A dare to call the global roadshow center of the creative space of the cattle B

The "double

" struck the earth, various social forces to participate in the management of the tide, many professional threshold for entrepreneurial services higher also indifferent, also led to business services and business around the project land bubble, especially the incubator of the bubble, however, with some speculative nature of the incubator collapse of the crazy incubator market operators return to reason, upgrading of the incubator in succession.

at the same time, those who really belong to the incubator (public record space) operators, have involved in such a time node of a major reshuffle of the incubator, such as investment background, Hong Thai incubator, real estate background Hugo workshops, and the media community background of the 3W space and so on, following the 3W incubator upgrade 3W space began a nationwide distribution after landing gem venture has decided to intensify the dark horse dark horse, "public record space" landing, the public record brand "black street play center recently rapidly throughout the country to open flowers, has become a force to join the business incubator is an important ecological operation, and force characteristic. read more

Why do you want to share the content of today’s headlines to send a gallery

today (August 1st) morning, headlines today announced a strategic investment picture library Oriental IC. For the amount of investment, the proportion of shares and other information today’s headlines did not disclose, but told the tiger sniffing the main strategic investment, a large proportion of strategic investment." After the completion of the investment case, the eastern IC will continue to operate independently".

according to the official caliber, the cooperation, today’s headlines is to further increase the support of the original content and copyright protection. The East IC is the value of today’s headlines in the big data, image analysis and personalization algorithms and other aspects of technology, thereby enhancing product service capabilities. read more

5 minutes by Lei Jun, YOU+ do.


last August, YOU+ get along for the fund investment area of 100 million yuan investment, the founder of Liu Yang have only five minutes to persuade the Lei (Shun fund chairman, founder of millet mobile phone), "when I told him that the idea of YOU+ is to accompany the growth of young people, give them a home, all of a sudden it touched him".

West Sanhuan YOU+ youth entrepreneurship community, building three is yellow and black and white buildings, all kinds of wall graffiti, surrounded the building in the middle of a small yard, randomly placed a few pieces of oversized Beanbag, several young men lounged idly in the sun, and tens of meters outside the noisy West Sanhuan contrast. read more

nternet 10 failure cases! The wind came, just know that not all pigs can fly

"you laugh, and the world laughs with you; weep, and you weep alone." This is used to describe the success or failure of the enterprise is also very appropriate. We tend to see those who stand in front of the success of the enterprise, but ignored even forget who for various reasons and the ultimate failure of the enterprise. In fact, we are difficult to grasp and learn how to succeed in the success of the enterprise, and the failure of the failure of the enterprise there are a lot of feelings, but also learn more useful lessons. read more

Expert the island do not patronize the tax return to the tax rebate you get it

what do you care most about when you start a business, the company’s operations management, talent pool, product quality and market demand? These are important factors that influence the development of a company. We can talk to you later, today I want to say is the VAT rate and tax return of various types of companies.

company tax rates are generally divided into business tax, corporate income tax and personal income tax. The whole point of replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) interview fully opened in May 1, 2016, "replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT)" generally refers to the value added tax. His income accounted for more than 60% of China’s total tax, has become one of the most important categories of taxes. read more

Live sprint is about to enter the final, who will be the first to run to the end

With the continuous evolution of the development of

, the impact of live broadcast for all walks of life is gradually deepening, and gradually began to move from individual to enterprise. In today’s business activities, the media has become their mainstream media. Take this year’s double eleven, Ali Tmall to reflect customers, pepper and other broadcast platform to achieve cooperation, and invited the brightest star, red net electricity in the live broadcast platform; Tencent in the day of their division 18 anniversary celebration, Ma Huateng Qing day playing live in the company, and the entire division celebration the Tencent’s first foreign NOW live broadcast live. read more

Easy to see Silicon Valley code farmers why they want to return to business



technology NetEase in Silicon Valley Shang Jing

here is Silicon Valley, every day there are young people come, in order to take a look at Google and Facebook building in a hurry on the road, or a relationship with Mark ·, met with half an hour. However, some other people, they live here, they have a good income, but they want to go to a China.

they are a bunch of code farmers, for them, Robin Li’s story is encouraging them.

why go back home?

in Silicon Valley, a lot of Chinese engineers are entangled in this issue – home?". In the restaurant, often heard the table next to discuss the future, Chinese investment soaring, even occasionally talking about 8 Alibaba and 9 employees annual salary of how specific. read more