Tmall pharmaceutical sales in the first half of 2 billion 200 million sales ranking full exposure

news July 16th, billion state power network learned the day before Tmall statistics Medicine Museum for the first half of the sales data, according to statistics, as of the end of June, Tmall Medical Museum of medical, OTC pharmaceuticals, health supplies, health supplies, medical services in five categories completed a total sales of 2 billion 200 million yuan.

in the five category, accounting for the largest share of sales for medical equipment up to 4, followed by OTC pharmaceutical nearly 3. read more

Unit price 44 yuan Exposing the truth behind the scenes

[Reuters] Zhou Dafu billion state power jewelry products in Taobao (including Tmall) the average price is only 43.7 yuan? What is the wrong data, or what other reasons? The day before, billion state power network access to Taobao data cube June jewelry (gold / diamond / Jewelry / Jade) selling brand category list data the (Taobao + Tmall), found that some well-known jewelry brand average selling price of goods exists strange place.


data cube data show that in June this year, Zhou Dafu turnover of nearly 33 million 150 thousand yuan in the jewelry category selling brand charts. But a noteworthy data is that the number of transactions in the month reached about 760 thousand. This means that the average price of Zhou Dafu products in June was only 43.7 yuan. read more

Suning nternet supermarket at the end of this year to force the entity by 600%

from the electrical extended to the whole category management, Su ningyun stand more and more. Even more shocking is that it has to do the supermarket, but also challenge the traditional supermarket.

days ago, resigned from the global retail giant Carrefour joined Su ningyun and in charge of the supermarket business more than a year of Meiji million to the "daily economic news" reporter said, although the line now has 4 Suning supermarket, but Suning supermarket will be the main line, to do is the real Internet supermarket. read more

Suning electricity supplier mergers and Acquisitions the vertical contact with the electricity suppl

started large-scale financing on the occasion, Suning Appliance (002024) broke the news about the upcoming expansion of mergers and acquisitions. Sun Weimin, vice chairman of the company (micro-blog), said they are in contact with some vertical class electricity supplier brands. Suning Appliance is beginning to finance 5 billion 500 million yuan through private placement, the additional price per share of $12.15, but the company’s stock price is currently around $8.5 / share.

in the electronic commerce planning of Suning Appliance, is not the only platform. According to Su Ning’s plan, after completed in team system, Suning will be online on the implementation of multi brand strategy is a comprehensive business such as, will also include vertical electricity supplier. read more

Jingdong on-line online banking wallet will integrate shopping investment credit business

March 7th, Jingdong financial on-line online banking wallet". The future through the online banking wallet, Jingdong users shopping payment, capital management, consumer credit, investment banking will be integrated in the online banking wallet.

, according to Jingdong, online banking wallet is to achieve a variety of financial products based on the function of financial accounts, but also an independent market oriented third party payment products.

online banking wallet responsible person, compared with the traditional third party payment instruments simple payment and settlement functions, online banking wallet is also constantly expanding new application scenarios. Online banking wallet in the process of expanding the application scene, relying on online banking online payment license qualifications. read more

Xu Lankang the novice understanding of Wangzhuan project

two days ago a friend introduced me to a profitable project, I looked very good at his income has been very good, but I think after refused, because these Wangzhuan project very much, and any profitable projects are consistent with the 28 law, not you can earn a lot of money earned. It is always a good man. Here since the fish don’t watch, learn to pick up their real ability, on the edge of a fish, rather than retreat webs.

give yourself a reason to join

we are no longer children entering the network, may be some friends like me also been cheated, detour, I think it is essential for growth on the road, but if you can’t learn if they cannot grow. Want to ask yourself a few questions. In order to study or to earn money after you join? In what way to manage, can not control how much time a day off?? want to score goals? Have a good state of mind, how to step by step to meet order and determine, no longer as before to see what is what, see this money ran over and saw that day how much want to quit work, not far from the dream some day in the future how cattle X. I would like to tell a friend, learning skills to improve themselves, you will find yourself getting better. read more

He smiled the new cross-border foreign direct mail can play out

[Abstract] cross-border electricity supplier of the new deal has been implemented since April 8th, bonded delivery reached a turning point, open a new chapter in overseas direct mail, do the purchasing mode of the game player had a clear position. Hangzhou’s first technology is hidden in the sea Amoy supply chain on a typical purchasing platform.

There are two major business

technology’s first neighbor, a cross-border electricity supplier is positioned as a flexible supply chain Fisrtlink, one is the sea Amoy App chop hand help, two lines of business is shared, but the front end user oriented in different ways. read more

Suning Jingdong logistics warehouse PK, Jingdong Asia one is Asia five

Beijing Teng plan in the past, Jingdong held a press conference today, the press conference on Jingdong’s Asia one big pen and ink, obviously for the future of Asia one high hopes. But, "Asia one" can really grow up to "1"?

annual double 11, is a drama in the field of electricity providers, the major electricity supplier platform launched a full range of competition, the price war is the most intense on the user perception and competition, logistics and warehousing lore is invisible to the user smoke. read more

Earthquake relief national domain name charity donation personal honor certificate

a dollar domain name in exchange for such a collection of commemorative value of honor certificate, it is ashamed

pictures are as follows:

1 express package:

2 out, honor certificate, red, huh, huh,

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5 seal place. However, the text below the text, it seems that the first printed chapter

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6.23-6.28 webmaster domain activity week

Where the customer executives will join mall Jingdong Wu served as senior vice president

vice president Wu Eslite


technology news November 30th afternoon news, according to sources, from the departure of VANCL vice president Wu Sheng, will officially join the Jingdong store at the end of the year, as the post of senior vice president and director of public relations aspects of the business.

Wu sound in every guest business when adding, where the customer was responsible for public relations and V+ business, where the customer belongs to the senior level figure, but it has yesterday came as "personal reasons" departure. According to sources confirmed that the whereabouts of the sound of Wu has been determined: the end of the year to join Jingdong mall. read more

On the construction of e-commerce website from the consumption psychology of nternet users

the disappearance of the cold war, the development of the world economy began to become increasingly integrated. In addition to the political and economic instability and frequent wars in countries and regions, economic fields in spite of their own qualities, but under the global economic integration and promote the pressure on how to realize the final business transformation, has become more common.

bid farewell to the usual shortage of economic times, in the process of sales of goods to strengthen the study of consumer psychology, has become the focus of attention of many commercial companies and economic organizations. Even in the whole society enters gradually entered the era of electronic commerce, research in this area also did not stop the pace of development, on the contrary, because of the rapid development of the Internet, the size and the number of online transactions is growing, also produced a new research more for those who study the users of consumer psychology professional inside. read more

Phishing sites to prevent more than 70% financial companies with CN domain name

days ago, China Internet Association policy and Resources Committee announced the "China financial industry network brand survey" results showed that more than 70% financial enterprises enabled by our own management CN national domain name, a large number of phishing sites will not be able to implement online fraud posing as bank.

it is understood that the survey involved banks, insurance and other financial institutions a total of 104. Among the 54 banks, there are 43 enabled CN domain name, the application rate of up to 79% insurance companies, the ratio of CN enabled domain name of 76%. read more

Taobao’s new search rules cited storm how to treat small sellers

recently, Taobao’s new search rules change, causing no small storm. For Taobao search because of the adjustment rules, and was part of the seller and accused the media of a Alibaba, chairman of the board and CEO Jack Ma recently sent a letter to all employees, encourage people to face the challenges of Ali, not for resistance and difficulties and give up the ideal moment.

Taobao to search the new rules are defined as reputation ranking, in order to increase the weight of the seller’s service. In this way, the buyer to search their own things to buy, the best seller in front of the best seller. Changes in the search rules, causing some of the seller’s dissatisfaction, they believe that under the new regulations, the daily traffic, business declined significantly. In this part of the people, Taobao also becomes more and more "evil", become a money making tool. read more

The alleged loan to loan Jingdong was blocked two banks.

for those in hard work, often make ends meet North drifters, "Jingdong launched ious" give their lives to bring a lot of convenience. However, in the double eleven hand cut day is approaching, many people prepare to buy buy buy when Jingdong ious credit card payment function is China Merchants Bank and Bank of communications have shut down.

According to

reporter learned that China Merchants Bank is taking preliminary steps at the beginning of September, in September 20th officially shut down the function. In the Jingdong white pages, the cashier finance Jingdong has such an announcement: "by the bank, IOUs repayment does not support the China Merchants Bank credit card." In addition to Bank of China Merchants Bank, there are still 15 bank credit card can be used for the repayment of IOUS business, savings card payment function was not affected. read more

Comparison of the famous B2B websites in China

the current domestic B2B website too much, for large enterprises, while doing a no problem, but for those of us small businesses, really can not afford, some of the more well-known sites below I carefully read a simple comparison, I hope to help a friend like me.

1 Alibaba

whether it is from home or abroad, are very famous, at least in the short term it is difficult to go beyond the company. Members of the huge number of massive data, literally search something, all to the 4~5 page.

advantages: users more than read more

Ma Huateng to sell shares of the Tencent is to bet on failure

, according to the first financial daily reported that in March 28th, Ma Huateng, chairman of the board of directors of the Tencent to sell shares of the company, the stock fell from 11.16% to 11.05%. Affected by this, Tencent shares fell 2.92%. "First Financial Daily" article pointed out that the Ma Huateng price of HK $67.806 sale of 2 million shares of the Tencent, and the price is lower than the market price of the Tencent (HK $195.2). The cash so that Ma Huateng gains HK $136 million. read more

Jingdong 4 billion cast cloud computing industry doubts real investment or public relations war

Jingdong mall seems to be in a 4 billion investment scale, told the industry, Jingdong is not short of money. Yesterday, the Jingdong mall official disclosure, Jingdong has been with the Bayannaoer the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region City, Jiangsu province and Suqian city have signed the investment framework agreement of Cloud Computing Center project, a total investment of up to 4 billion yuan. Previously, Jingdong has just completed a $300 million financing. CEO Li Guoqing on the "First Financial Daily reporters, Jingdong to obtain financing to support the Jingdong in June 2013. read more

How to use the interest analysis to find new Wangzhuan project

The basic principle of

‘s "interest analysis" is to take the interests as the center. If you master this basic principle, then you will find many Wangzhuan or new projects, new ideas and methods. The following case illustrates how to use the "interest analysis" to find new Wangzhuan project.

case 1: understand the use of Google alliance to earn dollars project

much understand is a rather understand Wangzhuan master, master is a soft. His soft Wen really fooled a lot of people, but also for their own to bring a lot of money. Had article how to use Google alliance $tutorial, so many beginner in droves. Later, we know that the real intention is to understand the foreign host. Here we use the interest analysis method to analyze: read more

Double 11 Jingdong before destabilize Ali who stress the seller in the hegemony


technology news October 30th afternoon news, Jingdong blackboard newspaper published yesterday by taking home, said a platform (alluding to Ali Tmall) brand business requirements shall not participate in other platforms including Jingdong, promotional activities, and said, "never agree and resolutely resist", "for individual businesses forced to temporarily stop the normal operation or exit activities the behavior of Jingdong, based on all the business platform responsible attitude, must be taken seriously and treated for serious impact on the interests of consumers, the Jingdong will permanently terminate its cooperation." At the same time, the Jingdong of publicity "Linsen official flagship store" to make "the closed shop, and no permanent cooperation" punishment. read more