Youday1 18 Guangdong channel problem

2008 at 22:32 on January 18th, Guangdong found no amount of youDay, youDay tried 5 different channels in Guangdong are unable to receive the user’s mo.

technology and SP check is the gateway to the Guangdong mobile problems. National channel in Guangdong province can not receive the user Mo, that is not billing.

after youDay cooperation SP and youDay business, technical overtime repair, at 4:18 on January 19th to resume normal

youday Union Guangdong regional revenue has been restored to a better level. Thank you for your support and understanding! read more

Dong Jun how do get 3000 of my income

Hello, I’m Dong Jun. Here I would like to talk about how I do daily income of 1000 or more. From the beginning of 07 years, I have been doing network hype products, such as hair loss, whitening, breast enhancement, weight loss, smoking cessation, myopia, cottage phone. These are violent products in the network. Each product profits are more than 150 yuan.

I found last year and Taobao today – very hot, most webmaster to Taobao station. The advantages of Taobao customers only need to promote the daily customer service and delivery without their own tubes, save time and effort. The only drawback is that low profits, Taobao may be more than 50% of the Commission, but it is difficult to sell. In recent months, A Jun in the operation of this weight loss products, an average of 100IP per 1-3 can produce. That is, each 100IP can earn 300-900 yuan. The cost of this product is relatively low. We all know that weight loss products are more likely to cost a few dollars can be sold to several hundred dollars. Do not refer to weight loss products is like this, many medical products are like this. But the goods can not find the original general. read more

Nine wins the Commission by the third party payment, payment time may vary

as chief Commission issued a number, the payment time may be different from the past or delayed, according to the third party bank submitted to different processing time, the collection time will be different, please pay attention to the webmaster bank to the time, not to the station please wait patiently.

Commission issued after the use of the third party payment, please check each of the owners of their collection account, name, bank account and other information, so as not to be unable to account receivable. read more

Personal experience to talk about small webmaster Wangzhuan Trilogy

Hello, I am corn rabbit, rabbit corn for small webmaster three words today, for small webmaster, the three sentence is based on the book, the source of success, of course, in addition to the three sentence extended too much, you can say three hundred words less Syria gossip! Straight! Ben theme! (Laoniao bypass)

the first sentence, small Adsense don’t make money, most of the reason is because too lazy!

on the Internet, can often see small webmaster in the forum, QQ group to consult, how can I make money? How can my site traffic? What we rely on to make money? Finally didn’t get what results, here to ask you the corn rabbit, as a small webmaster, you pay? You pay more than others? If you dare not answer he has paid too much, that you don’t do it, only to see the success of small webmaster webmaster "night" fame and fortune rich now, but I do not know, behind every successful webmaster have experienced unremitting efforts read more

Taobao needs to change the direction of development

some of the recent major adjustment of the mom let Taobao customers are very panic, including the API relocation, but now the old is not completely stopped, probably only linger. When API released just before the relocation, I wrote a new direction for the development of Taobao customers, mainly that should promote the store, shop promotion is relatively stable, but recently some new policies and Ali mother, has begun to shake the status of shop promotion, just a few days ago, shop promotion page does not make only superficial changes. Light is the transformation of the URL to the S8 code, the head has become a Taobao search framework, more like a search results page, suddenly Amoy are quite panic and strongly opposed, which makes Ali mother changed again to come back, but look out, mom has been focusing on the promotion of their search or promotion S8 the code in the future, Amoy promotion, S8 promotion will become particularly important. I also began to change the direction of development, to make a new station Taobao winter women’s ready to meet the new trends in the development of Ali mother. read more

Taobao shopping experience and prevention suggestions

the first time I bought something at Taobao was five or six years ago, when I was working on a software project in Shanghai. Buy a second-hand PDA founder, didn’t know what faith, and I didn’t see what diamond is all red, and there are now only a diamond crown. At that time to buy the PDA to tell the truth, I do not, at that time is also very expensive second-hand, 700. Later, I used to throw away. Feel a little cheated feeling, then feel no way, cheated cheated, and did not realize the great role of Taobao’s integrity function. read more

Online comparison engine counter attack traffic soared FindTheBest

online comparison engine FindTheBest (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Tong Yun) August 6th Beijing time news, "New York Times" website recently published by Steve · Rolle (Steve Lohr) blog article said that the progress of online 2010 on-line engine has been in the initial stage of development had taken a slow and steady. The article points out that in the past year, the comparison of search engine traffic has achieved strong growth, one of the reasons is that in recent months there have been several ten website content reached its white label partnership. read more

Amazon, Dangdang electricity supplier experience contrast not just to buy a Book

    not just buying a Book –

why did it take me 70 minutes to order a book on Amazon, but it’s only a matter of minutes to order the same book on the? Is it all right to order it?

MONEY+ | reporter Wang Dandan

in the course of the experience, the two sites are in the order of success the next day will be sent to the destination book. Because of personal preferences, we can’t tell you to choose which website book will be more happy, but also one of the online shopping Joseph Sugarman wrote the training manual "copy", the reporter from the open page to complete the payment cost in the Amazon shopping time is 70 minutes, while in (micro-blog) lasted 35 minutes. This is not to say that the Amazon book service is not convenient, but…… It has too much distracting set! Every time you wander, Amazon are quietly making a new consumption opportunities. Dangdang, it’s this time to complete the behavior of the consumer to be more persistent. Another intuitive experience comes from the impression of the shop itself. Compared with Dangdang, Amazon’s web page a strong sense of theme, emphasis on books and digital products, such as stores. Dangdang selling things more types, more like a huge department store. read more

Jin Haitao 30 ways to stifle Entrepreneurship

what is the business failure? Collapse failure; may become a great company is mired in mediocrity is a failure; expectations and reality is different, is a failure; to become bigger and stronger, but always minor, is a failure; a storm is a failure.

these are generalized failure, do venture capital to study failure.

investment in the start-up phase of the project, may be two lost eight investment growth period of the project, may be a loss of five of the previous year, the investment is relatively mature listed companies, may be a loss of seven to three. Entrepreneurs have experienced more failures, the failure rate of individual entrepreneurs is very high, so the study is very important failure. read more

Eight Tips for choosing an online advertising alliance

advertising alliance hundreds of home and abroad is more, for inexperienced newcomers, the choice of the alliance is a very headache thing. Before joining the League must be fully investigated, so as not to waste resources and energy, and finally a white hard. Recommend a few online advertising alliance skills today.

1, if this alliance QQ group, but it is the best, can enter the group members observe response, or add customer service QQ chat, do not rush to conclusions, at one or two weeks, you can know the basic quality of the alliance. This is the most accurate. read more

Baidu alliance to recruit nternet cafes industry monitoring point cooperation

Baidu Internet cafes membership alliance

respect: in order to promote the development of

(1) every Monday before 3 p.m. regularly by mail ( submit statistical tables 7 last week single Internet cafes operating rate to Baidu Alliance (in accordance with the number of Internet users daily single Internet billing statistics software).

(1) Internet monitoring points can be normal process in the Internet search business for cooperation, to meet the requirements of the user to open Internet cafes cooperation.

read more

To analyze the future development direction of the Amoy station

when Baidu cruel to all guest links all sealed off after the station road to the future of today I have to decide on what path to follow? The future development direction of amoy.

The current status of


. A station is too rampant. Why? I believe we now just go to Baidu search keywords and shopping related, then there will be a variety of guest station, even some people feel tired. What is the cause of this situation? Many people are home mom billboard the so-called high-income people confused, determined to do guest will earn a lot of money, and then started his guest then a group of a group of new friends to Amoy industry crowded. Furthermore, listen to the so-called expert experience of predecessors, is it must have a website to do guest, which led to the station such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain poured out, now has reached epidemic levels. This cake is so big, can eat the cake in front of those people is certainly just contact. So, in other words, the market has been the trend of the Tao station in saturated. read more

For a number of weeks, monthly advertising package!



1, flow does not limit

2, advertising does not limit


advertising prices, the best in site IP divided by 50 floating around, such as your website 5000IP, then package weeks (one week price) the standard is 100 yuan, the position can be more, less bad position. As long as the price of the price again and again, advertisers will purchase 90%.


advertising in network against ( release, released immediately after the completion of the post behind heel ( Tid=594& page=1& extra=page%3D1), advertisers will give the answer whether to buy during working hours 2 hours. (rest time, weekend not reply) read more

No technical webmaster Wangzhuan experience

I am a college student, and many college students, in addition to the usual time required to learn the curriculum, other time we can freely control. And I this is restless, so from the first grade to college I have been doing some part-time. In the 09 years of summer vacation, I went looking for a part-time job. At that time, our school on the BBS to see a recruit network management information. Has been to the site of the development of I, although the production of website maintenance is not a bit familiar, or go to the company for the. Do not know that the company is really a lack of people, or he took a fancy to the end of our school, he still put me into the company. read more

Linktech Amazon pre-sale activities

dear affiliate member:

Amazon apple APPLE MacBook Air the world’s thinnest notebook PC in ~

this product has begun to accept reservations, will be available on 2008-02-29, there are additional incentives during the event.

activity date: -29 February 1, 2008

sales activities during the sale of this single product, in addition to 2.5% Commission, each sold out a reward of $100 in cash or gift cards. No reward outside the event date.

details: Ref=BR& uid=168-4079773-8045830& prodid=rlit006061 read more

Expose a liar

a few times before in ADMIN5 to see an article "how do I earn 300 yuan a day" listen to really credible, contact him "……" Is the name of the liar’s net name I do not change the nickname..


does not change the nickname.. 19:09:35

do you have cheat software?

…… 19:10:51


…… 19:10:52


does not change the nickname.. 19:11:05

what price? Easy to use?

…… 19:12:17


easy to use I can not say, I use their own good, but how you use, I do not know, after all, everyone’s habit of different read more

Analysis of the current situation of personal website making money

1. current profitability is not obvious, some advertising alliance comments
2.. Specific advertising skills, coping style and
3. the way of future development, website Qiantu
was prepared to this period made audio programs, find audio conversion software was broke, talked for a few minutes, the sound output a blank. Lost is the same now webmaster friends, work flow, money is a blank.
    first talk about the current situation of the domestic league, both the SP alliance or other alliances are very unsatisfactory, but we still need to do, walk, 7town and 91ivr A8 recently recommended that good results, you can also see more information alliance,  is not a particularly good union just enough to earn fees, server space. But all of the alliance, suggest webmaster don’t give up, all the ads are taken down to do something, why not do: advertising now traffic is lost, we can look at their own statistics, every day more than 50% of all new traffic, such as your 10 thousand IP website, for a year, every day there are 50% 5000ip that is new, equal to one year leaving the real user 10000-5000, so, as the more loss of flow in the advertisement, earn a little cash better.
      talk about Google Adsense, the common reaction of price is very low, it should be, when all of the alliance of the recession, GG not thriving, so in accordance with the laws of the market, GG, has also strengthened the ban re accreditation account, suggest you have wronged, give them the mail as soon as possible.
  Asian friends, many people are asking, why start to see your more than $50, has been shown to pay, and then change into 0.1 levels, solemnly tell you whether you level how, mainland readers here, is this level, there is no payment to the proportion of all owners, people are the same, $0.1-0.3, think again, this ratio is a good, free registration of a 1 RMB.
  search alliance, Baidu search into the future may become the mainstream in  this is the alliance, they will become the mainstream in 2007 turned out. For this, we will wait and see. read more

From an old watch Wangzhuan and quality problems

stay in the University for a long time, tend to take the school as the world, so many things outside the school can not understand. The Internet is not to distinguish between school and the outside world, the Internet has become a world, each person on the Internet, under the premise of anonymity, are playing away from their real identity role. I read this article, mostly for Wangzhuan interested people, but I want to talk about, and the quality problem is: Wangzhuan Wangzhuan and a little connection. Perhaps, this article, destined to only a small number of people recognized. read more

Tai Chi chain York CPC products stop running

respected Webmaster:

advertisers, York CPC products stop running, we will temporarily switch to eBay CPC York CPC advertising advertising.

thank you for the concern of the Tai Chi alliance, to bring inconvenience to the webmaster please understand. Please keep an eye on the changes in the advertising update of our website, we will provide you with more excellent advertising projects!

more information as in the League:
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the QQ:285445
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback QQ:285445 read more

Do Taobao traffic is not important

now do Taobao guest if you have time every day to collect articles and your site weight is high, your website and content, the flow is not difficult. It’s simple。 However, I do not look at the flow of Taobao traffic is particularly heavy, because I see the volume. For example if your article is collected, with your website in the basic Never mind, IP you think it useful? Even if one day 10000IP again how, a few days ago to see the community daily 10000IP station every day less than $20 in commission. However, some of the site is only more than and 200 IP a day, but the volume is particularly large, why is it that people do content, you do is a great difference between the flow. People in the forum community QQ group to promote and have the patience to publicize their web site in the IP and news gathering is different. read more