Turn style Xining municipal government requires control

does not participate in the dinner, do not visit each other, is strictly prohibited to go to work time to play games, network chat, random string Kong, get together and chat…… The municipal government office from the serious work discipline, oppose extravagance and waste, strengthen supervision and inspection and other aspects, and strive to be the style construction and austerity work realistically achieve tangible results, the formation of the norm of the working mechanism.

as the core of the government organs, the general office of the municipal government proposed priority effective demand, taking the lead in work requirements, grasp the discipline, saving, grasping supervision, leading cadres and workers to hold hands and feet. read more

West District, the first kindergarten built cast

August 9th, reporters from the city of Xining District Education Bureau learned that the investment of 45 million yuan in the west area of the new sea lake district public kindergarten built will put into use, this is the first province of the West District of Xining city and the new star Changsha jointly implemented the separation of management and education "mode of public kindergarten.

new kindergarten is located in the sea lake apartment, covers an area of 10 acres, building area of up to 4500 square meters, the design of the class, can accommodate up to 360 preschool children in the park. According to the current domestic mature mode and west area, the kindergarten with "the separation of management and mode of operation, will be implemented after the park opened throughout the summer operation and management, in order to solve the cold during the summer vacation, the parents can not take care of the child’s problem. The new kindergarten is called the first kindergarten West district". The new kindergarten after the park opened, will implement the approved enrollment, without the approval of the administrative department of Education under the condition of not free to expand the number of admissions, kindergarten enrollment commissioned by the party responsible for their own, in principle only recruit children of permanent residents in Xining City West District, students aged 3 to 6 years old, give priority to the protection of the park nearby residents children nearby school, generally do not cross regional enrollment. At the same time, the government set up the Commission Office Park of special funds, through Yijiangdaibu way, reward "the separation of management mode to improve the quality of office parks and kindergarten assistance for needy families children, kindergarten education guidance to extract a certain percentage of revenues to improve the conditions of the Office Park, funding for poor children. (author: Chen Jun)
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Wang Xiaotao rate of relevant ministries and commissions of the State Council to investigate the gre

8 from Feb 30 to September 1st, the establishment of the national park system pilot project leading group, the national development and Reform Commission deputy director Wang Xiaotao rate of the relevant state ministries and relevant comrades, to conduct research on the source of the Sanjiang national park system pilot, listened to the provincial government work report, and further the ecological environment monitoring center in Xining province and the Beishan Dadunling investigation and research. Provincial Party committee, provincial reform office director Ma Shunqing, accompanied by vice governor of the investigation of Gao Hua. read more

Qinghai Lake food safety

reporter learned from the provincial food and Drug Administration learned, recently, Hainan state food and drug administration according to the actual situation of the Qinghai Lake scenic area tourists soared, to prevent food safety risk, the majority of tourists to ensure food safety, combined with Qinghai Lake scenic spot market supervision bureau, Gonghe County food and drug Safety Commission Office and other departments, consisting of 3 inspection group, Qinghai Lake scenic area and the deep part of the township to carry out an intensive food safety special rectification.
the rectification to the Qinghai Lake scenic area and the surrounding food business operators, catering for inspection, severely punished unlicensed behavior, crack down on illegal sales no manufacturer, no production date, shelf life without the "three noes" of food adulteration and counterfeiting, and expired food. Special inspection, according to the investigation of up to more than 200 small catering permit conditions, supervision of law enforcement personnel promote food safety laws and regulations to the owners and employees, urge the employees for a health certificate, signed book of responsibility of food safety and the owners, and on-site supervision and guidance and training to ensure food production process not a food safety incident. At present, the rectification of the cumulative law enforcement officers dispatched 195 passengers, check the food business door more than 460 times, substandard food seized more than 300 kilograms, shall be ordered to suspend business for rectification 11, investigate and deal with illegal business of fake and shoddy food of 2 cases.
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Provincial Quality and technical supervision work conference held

1 24, the provincial quality and technical supervision work conference held in Xining. The meeting summed up the quality of the province’s work last year, arranged for this year’s focus of work. Vice governor Kuang Yong attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

the meeting pointed out that over the past year, the province’s quality of work adhere to the transformation and upgrading of quality and efficiency as the focus, to carry out a wide range of regional product quality to enhance remediation action, increase government coordination, further implementation of quality incentive system, continue to strengthen the product, service and environment engineering, quality supervision, provide technical support and service quality effectively for the province’s economic and social development. The quality of the work has continued to strengthen brand development to a new level, the role of economic development has become increasingly prominent, the quality of the foundation has been improved obviously, last year, the province has not occurred regional and systemic quality safety incidents. read more

Xining City Bureau of Education held primary and secondary school physical education teachers basic

In order to further strengthen the construction of Xining City elementary and middle schools PE teachers, to improve teaching quality, show business quality of PE teachers in primary and middle schools in our city, June 26th to 28, Xining City Board of Education held a three day Xining city primary and secondary school teachers teaching basic skills competitions in the occupation technical school in Xining City

in order to further strengthen the construction of P.E. teachers in Xining City, and strive to improve the quality of physical education, show business quality of PE teachers in primary and middle schools in our city, June 26th to 28, Xining City Bureau of Education organized primary school physical education teachers for a period of three days in Xining city basic skills competitions in occupation technical school in Xining city. The city has a total of 29 units of 52 Teachers to participate in the competition. read more

Xining implementation of the 18 party building innovation projects

Secretary to take the lead, project driven, brand model…… To effectively solve the problem of grassroots party building, strengthening the construction of grass-roots party organizations in Xining city from the mode of operation of the economy, promote the project of Party building work, determine the implementation of 18 party building innovation project, inject new vitality into the grass-roots party construction work, continue to create a bright spot, creating unique brand.

project declaration". Municipal Party Committee Organization Department according to the actual, developed "2015 year Xining city construction project registration book", the project task decomposition refinement, clear the significance of the project background, contents, objectives, expected details of specific measures, and a recommendation, the project review comments and acceptance assessment program, a total of fifteen items, to ensure the specific content of the actual carrier, construction project. Project project "fine". Identified 18 party projects, including a class of projects, two types of projects, the three types of projects each of the 6. Project coverage "wide". The project of the construction project, the grass-roots party construction work in all areas of coverage, content characteristics, embodies the innovation carrier, rich and specific measures, through strict and standardized management, and vigorously promote the construction of the project, give full play to the leading role of the demonstration in various fields. Project implementation fast". In order to ensure the effectiveness of Party building project, the implementation of project "four" work method, namely the development of a practical implementation of the program, clear steps and specific content; determine a main responsibility, input, coordination and guidance funds guarantee work; adhere to a stage of acceptance of the progress of the project. Supervision; to build a brand, to explore and sum up experience, to speed up the application and transformation of achievements. By strictly promoting the project party building work, efforts to crack the problem of Party construction, and promote the party building visible, clear, grasp the real, effective. read more

Representatives from all walks of life to see Xining

"This activity let us feel the new changes every year in Xining, a lot of work of the municipal government in the people’s livelihood, education, environmental protection and other aspects do, we live in the city for a happy life this city and feel very happy." In November 25th, the construction of the Xining Municipal Committee Chairman Qi Jingting in Xining city in all walks of life on behalf of those "Xining" when said.

through the visit, we have said that the activities to further stimulate the enthusiasm of all circles, we will give full play to their respective advantages, conscientiously fulfill the political participation and democratic supervision, continue to work around the center of Xining, in-depth research, positive suggestions, provide a reference for the municipal government scientific decision-making, to promote the city’s economic and social development contribution power.  
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The province’s two families selected the most beautiful family

In May 15th, the National Women’s Federation held "the most beautiful family" announcement and five civilized family in the Great Hall of the people for recognition. Announced at the 100 the most beautiful family, in recognition of the 100 national five civilized family model and 1000 five civilized family. Shao Xiujing family and the family of the province won the country’s most beautiful family title, I wish FOTILE, Xu Xuelian and other 8 families to get the most beautiful family Award nomination in the United States, and so on. 22 families have been named the National Women’s Federation five civilized family (example). The Peng Weidong family and the Zhang Guilan family by the National Women’s Federation as the Ninth National Five Civilized pacesetter, Haiyan, Yang Yao and other 20 families was named the ninth national five civilized family.

"for the country to carry out the most beautiful family activities in this year, is the women’s organizations to respond positively to a new carrier, the Party Central Committee called on innovation of family moral civilization construction work. The community activities in urban and rural areas throughout hundreds of thousands of women of the house as a platform, since the beginning of February, the women’s federations at all levels based on the grassroots level, to mobilize the masses to carry out spontaneously and consciously participate in the exchange of civilization tradition, show the harmonious style, appraisal and other activities to advocate family family, marital harmony, zunlaoaiyou, science godson, thrift, neighborhood "internal consciousness stimulate women and families practicing family virtues of the Chinese nation, be positive, civilized noble family tradition of good builders do family harmony civilization creator.   read more

Xining union helping laid-off workers and peasants, Thangka Duixiu skills

"this can be funded learning Thangka Duixiu skills, we are so happy, it is our family union!" In November 10th, held in Xining City Federation of trade unions of laid-off workers and migrant workers skills training, Duixiu Thangka, built from seven female workers laid off Xu Xianzhi with emotion, expressing the common aspirations of all participants.

it is understood that the organized training activities, Xining Sheng occupation training school as a union worker skills training base has organized the first phase of training, 150 laid-off workers, migrant workers will take part in a month of training, the training period after passing the examination issued "Qinghai province occupation skill training certificate". At the same time, the training base will also provide students processing, production orders and finished product sales service series. read more

With participation, conspiracy to see the development of Chaoyang joy and sorrow

September 24th, Chaoyang North Street People’s Congress liaison group and CPPCC liaison group organized some seventh Seongbuk Chaoyang area of NPC deputies and CPPCC members listened to the 1-8 Chaoyang Street Party Working Committee, the office of development. Representatives and members visited the Beichuan East Road community management innovation, community cultural activities, community services for the people to carry out the work. Subsequently, representatives and members of the line to the north along the mountain road trench conducted a field inspection, and on how to further strengthen the regional efforts to create a city, promote the harmonious development of the region were discussed.

in creating the city to work in a proposal, to adhere to the problem as the core, comprehensive investigation and remediation efforts to increase the prominence of the appearance and environmental sanitation. Two to play the NPC deputies and CPPCC members duties, and actively for the street economic development, social harmony and stability suggestions, and jointly promote the harmonious development of chaoyang. Three to multi financing, and gradually increase investment in infrastructure facilities, extensive mobilization of the public to support the creation of the city, to participate in the creation of the city, and strive to create a clean and comfortable living environment.
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Study of the original text deep understanding

November 2nd, the provincial Party committee held a meeting of leading cadres, to convey the spirit of learning the party in the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee. Party secretary Luo Huining presided over the meeting, stressed that the province Party organizations at all levels and Party members and cadres to study and implement the spirit of the plenary session propaganda as a major political task, a profound understanding of the essence, practical thinking and action with the central policies and arrangements. read more

The province of the national judicial examination examination paper

this year, the national judicial examination will be held on September 24th, 25. June 3rd, the Ministry of justice, the national judicial examination approved the approval of the Ministry of the province to add the national judicial examination paper examination papers.

added to the judicial examination papers have changed the past Tibetan, Tibetan candidates in our province all the way to Tibet to participate in the examination of the situation, at the same time, Gansu, Sichuan and other provinces adjacent to convenient Tibetan candidates to participate in the examination. Gansu, Sichuan and other neighboring provinces Tibetan candidates in the registration, the registration of choice for Qinghai, then you can go to Xining to participate in the national judicial examination. read more

Wang Xiao; to give full play to the role of the banner and benchmarking

In September 29th, party secretary Wang Xiao chaired the Standing Committee (enlarged) meeting to convey learning general secretary Xi Jinping in September 11th at the twenty-sixth Politburo collective learning important speech, comrade Liu Yunshan’s important speech in September 21st some local units to deepen the three strict three special education work of the forum and the twelve session of the eighty-ninth meeting of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party spirit. Municipal Committee, municipal CPPCC main responsible comrades, municipal people’s Congress comrades, deputy mayor of the city to attend the meeting. read more

Xining air pollution control to see the effectiveness of 52 people wrote a letter to thank the gover

"gold medal, as people praise". Even Japan, Xining great efforts to take a series of effective measures to control air pollution and water pollution, visible effect to let the people clap, and have to call the newspaper news hotline 96369, praised the Xining pollution control work. October 15th, the newspaper received a letter of thanks from 52 people, the letter of plain words, expressed their recognition of Xining pollution control work and heartfelt gratitude.

sunshine, air, water, is the survival of each of us elements. Since the beginning of August, Xining city held a special meeting to study the deployment of pollution control work, put forward 10 measures to develop a number of pollution control system, start accountability mechanisms, the mobilization of antifouling pollution. All this, the public in the eyes, in mind. read more

Precipitation is significantly less than the city of Xining in advance into the high-risk period of

on the afternoon of December 13th, the city held fire drills. Reporters learned from the drill site, from the perspective of the meteorological sector to see, from October to the current rainfall in our city significantly less than the same period last year, two to 40%, the city has entered the forest fire risk.

this winter and spring, forest fire prevention work in our city is facing the grim situation, according to preliminary statistics, as of now, the city (including three counties and four districts) have fire more than and 30. From the climatic factors, the spring and summer this year, the city’s rainfall is significantly more, lush growth of forest vegetation. The amount of fuel in the forest increased significantly, and the fire risk increased rapidly. At the same time, after entering the winter fire period, the city’s strong winds increased significantly, December 2nd 14 and at the time of the year in December 4th, when the city meteorological observatory issued two consecutive strong yellow warning signal. From the management situation, into the forest production, tourism, construction of mining personnel increased, smoking, forest fire, burning grave fire hazard is still prominent, the source of fire control difficulty. read more

Green Fair will sign the task has been completed 93%

2015 Green Fair has entered the countdown, the Organizing Committee of the Green Fair has entered the state of readiness, the exhibition preparations in full swing. Compared to previous years, the exhibition on the ecological construction and the development of The Belt and Road, along the Silk Road city cooperation "five forum will become the biggest bright spot. As of June 4th, 351 projects have been implemented to sign the contract, with a total investment of $168 billion 97 million to complete the target task of 93.39%. read more

Entrepreneurship does not mean that it is important to take risks

everyone’s venture, it seems to be an unpredictable way. Facebook  the first venture was in a college dorm, Google  in the garage in the early days of entrepreneurship. Where did you start your first venture?

Tom  is a small fund company vice president of marketing in recent years, the development of the fund industry bottlenecks, the market environment is bad, the fund issued or he began to find another way. His reason is simple: he wants to be promoted to the director of the market is not big, if the job hopping to the newly established fund company, the position will be promoted, but the new company is facing many challenges, very difficult to work. So he decided to start a consulting firm with like-minded friends. It can be said, Tom  start a business, is the need for career development.

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2011 Annual City cadres health examination work in an orderly manner

since September 1st to carry out health examination work of cadres in the city, 7 medical institutions undertake cadres attention, careful arrangements, organization of medical personnel to seriously study and understand the spirit of the relevant documents, according to the medical units and places of cadre health care committee office distribution, detailed examination time schedule were established with Dean for medical work the leading group of the first responsible person, the formation of expert group and contact group, members of the contact group ahead of a few days to the relevant units of service booking card, reservation and answer questions, to ensure the orderly conduct of cadres. The
as of October 15th has completed the cadres of 5513 people, including: a city hospital completed 668 people, two people, 1985 hospitals completed three hospitals completed 159, completed the 863 people hospital of Datong County, Huangzhong county hospital completed the county hospital 148, Huangyuan completed 690.
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Efforts to solve the problem of primary and secondary school teachers

project, for the education. Education, teacher oriented. I adhere to strengthen the construction of teachers in primary and middle schools as a fundamental guarantee of promoting sound and rapid development of basic education, take effective measures to solve problems and do practical things for primary and secondary school teachers, improve the overall quality, new progress has been made in the primary and secondary school teachers.

provincial government attaches great importance to the work of teachers, improve the quality of education, promote equity in education, cultivate high-quality professional teachers, issued a "decision on strengthening the construction of teachers in elementary and secondary schools". According to the "opinions", the province continued to enrich the power of teachers, teachers’ treatment in accordance with the law, strengthen the training of teachers in primary and secondary schools, increase the turnover of housing construction of school teachers in remote area, primary and secondary school teachers work made a series of results. read more