Establish the concept of Baidu

and Baidu counterparts, this is what I have just come from the insights of life. Please read the following summary I read today:

The steps of

Baidu talent growth mechanism: horse racing, planning, development, growth and well deserved horses.

horse racing means that every employee in the Baidu Inc can get a fair chance to show his ability, whether in the work or in the competition.

growth planning refers to the Baidu Inc to provide management and professional two-way career development path. read more

How to stand on the shoulders of giants to make money

genius director Jiang Wen’s "let the bullets fly" in reputation not only reflect the strong, is in the box office all the way up, create a new myth. As the lines in the movie, Jiang Wen stood to make money. Look at the screen on the shining white silver, no one is not tempted. So for our grassroots webmaster, how to stand to make money? The answer is very simple, want to stand to make money, we need to step on the shoulders of giants to borrow money.

now whether it is to do Taobao guest, or do click on advertising or violent products, the majority of people are through the practice of SEO traffic and transformation. But Baidu is constantly changing, so we always have a kind of feeling on the pirate ship when doing the station, although did their best to keep steady, but the environment around swinging, no foothold. read more

Search engine optimization (SEO) money mode sharing

SEO money sharing mode. This article describes the search engine optimization (SEO) to make money in 6 modes, the 777 network is simple and we share the money SEO mode!

1, search engine ranking services to provide money:

service object: SME website

suitable object: SEO novice

make money flow: the customer provides the site’s FTP management authority, and then to the overall optimization of the site, and then help the customer’s core keywords in Google, Yahoo and other search engines on the left of the top 10. And maintain a year. read more

Optimization of Google AdSense Forum

      here are some of the tips of the AdSesne forum to support the AdSense forum.

      in addition to follow our previous two articles on the best articles recommended suitable advertising formats, advertising position, AdSense Commissioner found that in fact the most important thing is: to find the quality flow of the forum, to maximize the value of the quality flow.

      to share with you the AdSense specialist recently encountered a forum optimization case. read more

No money to Wangzhuan NEW

whether you are not new, is not an old hand, if you do not make money, you can look at this article.

1 you are not all day thinking about their own income is not increased, the account is more of a few good? If it is, then you thought Wangzhuan have serious problems. As a student all the time if you want to do is how to score, do a few exercises to solve, we all know that this is counterproductive.


said that the soldiers who did not want to be generals were not good soldiers, but most of the generals who wanted to be generals were killed. People don’t want to make money is not a good Wangzhuan, so most people want to make money online Wangzhuan owners buried by competitors. read more

Beginner Basics

many friends may be confused began in the end do not know Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, actually is what meaning, let alone make money. So some Wangzhuan knowledge, we must need to know.

: what is Wangzhuan

many friends asked me how wangzhuan. Seems to know this word Wangzhuan, but did not understand his meaning. Wangzhuan is the Internet to make money, after all, is by all means to make money. In fact, the word money is the same, is a general term, a concept. If I ask you, how to make money, you can detailed answer? Wangzhuan is various, therefore, in determining the Wangzhuan concept, but also to determine what do wangzhuan. read more

Write to you before the venture these seven signs will determine whether you can start a business su

Gary Shouldis, the founder of network marketing company 3BugMedia, you want to venture to provide some suggestions. If there are seven signs, do not start it, because these signs will eventually take you to failure.

1 you will not learn to assign work

as an entrepreneur, is also very reasonable in the early period of the principal and the ringing of the bell, with this opportunity to the company operation through inside and outside, also has a very excellent help for the future training of new staff. But with the company growing, you have to learn to work out, give Subordinates Trust, partnership. read more

United States plans to go to Hong Kong listed a milestone in multilateral salvation!

when we focus on the long-term, when looking at a higher point of view, we will find that the beauties of the Hong Kong stock market listing, for the future, for the majority of ordinary investors, for the activation of Chinese venture capital for economic transformation Chinese, are called important salvation.

a lot of people ask me how to see the beauty of the IPO?

I have been the answer is: Mito listed, not just a company IPO so simple. It may be a change in Hongkong, a milestone in multilateral salvation. read more

Yu Jiawen apology behind who is in the consumption of entrepreneurs


/ Gu Jiawei public letter No.: |GFM1983

story book

Internet venture capital industry has never lacked wonderful news, the latest one, Yu Jiawen PK, the video quickly burst burst circle of friends. A year ago on 90 claimed overbearing president took one hundred million bonus quickly in the media about Yu Jiawen in the year after suddenly claimed to be held "recognize counseling conference", because he is ""……

in the video, Yu Jiawen put forward his own recognize counseling, but can not do not do that, "" don’t be too seriously, even Zhou Hongyi to his angels he "should be advised to make impertinent remarks, after a week internship"…… For a time, about the young people proud and arrogant comments again overwhelming, but with the last contrast is: once the "outstanding" on behalf of the skies after 90 business media suddenly turned the gun head, the business circle of kid number one end skin. read more