Yu Jiawen apology behind who is in the consumption of entrepreneurs


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Internet venture capital industry has never lacked wonderful news, the latest one, Yu Jiawen PK, the video quickly burst burst circle of friends. A year ago on 90 claimed overbearing president took one hundred million bonus quickly in the media about Yu Jiawen in the year after suddenly claimed to be held "recognize counseling conference", because he is ""……

in the video, Yu Jiawen put forward his own recognize counseling, but can not do not do that, "" don’t be too seriously, even Zhou Hongyi to his angels he "should be advised to make impertinent remarks, after a week internship"…… For a time, about the young people proud and arrogant comments again overwhelming, but with the last contrast is: once the "outstanding" on behalf of the skies after 90 business media suddenly turned the gun head, the business circle of kid number one end skin. read more

The dark history of Silicon Valley a company that defeated Jobs and played with Gates

beautiful and charming girl dress miniskirt, electronic engineers, exquisite printing exquisite products leaflets, luxurious decoration, publicity of this company from adjacent put up a pageantry, Apple Corp booth only a little popularity, Jobs can not do anything.

this is the place in 1976 Philadelphia computer fair on the scene, wearing open collar shirt, hair unkempt, bearded Jobs and Wozniak with their products exhibition. They had a simple booth: a small card on a small table covered with a yellow curtain, and a thin leaflet. As a result, people turned a blind eye to the company’s booth. read more

Shenzhen create a trilogy Sina sounded the three set of horn

Shenzhen Chong Trilogy: Sina sounded the three set of horn

national self-improvement, national self-confidence, can not be separated from the strong economic strength; and a country, a society’s prosperity is inseparable from the powerful engine of innovation. Innovation and entrepreneurship under the interpretation of the customer is clearly showing the development and requirements of the times.

first song

in 2015 NPC and CPPCC, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out in the government work report, to create a new engine for public entrepreneurship, innovation ", and the" Internet plus "plan of action for the first time. "Innovation, entrepreneurship, creating" the Internet plus finance is undoubtedly in in the teeth of the storm. In January 2015 4, Prime Minister Lee came to visit Shenzhen Qianhai micro focus bank and Shenzhen firewood record passenger space, he said, "this is a small micro public bank, but it is a big step in the financial reform!". About the development of Internet plus financial results and future development, Li Keqiang said, to break a path in the field of Internet banking, forced traditional financial reform to accelerate. read more

Huang Taiji founder Chang Chang entrepreneurship can not be successful with the interest is not much

founder Huang Taiji Chang Chang: entrepreneurship can not be successful with interest is not much relationship

[TechWeb] reported on August 17th, Huang Taiji founder, he recently participated in the business talk show column, enjoy said, entrepreneurial success to have three conditions: ability, team resources, real-time.

He Chang said: everyone says that entrepreneurship is based on interest, but I think that entrepreneurship can be successful, not so much with your interest, according to your personal experiences may be the first key conditions, the second condition is your team and you have the energy and resources this is the second conditions. The third condition I think is the most important, is the present situation. read more

Shanghai sland not only a business expert should be considered more passionate

Internet era, the network created by the opportunities and legends are happening every day. Now more and more people are going into the entrepreneurial industry, because entrepreneurs can control their own time, to create their own value of life and realize their own value of life, not controlled by others.

Internet in the course of decades, has formed a business platform to create value. On the Internet platform, enterprises with the opportunity to achieve a performance of a few enterprises. read more

nternet sports, giants and entrepreneurs to grab jobs

if you want to say which of the traditional industries most recently by the giants of concern, I am afraid that sports well deserved. Especially the day before the Alibaba announced the establishment of Ali sports group, but also attracted the concern of numerous Internet sports. In fact, as early as Ali before entering the Internet sports, such as music, Tencent, etc., has started the layout of the Internet sports. But these internet giants are only the beginning of the layout around sports rights, they began to see an entrepreneur in the field of Internet sports toiled, and ran with the entrepreneurs to grab food to eat. read more

The first 180 days of a O2O venture

2015 is the mobile Internet outlet O2O years, health care, retail, catering, education and so on traditional industries have invested in the mobile Internet O2O tide, I do not know which inflection point will become blue ocean in the Red Sea, O2O has not yet become the Red Sea, seize the opportunity, whether entrepreneurs or investors, means the minimum cost of trial and error and the maximum benefit. Everything is difficult at the beginning, the first 180 days of a O2O project is very important. read more

nventory at home part-time Wangzhuan project, students start the project recommendation

QQ cool dual items Taobao told me that the original money can be so simple


became stay-at-home mom, my daily life is around her husband and children. Well, I’ve been out of work for two years. Want to start, I am also a career as a white-collar workers. Today, children have been in kindergarten, in order to avoid out of touch with society, I also have a heavy social plan.

so, I began to rearrange your resume around, began to look for jobs, but the face of a galaxy of talents society, it seems that he no longer had young professionals, more feel unable to feel powerless, feeling not to take for their work. read more

Zhou Hongyi became the capital of the slaves were innuendo millet

[TechWeb] reported on December 8th news, 2015 business community conference held in Beijing, in 360 founder and CEO attended the meeting and delivered a keynote speech, Zhou Hongyi in his speech without naming criticized millet.

Zhou Hongyi has become the capital of innuendo millet slave

in the week seems to do a great job millet phone and marketing, but they give themselves a high amount of financing, their own back on a heavy burden, it becomes a slave to the capital. From the suitcase to the bag, what to do, which gave HUAWEI a huge opportunity. read more

Ali for thousands of Prodigal Daughter do meeting a successful career is not necessarily the female

Ali for thousands of "Prodigal Daughter" do meeting: a successful career is not necessarily the "female man

TechWeb May 20th report text / Wang Xin

today, Alibaba held a global conference of women entrepreneurs, girls, enjoy yourself, Ma said the opening of the first meeting of female entrepreneurs, but will not be the last time.

Ma Yun said, "these two days in South Korea, many Alibaba asked the secret of success, and if I say there is no secret, must say, is the first woman, second young people, third is the focus of small enterprises." read more

O2O Spring Festival staged empty city takeaway delivery door-to-door service fees soared almost stag

Spring Festival is the family reunion day, also is such a deep wide north foreign population of the city is "empty". Whether it is domestic or takeout, taxi, on weekdays, people rely on for O2O service, during the Spring Festival encounter "out of stock".

claims to be able to change the service industry O2O companies, but also can not stop the loss of a large area of service personnel. Behind the migration of large population, the city is almost paralyzed during the Spring Festival Service industry. Lost the foundation of the line, O2O companies in the big city is facing a severe test. read more

This is the fourth time Wang Zhongjun Yongle Film backdoor Huayi Brothers Miss 1 billion 200 million

[Abstract] Yongle Film is ill fated, after backdoor for the Huayi Brothers, Shenzhen Zhongchang shipping, however, three Kangqiang electronics, backdoor failed.

Tencent technology Wang Pan reported on May 22nd

due to planning a major asset reorganization suspension of new material Hondar two months (002211.SZ) recently released a major asset restructuring plan. According to plan, the proposed price of 3 billion 260 million HTC Yongle Film backdoor new material.

two fellow sufferers go together, this is the interpretation of the image of the backdoor. Prior to this, the two companies have repeatedly participated in the backdoor listing finally ended in failure. read more

Acquisition, was acquired, outgoing Gu Yongqiang with regret so that the end of the video industry E

founder of Youku eleven years, experienced Chinese online video industry to flourish from the twists and turns, Koo again solve the problem, but in the end, the video industry veteran can not control their own destiny.

October 31st, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong through the internal mail announced that Koo Youku potatoes will no longer serve as chairman and CEO post, Yu Yongfu took over, to build China ancient Ali entertainment industry fund. This means that Victor Koo will officially leave the company he founded for 11 years. read more

Entrepreneurship unicorn dilemma excessive pursuit of investment will overdraft potential

Abstract: The Unicorn enterprises to all the potential benefits offered to participate in the final round of investors to open market investors, this is not fair, for those who received equity incentive employees is not fair.

March 20th news, according to foreign reports, in early February 2016, "a financing transaction research report the Wall Street journal" reported that the IPO for those who show less than expected (IPO) to take preventive measures, investors are more and more. The reason for this situation is because the so-called "unicorn", that is before the IPO valuation has reached even more than $1 billion in tech start-ups, are constantly dying. read more

How much is the prime minister’s creation of a passenger

Li Keqiang visited Shenzhen firewood record passenger space yesterday is Youth Day, Prime Minister Li Keqiang to Tsinghua record passenger reply, "there is a chance that I will go to see you," for "will be more positive policy".

a group of ordinary college students with the creation of the title, by the prime minister’s attention. Who are these "creative" people? How far are their ideas from our lives? Can they change our lives?

"create a guest" is a group of people? read more

The giant Chinese venture, from gally to thriving

"in the United States, the students will think, ‘if I invented something creative, it would be great, and Google would definitely buy my product." In Chinese, is this: "if I invented something creative, incredible, Tencent will be copied for me! ‘" the other people laughing comments from Stephen Bell, as Trinity Ventures’s partner in Shanghai, his views can not be said not authentic, but that is the situation in 2011.

Baer said before this, a Chinese domestic science and technology magazine is more simple and crude. "Damn Tencent!" "computer world" magazine in the July 26, 2010 issue of the journal cover directly at Tencent. On the cover, three sharp knife in the penguin on behalf of Tencent, a blood flow. read more

90 Entrepreneurs do not boast not survive

Wang Siqi

[90 entrepreneurs told reporters that most of the entrepreneurs or conscientious, which rely on publicity for their superior image of "hurt"]

now, bragging almost become one of the essential skills of Internet entrepreneurs. When the name of Yu Jiawen because one hundred million yuan profit a year about once again appear in public view, public opinion will again integrity of 90 entrepreneurs leads to in the teeth of the storm.


advocated "public entrepreneurship, innovation", but the size of the existing funds and relatively narrow channels to bring greater competitive pressure of a new generation of entrepreneurs. Compared to the past Internet entrepreneurs, the number of entrepreneurial groups increased but the success rate was not significantly improved. This brings a lot of pressure on entrepreneurs. At the same time, the Internet business development requirements for higher speed. read more

Why is now the best time to start a business

held in 14 Ali cloud habitat conference, Ma bluntly, there is no better than the current entrepreneurial era, even if they were, did not encounter such opportunities as now.

is now the best time to start a business? There is no simple answer to this question. But if it is the entrepreneurial environment, the current is indeed the best time ever. Especially for the Internet start-up companies, there is an unprecedented opportunity in the country, on the one hand, with more choices and opportunities, on the other hand, the overall entrepreneurial environment is also wider and. read more

A dare to call the global roadshow center of the creative space of the cattle B

The "double

" struck the earth, various social forces to participate in the management of the tide, many professional threshold for entrepreneurial services higher also indifferent, also led to business services and business around the project land bubble, especially the incubator of the bubble, however, with some speculative nature of the incubator collapse of the crazy incubator market operators return to reason, upgrading of the incubator in succession.

at the same time, those who really belong to the incubator (public record space) operators, have involved in such a time node of a major reshuffle of the incubator, such as investment background, Hong Thai incubator, real estate background Hugo workshops, and the media community background of the 3W space and so on, following the 3W incubator upgrade 3W space began a nationwide distribution after landing gem venture has decided to intensify the dark horse dark horse, "public record space" landing, the public record brand "black street play center recently rapidly throughout the country to open flowers, has become a force to join the business incubator is an important ecological operation, and force characteristic. read more

Why do you want to share the content of today’s headlines to send a gallery

today (August 1st) morning, headlines today announced a strategic investment picture library Oriental IC. For the amount of investment, the proportion of shares and other information today’s headlines did not disclose, but told the tiger sniffing the main strategic investment, a large proportion of strategic investment." After the completion of the investment case, the eastern IC will continue to operate independently".

according to the official caliber, the cooperation, today’s headlines is to further increase the support of the original content and copyright protection. The East IC is the value of today’s headlines in the big data, image analysis and personalization algorithms and other aspects of technology, thereby enhancing product service capabilities. read more