Create youth Sichuan university students entrepreneurship contest in the school selection

campus entrepreneurship competition is not only to stimulate the enthusiasm of entrepreneurship, but also in the training of people’s entrepreneurial ability. Entrepreneurs should sign up to recognize their entrepreneurial ability.

3 23, Sichuan University, Jinjiang college in 2016, creating a youth college students in Sichuan entrepreneurship Contest Finals held in the classroom in the 8410, 8412. 60 entrepreneurial team selection after the team reporting, qualification, pre school recommendation, the school and the school evaluation expert review text text links to participate in the final. read more

Join the exclusive memory project selection – reliable reliable rinse roast whole

for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the exclusive memory rinse roast project, undoubtedly, is very market development space choice. How about the exclusive memory? In the food and beverage market, popularity doubled, it is worth joining!

joined the exclusive memory rinse roast reliable? Exclusive memory rinse roast by modern consumers alike, exclusive memory rinse roast upscale atmosphere on the grade, exclusive memory rinse roast to you is the same to the vision to enjoy the taste, strict material selection, original boiling and baking dishes, not only allow consumers to eat a hundred tire, at the same time let more consumers gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory. read more

Do you grasp the market opportunities

is now after the college entrance examination, followed by a batch of students out of the school gate, they really can find a suitable job? A lot of people choose to start a business, but graduation business opportunities you caught?

recently what the most profitable? Grade graduation season dinner table is hard to find

from the current booking situation, the city’s "student dinner" has two peaks:   from June 9th to June 12th, the college entrance examination has just ended, with the gathering of students mainly. Next, from June 23rd to the end of August, with the arrival of the admission notice to Party " " the catering industry is also gradually hot up." Industry estimates. read more

Enthusiasm for the store to usher in more customers


said in the store business process, we can not be excessive enthusiasm, however, many times, if we do not have enthusiasm, but no way to retain customers. Because of my shopping habits, I always think, for the customer into the store not too warm, so as to avoid excessive enthusiasm scare customers. But my husband actually denied my idea with a practical action.

that morning, in order to tidy up the smoke cabinet as soon as possible, the husband is responsible for the reception of customers. There was a middle-aged customers look at the open shelves of bread, while turning side or continuously. So see customer behavior, the husband asked what he needs, but the customer is not so silent, pointing to another husband piled up on the shelves of the bread he said: read more

How can business shop business is hot – the whole

although the number of shops on the market a lot, but does not mean that every shop business can be prosperous, once the business is not good, it can be a lot of people worried about. My supermarket is closed, the business is getting worse, the customer does not know where to go. Now the store does not pay, how to do?

main symptoms of the wrong way to do business management problems do not know where

main business words together taste prescription counterparts the answer is very simple

genuine business training read more

2016 nternet plus Longyan economic salon spring Symposium ended

with the rapid development of the Internet economy, China’s two or three cities and towns ushered in a new development opportunities. A group of Longyan based Internet entrepreneurs gathered recently to explore how to use the Internet to develop the economy of Longyan.

"Longyan change rapidly, Longyan’s Internet Xian more and more," circle of friends "is more and more big, the electricity supplier industry rapid development momentum." 10, in the 2016 Internet plus spring salon Longyan Economic Forum, U.S. mission network founder Wang Xingshen said with feeling. read more

At the age of sixty farmers entrepreneurial success of doing business

believe that many people fantasize about the age of sixty when he retired in what to do, maybe go to travel, perhaps playing tea at home, and the 67 year old farmer is in the online selling a business Bingtang orange, but also prosperous.

"Internet plus government publicity, encourage entrepreneurship and innovation, I think young people are using computer to sell oranges, I want to put my orange onto the Internet to sell. Learn how to sell, I also started the two venture." read more

Wei Peng upinto good choice – men’s business

good men’s choice, is a good choice to highlight our temperament. Wei Peng men’s clothing, men’s brand, has the most fashion menswear. Next, let us look at how it’s Wei Peng:

weipeng River Development Zone’s headquarters is located in the Pearl River Delta, Gaoming District of Foshan City, belonging to the Guangdong HENGWEI Group Co. Ltd. is a leading garment, set of clothing, washing and dyeing, hotels, real estate development, construction and decoration industry in one of the diversified and comprehensive enterprise group. Wei Peng’s trusted brand. read more

Entrepreneurial enlightenments from embarrassed in Hong Kong

there are a lot of things in this world are interlinked, such as movies and entrepreneurship, there are similarities. The movie "Hong Kong" embarrassed at the box office has exceeded 1 billion 608 million, the "Xu Zheng phenomenon" has become "embarrassed" to ensure the grossing film series, the entrepreneurs to bring a little something worthy of deep thought.

"port" is embarrassed recently the topic of public concern, from the box office can be seen on the popular level. As of October 4th, released 10 days of the "Hong Kong" embarrassed the cumulative box office 1 billion 280 million, breaking the previous directed by Xu Zheng before the "Thai" embarrassed at the end of 2012, a record 1 billion 268 million at the box office record, once again set a new record in the domestic movie box office 2D. Today, I am talking to you about this topic is the "Xu Zheng phenomenon", to a certain extent, reflect and represent the commercial phenomenon of today’s era, including the technology industry and the so-called traditional manufacturing industry. From the point of view of today’s entrepreneurship phenomenon, in which a large number of entrepreneurs in excess after being fed chicken soup "dizzy" into the business battlefield, but the real business is cruel, not to drink chicken soup will be able to realize the dream. Similarly, Xu Zheng’s success is not to see us chicken soup, but the real business trajectory. read more

What need to pay attention to all stores before tea

We all know that

is a sure card has been prepared against want. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the tea shop, is a very wise choice. So, open a milk tea shop, we need to pay attention to what?

first, the environment around the shop. This is divided into two aspects: first, the selected shops around whether there are public toilets, garbage, sewers, roads surrounding is dusty, chemical plant is always harmful gas discharged thesearealltheissuestoconsider. Second, if the shop next to the station, commercial areas, densely populated location better; slope road, remote corners are poor. read more

What are the operating method of Hefei

we all know that running a dry cleaners, is a very business choice. Because, as we are unable to cope with the pressure of life, dry cleaners market, no doubt, is a very powerful choice. So, the small business to choose to join the dry cleaners? What are the operating methods of dry cleaning franchise stores?

1, suggested that the boss before the opening, read the relevant management manual issued by the headquarters

2, the boss should wear, especially in the summer dry cleaning stores opened, try not to pass through the color of clothing, elegant as well read more

mprove the lighting stores business performance to grasp these points – the whole

lighting in the home market, the number of people choose to enter the industry is very much. Of course, want to continue to develop in this industry, the choice of a good project is very important to join, but a good way to operate is also very important. So, how to improve the operating performance of the shop?

open a Home Furnishing lighting stores is not an easy thing to do, even if the product homogenization phenomenon is serious, the operator is still to ensure their own sales products to excellent quality, treat customers better attitude, want to recommend products to customers according to the actual situation, recommend suitable products, not to sell enough exaggerate or conceal products. read more

Analysis of opening a bakery business profits

for the small business start-up investors who want to open a bakery, because people are now increasingly demanding consumer products, brand consumption has become a new trend. Bread is flour based and fermented baked food, with a rich flavor, is Europe, the United States and other countries, the main food. In recent years, bread develops rapidly in our country, and the baker site baked fresh bread let the consumer appetite, especially in large and small streets and lanes bakery emerging. Therefore, all kinds of bread is gradually put on the table. read more

A porridge shop how much money

no matter what kind of business we are ready to set up shop, in fact, the need for funds, in short, only the economic conditions allow, will enable entrepreneurship to achieve success. And there will be business opportunities, and now people are paying more attention to health, and therefore, porridge shop has become the urgent needs of mass consumption, then, how much money to open a home shop? This is to look at the main cost of investment in the main shop.


how much does it cost? In general, a porridge shop, the minimum is only ten square meters, you can shop, if it is in the first-tier cities area at the entrance this location open porridge shop, the monthly rent of about 2 thousand yuan can fix, at once a year paid rent to about 24000 yuan. read more

Do business need to keep a good attitude

is now doing things mentality is very important, so naturally do business. In short, the business can be a long time to get operational, maintaining a good attitude is a very important thing. "Boss, you store the milk price to sell what ah? A middle-aged man riding a bicycle, across the car, did not come down and asked me.

see him this attitude is to buy to buy the way, originally sold 50 yuan a box of milk, sometimes encountered over customers will also on the price of one or two yuan, I just replied: "a box of 48 yuan, was anxious to the business to do, I said:" we can send a toy for you". Milk what toy gifts at all, I just want to store other goods gifts to give up. Did not think the customer is insatiable: "there is so expensive ah, I also bought 30 yuan, now 45 yuan for you to sell or not to sell?" read more

The retail business to allow consumers to buy the rest assured and comfortable – the whole

if you want to do a lot of consumers to rest assured that the retail business, naturally also need to meet the consumer’s shopping psychology. A lot of people say that cigarettes are not easy to operate, consumer demand too much, too miscellaneous. In fact, according to my many years of experience in the shop, but I think consumers buy cigarettes to the store is nothing more than two kinds of Psychology: first, buy at ease, and the two is to buy a comfortable. As long as the mastering of the two kinds of consumer psychology, will certainly be able to do the cigarette retail business. read more

This several delicacy did you learn the whole

a lot of women hate cooking food that makes you fat, but if you choose other recipes that are not good, is there anything that is good and not fat? Of course, there are a few small series for you to recommend a few good delicious and simple cooking oil free food.

, a non oil chicken

ingredients: chicken breast, salt, cooking wine, starch, protein, corn flakes, black pepper / seasoning powder seasoning


1, a piece of chicken breast meat, cut from the middle (half cooked, Yi thin Oh) figure, then put the meat on the loose. read more