Tai Chi your voice network CPA products to stop running

respected Webmaster:

should be the main advertising requirements, your voice network CPA products to stop the launch, in order to better ensure that the interests of all the owners, we will temporarily your voice network CPA advertising switch to EBAY (CPC) advertising.

thank you for the concern of the Tai Chi alliance, to bring inconvenience to the webmaster please understand. Please keep an eye on the changes in the advertising update of our website, we will provide you with more excellent advertising projects! read more

PR Christmas blockbuster event DEDECATES big promotions

PR alliance at the end of 07 months on the occasion of Christmas, the grand launch of heavy activity, where in December 07 delivery of software products members are eligible to participate in this activity, a lot of money, welcome to join the webmaster.

activity cycle: 2007-12-1 days to 2007-12-31 only

activity content: the month after the total income of the members to be divided into a ladder, the ladder standards for the commission into the specific ladder and divided into the following standards: read more

Analysis of several key points of improving the conversion rate of Taobao guest website

currently with Taobao launched the Amoy CPS a lot before engaging in other industries Wangzhuan friends, will be transferred to the eyes of the Taobao customer, Taobao customers because of the high commission, quick and deep to you Master Wangzhuan love, especially a lot of new friends to watch others drying out of the Taobao customer commission was born heart sigh with emotion. A strong desire to make money with the body and mind, passion, power is a good thing, but these are not necessary to guarantee success, look at other people’s own harvest, if hastily will copy its technique how to bump head broken and bleeding, in the fierce market competition of Taobao passenger talent shows itself? How can we start from now. We improve the Taobao off site conversion rate?? well we gossip short continued to enter today’s theme, analyzes the core points of improving the conversion rate of Taobao company . read more

Mom will seal removed advertising Ali webmaster account

a few days ago, I wrote an article entitled Baidu will launch the Ali Mama advertising webmaster operation?   after the release of the article is stationmaster net as the column headlines displayed on the home page, thank Oh ~ ~ this article is written is put on the Ali Mama advertising Baidu might drop right doubts, and according to their website is analyzed. Then I suddenly thought, Ali mother will be those of us so removed the Ali Mama advertising webmaster do what? Baidu may be right down on Ali advertising website, so Ali how to respond to it, will do what to withdraw so Ali mother advertising webmaster read more

Analysis of marriage net profit model

the marriage dating site very much, much like a garbage station, many companies have done a lot of races, like those big online dating is not to say, their SEO are very good, basic place on the dating of keywords, they are in the front row, the competition is very.

I found the big online dating, but also has some disadvantages, their membership database is vast, it is also easy to match, but there is an important problem, if a female member is in Beijing, but the male members of Guangzhou, when they communicate on the network, is very convenient. But mention when the actual problem, the problem came out, probably female members did not want to get married to Guangzhou, feeling much, even if the female members agree, maybe her family did not agree. So the city friends appeared. read more

The net business treasure together Baidu launched the business advertising alliance

      recently, the first domestic Internet stock Hi2000 announced the signing of a cooperation agreement with Baidu officially launched the business, advertising alliance, Baidu will through this alliance platform advertising coverage to the industry website, on the other two sides are still Internet technology exchanges and sharing of brand, and to reach a consensus. Hi2000 and Baidu of the two top domestic Internet companies cooperate in the "advertising" market, what impact will the domestic Internet market, caused widespread speculation the industry. read more

Understand you have a little conscience

really can’t read this article today. Let’s say that this person has gone through

06 years he accidentally found hanging Q can bring traffic, and catch up after the SP will earn a little money he sold this method. 12000 sold a few. It was found that the market was so large that the BBS. The so-called 7 generation group. No shit just hang hang Q Q. Plus a veil of mystery. Say what kind of master and in his article you can find a lot of. There should be a lot of instigation of the "hanging" relationship. The other is to seduce the registered SP. Anyone with a head can think of it. read more

Alert Ali mother in the transmission of the disease

Ali mother has more than half a year, the highest score of 1378, detained 137 technology fee, while withholding 88 fee, the final income is 1152, the fraction of a few cents will not write, it was the site of the highest 10000IP, the average is 8000IP more than a day, 8000IP income 1K, you will be friends how to think? Income deducted 225 yuan (1378 to 137 +88, procedures) this is the shopping station flow my station is that http://s.zhibowang.cn is not a garbage station flow, which alliance to collect royalties? Never? The reason why so many people want to do Taobao customers, I cannot do without mom inside speculation, what week 5K month N million. read more

Guest survey network members to recruit CPA advertising suspended promotion

due to the owner of the certification system to adjust, guest survey network members to recruit CPA ads from now on to stop the promotion.

members in a timely manner to change the code, so as not to affect your income.

thank you for your cooperation.

if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address: http://s.myad.cn

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 5084047

for the first time to let you know the domestic league dynamic!

more union information: http://s.top.admin5.com/u read more

Gold the new trend of marketing joint Wangzhuan station

for the definition of joint marketing, I believe have a foreign host sales make friends should not be strange. Joint marketing white is a product produced by the station with advertising effect. Chinese people are superficial understanding of joint marketing. In fact, many forms of CPS sales, even Baidu promotion and business function of the combination produced can also become affiliate marketing. We are familiar with the Taobao customer can also be a variant of the affiliate marketing. Only this form of affiliate marketing is not the function of businesses have, but by the third party platform to operate. read more