of 2 million 500 thousand shares of the company, the company’s share price has been soaring, rose to 17% exceeded $70 mark.

this situation shows that the majority of investors in the company’s strong demand for shares in New York. It has just listed a year ago, driven by digital pictures and video sales soared. The share price has risen by 240%. Since IPO, each quarter performance far exceeding market expectations, the market is already approaching $2 billion 500 million. But it’s not cheap. Its trailing earnings reached 45 Google Corporation (Google) is 28, the Apple Corp (Apple) 12, analysts expect this ratio to 2014 at the end of the year will be as high as 65. Analysts said the demand for Shutterstock shares was largely due to the desire of investors to find a "good story" in the area of medium technology companies". The question is whether the company can achieve steady growth in revenue as expected. read more

Shao Jingjiang analysis of advertising alliance business model

had previously been an alliance, and had run the league. So for the advertising alliance is also some understanding. The most common pattern is to go to the Internet to collect some of the remaining advertising and traffic, mainly for personal websites and small and medium-sized enterprise website, these websites because there is no strong flow and profitable brands want to difficult! So there is such demand, they need to find a very low threshold, quick income business model however, advertising is a positive response to the demand! They have tens of thousands of individual website advertising collected and traffic channel total these resources are those ads with large manufacturers! And then distributed to these small stations to do with the difference of profit. Of course, this is only the performance of the real project is still very deep water read more

Method for improving Google Adsense click rate

The click rate of the Google Adsense has been one of the most important issues for advertising publishers, although I don’t think it’s the most important. However, for those sites that are too low click rate, so I think I can effectively increase the click rate of a simple way.

1, advertising a little more

if the layout of allowing it to put a few more ads, so that users contact the ad, click will be more natural.

2, rich in content

if the content is not abundant enough, can the ad will not, even ad unit can not complete the display, click will be less natural. read more

This tomb sweeping day, the nternet business is dead

grand busy delisting, PPS and UC are busy looking for buyers, even the ink weather such as APP are also looking for a way out…… See these, always feel deja vu.

the Internet is just like 40 years ago in Detroit, the three major car manufacturers still have unlimited scenery, but the numerous small and medium-sized car manufacturers have already had to live hard, or be merged, either, or quietly drained with vigour and vitality, to survive it is this kind of Delphi accessories manufacturers — at the time of the auto industry, is also regarded as the basic Chaoyang industry. The railway industry because it is difficult to compete in terms of cost and flexibility and car transport, is regarded as the sunset industry, like today’s retail electricity supplier. read more

Entrepreneurial workshop Mai Gang cherish life, away from the nternet

from the pursuit of disruptive innovation, to encourage small and beautiful and rustic investment in traditional industries, in 1997 entered the investment world wheat just why



| Zhai Wenting

at the end of February, Jimmy just flew from Shenzhen to Beijing, arrived at a shopping center Cade named "bubble Mart" stores. This is a small trend to do creative trend products, is a new investment last year, a project. At noon he took the boss of this company and several VC pulled together a group dinner, help project VC intention obviously. read more

Entrepreneurial story Tencent governing company rather than dictatorship


| vitalink

following YAHOO, Google, Facebook became the United States (global) third listed companies in the phenomenon of". No matter how the stock price trend, the size of its $16 billion financing, the market value of hundreds of billions of dollars, can be used to describe the unprecedented.

in fact, since Facebook became popular, who will become the Chinese version of Facebook has not been finalized. To a large extent, this stems from the existence of Tencent". As the Web2.0 synthesizer, Facebook has been regarded as a model of Silicon Valley startup: start empty-handed pattern innovation challenge, the rapid growth of the big guy. The "American Dream" is the key to this start-up companies in the ongoing miracle. Famous Internet watchers Xie Wen said that so far, on behalf of the world’s three major Internet companies – YAHOO, Google and Facebook, the birth of the interval between the three is the year of the year. In other words, in the past 20 years, every 8 years, the United States will be born a global Internet giant. read more

Alternative income approach talk to the shop to engage in decoration business

shop more open to the shop to engage in decoration, has become a business,

graduated from the University of Nanjing in 2006, a professional graphic design of the palace, was also an open shop, monopoly mobile phones, MP3.

store opened six months, did not sell a cargo.

is the price too high? Chinese palace is still trying to bargain, renqibuwang. As a result, the study of the design of the palace of Hua Hua thought of the beautification of the web, attracting attention. A month after the new version of the line, his business was finally opened zhang. read more

Chinese click Wangzhuan the strange situation

hair extension rich uncle Chinese click Wangzhuan engaged in more than a year, in this year’s life in contact with all sorts of Wangzhuan click Wangzhuan, also contact with a lot of higher click webmaster. Some of the strange phenomenon Chinese click Wangzhuan projects appear to illustrate Chinese click Wangzhuan not mature.

is a project such as click Wangzhuan appear like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Due to the low cost of Bux station, a cheap Chinese CN domain name plus a few dozen dollars of space plus a few dollars of the program, a Bux station and the station appeared. This site is really worrying. read more

Higher vocational graduates open shop shop level can replace credit earning 40 thousand

    two had participated in the college entrance examination, was in the graduation that year against the financial crisis, Yang Fugang instead of looking for a job to worry about, on the contrary, he has become the school – Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College entrepreneurship Idol: monthly income of thirty thousand or forty thousand, an annual turnover of over 2 million, there are hundreds of thousands of liquidity, become online mall "three crown" seller. Under his influence, the college has a total of more than 1200 students in the online shop, drill level seller up to more than 400. At the end of last year, the college officially made it clear that the level of the online shop can be used instead of credits, and a "diamond" could take the place of two credits……
                    read more

Jinshan on the 23 day 24 alliance performance anomalies that bully installation

dear webmaster friends:

    the Union statistics platform server room installed Kingsoft transfer, report data about 24 days of abnormal growth of the adjustment belongs to the server, please do not have to worry about.

    the correct data will be updated after the server adjustment and cover the abnormal data, in order to update the final data. Apologize for the inconvenience brought to you!

    I wish you a happy promotion!

                                                        – kingsoft. read more

SEOER, less complaints, more execution

in the summer of 2007, I graduated from a key university in Sichuan, four years of undergraduate university, confused and decadent, I do not know when to start to lose, the road of life a fog. But the clouds will always be in the red wheel, a chance I had the honor to come into contact with SEO, so-called search engine optimization, one of the most basic search engine marketing network marketing. Yes, I have introduced the university professional English here, a computer and no relevant professional, don’t say for SEO optimization concept, without any knowledge of the code I gehangrugeshan, but I always believe that the story of Yu Minhong the eagle and the snail, the male eagle and the snail can reach the top of the Pyramid. However, only a vibration eagle wings, snails need not stop running up from dawn to dusk, but eventually reached Pyramid’s top harvest could see the world. So I keep learning, the shuttle in the A5, and the owners of the home, the SEOWHY forum, ZAC advanced combat password again refer to the understanding of learning, I always think, I made my way, is to climb to the top of the Pyramid, but I am not an eagle, I can only one day at a time SEO the theory, and pay for the action. read more

Ali Wangwang breaking business into fashion life

      software in the field of instant messaging, announced before the full force, Ali Wangwang released version 5.6. Alibaba Wang Tao Group Senior Vice President Ali software manager said, Ali Wangwang will increase development in terms of fashion and life, make Ali Wangwang more popular, life, break the Ali Wangwang business office in confined areas. This is the Alibaba group since March this year, with Taobao and want to trade two instant messaging software, made in the areas of the most important strategies. read more

honestly do Ali mother was K process

I site is a flash station, I put the mom code on the flash when loaded into the display 10 seconds, this position I also consulted the mom that bird want service, she answered me this position may not work well, I asked her that this position allowed it, she said. The leadership, after a few minutes she still answer the leadership did not say, I get the answer is this position does not explicitly say is not allowed, I will put the code up, 2 weeks after the mother bird to give me a letter, you have cancelled the abnormal data, click billing function I, oh ~ ~ can only sell advertising space, we can search the Internet, a lot of people advertising, so this situation and I have consulted, and did not say no to this, and I am writing to reflect,,,, didn’t give any reason, all is the responsibility to you. That is to say, they think that this is the result of your problem, not their customer service problems, and reply to me is that you stand for click, I kuangyun, you do not give me, I can change the position, so why cancel me? Why do I advice when you call don’t tell me later? Don’t give me any explanation for read more

Buyren Zhang Zhiyong new opportunities for entrepreneurs to make money

March 10th news, 2006 China Super Adsense entrepreneurship contest " entrepreneurial practice " training held in Beijing today, Tencent science and Technology Conference on the exclusive broadcast.

following is Buyren general manager Zhang Zhiyong speech:

Buyren Zhang Zhiyong: Adsense venture to make new opportunities

Zhang Zhiyong: Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to communicate something. Today, for the first time in the face of so many people speak, his heart a little nervous, so I will forget the words I hope you can understand and encourage. Just wear a total, including the king of the map than I may not be a very well-known personal webmaster, may know my name is less than 10%. Chinese has some of the most famous and successful websites in this circle, you know he just graph king has been commercialized, including wearing the total company also can be said to have a huge investment risk, compared to some personal website is not commercial, but also have very high earnings, I learned about the income of hundreds of thousands, not over millions of websites, compared to my personal income barely subsistence. Today, Mary billion company to give me such a company about such things, is not to say how much I, how cattle, there may be some pessimism webmaster circles, I actually have some different ideas out to share with you. read more