Small day the use of transaction flow to earn hundreds of dollars

It is self-evident importance of

traffic in the Wangzhuan, can be said to play Wangzhuan is traffic, traffic you play well, you can make money. Here is not through the promotion or SEO to get traffic, but through the flow of the difference between the purchase and sale to get income, of course, is sure to buy low sell high.

A large part of

we do Wangzhuan is to get revenue through advertising, for example by GG, Baidu Union, Ali mother, this is relatively big, are reputable, as well as the results of alliance, nine wins, horse and other Union, credibility is also good. Why do we say that the advertising alliance, because the traffic is basically dealing with them. In the past to do GG can be purchased directly in the GG and then directly put on the GG advertising, which is to use GG advertising to earn GG of money, some people rely on this day to earn a few million. But not now, but not to say that the flow can not do business. But these large advertising alliance is unable to do so, for example, you buy Ali mother flow, is also in the Ali Mama advertising, then at your terminal on GG advertising, such as cheating, will lose money trading. So how do we work to gain it, because this is the equivalent of speculation in the stock market, as long as the investment funds will have benefits, but as long as the advertising page do well, the price is controlled properly, can not lose. read more

was ready to give up a monthly salary of 5000 yuan to do Wangzhuan

I am an amateur webmaster, but I know that the network is able to make money, or even make a lot of money. I’ve always believed that, but I haven’t found a way to make money. Not interested in the job now, would like to give up this job and devote to the webmaster industry, just under the pressure of survival to work at the site.

I started in September to the website, I want to know what to do can make money. I do is a beautiful picture site, is used in the CMS management system, perhaps people often say spam sites. All of the images have been processed by my watermark, and manual upload, there is no collection (so tired). Now every day I spent only 15 minutes to update one or two articles on the picture, the site is now just 1000 IP, PV18000, PR=2, (Midway for a month because the game didn’t tube website), only a few links to friendship. Talk about the harvest now. I put a total of 3 kinds of ads on the site, one is the Google keyword advertising, a video registration advertising, a traffic union. Google keyword advertising $0.5 a day, it is like 3-4 dollars. Video advertising registered registered a 0.3 yuan a day on average, about 10 people registered, also 3 dollars a day, traffic alliance 200 hits, and 4 dollars (20 yuan, 1000 click) that adds up to just 10 dollars a day. About 300 a month. read more

The webmaster do Wangzhuan the attention and time management

Wangzhuan, focuses on "make money online" and not in the Internet, how with the lowest cost way, through the use of Internet tools to make money, each Wangzhuan webmaster want to continue to think about.

A few days ago on the Internet to see a

movie, inside a teach money online Instructor said, in fact there is no such thing as what is "free flow", if some people say, it is to deceive people, including his own. Because of the so-called "free" flow, that is, to pay their own time to work, to work hard, unless their time and spirit to pay "worthless", how can it be said to be "free" flow? read more

Service marketing nternet search segmentation or integration

              just a few years, the rapid development of mobile Internet, interactive communication, and the four traditional media, the birth of a large number of new media, the new media to provide a unique service and provide an irreplaceable A new force suddenly rises., the marketing value for the enterprise in the world. The economic situation of the important growth pole. Therefore, the new marketing magazine at the end of this year will be held the first "new media and Marketing Innovation Summit", the domestic new media to conduct a comprehensive inventory, in order to promote the development of new media marketing, to promote the application of new media, new media will burst out more potential energy enterprises.Although Chris read more

T investment management to establish financial thinking

According to a recent survey of six hundred and twenty CIO by Gartner, proving that the business value of IT is still one of the top priorities for CIO is one of the five. It seems that now there are more and more companies in the application of IT CIO investment model from the perspective of business value of IT investment monitoring and management is not surprising.

1999, the company’s IT team encountered an investment challenge, is about a company within the scope of the desktop upgrade recommendations. The company decided to seek help from Glomark, a company that specializes in providing IT investment training and software tools. Glomark company provides investment training and software tools to help companies in the IT sector to assess the business value of IT. The specific method is very simple, but quickly achieved results. read more

Convergence of the network is difficult to reconcile the interests of the transition into a dilemma

in Beijing municipal government million financial funds support, the Beijing scholar is currently doing a test, to promote China’s digital publishing industry development and application of the "Internet publishing platform development and service system construction project, science and technology, Beijing, Chinese blog Hanvon press, Dazheng Language Research Institute and other well-known the company is also involved in the construction, integration and development together to complete the digital publishing industry chain. read more

Teach you how to make money online part-time fangpian

novice to do part-time online to make money easily confused, do not know how to do, how to choose the project. According to their own free Wangzhuan Wangzhuan experience, summed up the three points, to help newcomers get anti cheat, let you Wangzhuan road detours.

first, don’t be blind.

suddenly heard online part-time to earn money, he lost his head, regardless of the consequence, registration time, without thinking and research, easy to be deceived, as if it were raining flowers advertising, for a period of time suddenly found fooled. All efforts in vain, a blow to give up the online part-time money. The results The loss outweighs the gain. That the couple met online part-time projects go to Baidu search, you can search the project name + liar, if the search engines are said to be the big liar station, the 90% above is a liar, recommended novice don’t do it. read more

Pulse alliance to clean up cheating members, please cheat away

today pulse vigorously clean up CPC, CPM class cheating members, after the launch of the new system of the pulse, anti cheating system has been greatly strengthened, want to get a commission through cheating Commission, please leave. Pulse in the future will be a strong grasp of anti cheating work, found a seal. At the same time, pulsating sincere welcome to the real flow of the operation of various types of pulsating products, pulsating customer service will continue to work with you.

Union address: read more

7 things to know about venture capital investment

as an entrepreneur, you raise money for your company for the first time, like the first time you fall in love. When you finally get someone’s favor, and at the same time get his investment, you will feel the sun is so bright, life is so good, you are the next Zuckerberg. But, don’t fall into this can not extricate themselves, your entrepreneurial journey has just begun, the road is tortuous, the future is not bright. There are a lot of good ideas of start-up companies to obtain seed investment around the world every year, but ultimately successful and a few read more

Gong Haiyan ladder network the biggest trap star Entrepreneurship

Abstract: explosive material, I have a friend with Gong Haiyan played ten years to deal with, he said that Gong Haiyan’s greatest advantage is the ability to find business, very sensitive, shortcomings are stubborn, do not understand the product. Now, the biggest enemy of entrepreneurship and transformation is the product force.

text / gold wrong knife (WeChat public number ijincuodao)

because there are several minimally invasive new learners in online education to do things, I also want to do poineering work the two times Gong Haiyan reached the online education, they also experienced several products. The Gong Haiyan feel frustrated, especially entrepreneurs learn a lesson, more worthy of a transformation of traditional enterprise internet. read more

Do Wangzhuan like playing games also need to accelerate

join Wangzhuan three years, I believe that the generals do not want to be soldiers is not a good soldier; not do Wangzhuan webmaster, it can not be called a webmaster. Of course, this can not be generalized, we also see a lot of the public website, not to mention, here, refers to those personal webmaster and company website! Before alliance advertising company for a long period of time, the size of a web site every day, countless, Chinese site classification is various, flowers contend. But more is uneven, but a real net webmaster, everyone will know Wangzhuan, otherwise, it can not be called a webmaster. read more

Baidu auction system has serious fraud

Baidu bidding system 0.3 yuan a click. The price is their own. This I can not control, can earn can buy. Click on the 0.3 it was an injustice, he gently point the mouse 100, is equivalent to a water supply workers upstairs and downstairs 2 days salary (Songshui hard)

did not go in background, estimates do not know,

Default principle is that you cheated out of money so far the largest consumer

as shown in fig.: read more

Baidu integral paradise upgrade prizes more distribution faster

Baidu alliance members, Hello:

in order to allow you to better experience the joy of integral exchange, enjoy the alliance to provide more value-added services. On the occasion of the League revision, we have a comprehensive upgrade paradise.

in addition to maintaining the original features of the integral exchange, after the upgrade, the integration of the new features presented Paradise:

1, a hundred new integral Qi line, more distinguished exclusive characteristics of Baidu


2, prizes query more convenient, members do not need to log in directly to the background to see the details of the prizes presented; read more

Google Adsense will be paid in RMB

in July 4th, we interviewed Mr. Zhou Wenbiao, Google China’s online sales and Operations Manager at the Jianguo Hotel in Shanghai, on a detailed understanding of the current status and development plans of Google Adsense in china. Mr. Zhou Wenbiao said, Google began to accelerate the expansion of the local Adsense team from 2007, in the past year, the Adsense team increased from the initial 9 to 20 people, the number of Chinese owners joined Google Adsense also doubled, Google Adsense Chinese is the highest market share of similar products. In addition, Google has been in the development of China’s Adsense users are particularly suitable for new features, such as the protection of other people to prevent malicious clicks on the domain name protection function. read more

AMDHC (CPC) product line

advertiser: AMD

billing mode: CPC

: monthly settlement Commission

data feedback: 5:30


payment date:

month end of the month


1) is not allowed to change any advertising code, otherwise the effect will not be statistics, can not optimize the code.

2) must be put in the approved domain name, otherwise the effect will not be statistics.

3) there is no guide text around the ads to induce users to click.


As one of the fastest growing economies in the world, China has increasingly become one of the global strategic priorities of AMD read more

Tai Chi advertising sales AMD microcode (cpc2) product line

respected Webmaster:

advertisers, marketing AMD microcode (cpc2) product line.

thank you for the concern of the Tai Chi alliance, to bring inconvenience to the webmaster please understand. Please keep an eye on the changes in the advertising update of our website, we will provide more excellent advertising projects, I hope you will continue to support us!


update time: 2008-2-20

if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address:

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 5084047 read more

8 months of my Wangzhuan Road

has been in touch with computer technology for nearly a year now.

During the

experience, I think through this article put them down, on the one hand, left to their own memories and reflection, on the other hand, we hope to be able to like me in the way a friend some reference and Inspiration of


in September last year, 07 years, while I work, while buying space and domain names, want to establish a training material type of website, when the webmaster to create passive income.

has been working on the industry since he graduated 06 years ago, so he has the idea of building the site. Domain name is also very good, feel. Called:, consciousness is go to learn, translated into Chinese is to learn, read more

Standard Chartered Bank online loan application online advertising CPA

Standard Chartered Bank online loan application CPA advertising on-line, 4 yuan / success.

advertising requirements: only for Shanghai or Shenzhen working and living customer groups.

welcome to the majority of owners put.

please pay attention to the station announcement.

if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address:

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 5084047

for the first time to let you know the domestic league dynamic!

more union information: read more

AdSense recommends 2.0- up to three recommended links

      original title: Google AdSense recommended link 2.0- up to three recommended link group

      remember the Simon in a few days to the AdSense pay per action advertising to support Pay-Per-Action fan? I did not expect an article published on the official blog Inside AdSense published a few days later (Referrals 2 launches to all AdSense publishers) to inform all the AdSense website is recommended to connect 2 has been officially on the road. If your AdSense account has not been upgraded, please do not worry, the AdSense team said that the most complete within a few weeks to complete the upgrade. Simon’s AdSense account was upgraded to version 2 yesterday. read more

Click on the click of a click on the site of Ali’s mother’s ad

I think the webmaster do will look at their website station of empathy in the visitor’s point of view, if I were the first base station visitors to browse this page, see a picture, when the same position on another page shows the same picture, some visitors may be rather baffling, this website the webmaster head broken? Why put a piece and theme of the site does not take the edge picture here? Experience will fall, if he still love in our station content, he again came to our station or the same picture pattern position he may be impatient, see the novel and point collocation and website. I think click billing can make up for this, so that the site can be fully demonstrated. read more