Station master, please don’t be a garbage station

remember there was a time… For… 2 hours to do the collection station, I can help one day earn more than 20$(Adsense is the main income, now click policy, like it was no longer possible.)… Remember every 10 minutes. Only a short while ago increase the collection content, can make this station be included in Baidu IP on tens of thousands of pages, over 10000…… at that time I thought, do stand is to make money, that is rubbish station means…

until the last in Chengdu a webmaster party, let me change the idea. The party was launched in a station in Q Qqun, the group’s main base and my brother is a friend, listen to my brother said to the inside of the group of people are very powerful, some have already had a good books, some it is a large site BOSS. so I am already looking forward to the party is pretty nervous. I arrived early in the morning, we wait until noon, and finally is not a lot of people, perhaps about more than 10. In which I age is the smallest, the owners of the oldest more than 30 years old this year later, we know that he is the Lord, the cat. For me, it was a very short party, because the compulsory class in the afternoon, and one I do not intend to skip class, so I’m going to be a noon dinner went back to school. At the end of the meal at the cat story We all do a self introduction, and speak on their own website. He was mobilized in the how I have not remember, at that time I had only one feeling: I am willing to listen to him, let me feel him in the group’s driving ability and in reality is the same. With this power, we are actively started a self introduction. We start from the older, introduced their name, occupation, age, and then is to talk about their website. Found a very interesting thing, several owners are very shy and introduce themselves, but speak of yourself the site, like for a man, like the speech talking. read more

The three step custom test on the bubble user helps you understand the user’s thoughts

text /Nir Eyal (TechCrunch)

for the past 25 years, truly great consumer technology companies have one feature in common: they create consumer habits. This is the key to changing the world of business from other businesses. Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Twitter are user daily use of the high rate of products, and these products are attractive enough, so many of us are very difficult to imagine life without them is what.

but creating habits is easier said than done. Although there are numerous articles about the future importance of behavior, engineering, and behavior to the network, the tools needed to design and measure user behavior are still inadequate. It’s not that these technologies don’t exist – in fact, they’re very familiar with working in an enterprise. But for new entrepreneurs, these tools are mysterious. read more

Personal webmaster experience summary share my new station log

my new station began less than three weeks before the domain name is used, but I do not know it is good or bad before the history of history, now all the domain name to me, I should try to make him appreciate.

slowly start website publicity and promotion, now already very understand the importance of the chain to a web site. In particular, links, links, for a new station, is not accessible. Should the way all the owners began to grow in the site have encountered such a thing, is that all PR sites are not willing to tell you the link, then all is collected by Baidu station will ignore those who are not included in Baidu station. These are not to remind the owners took the first step when the bitterness of history… read more

What does the Baidu pomegranate algorithm update tell us

According to the official Baidu

, Baidu web search anti cheat team answers: "Baidu" for the first time the pomegranate algorithm contains a large number of low quality pop ads and a large number of confusing page main content spam page update algorithm. We should also see that many once hung a large number of low quality pop or advertising site after the update, the weight, flow and the place there is a big contrast, expected in contrary to expectation.


is said to be expected? We think, if you open a website or web page, must want to browse useful knowledge or information, did not read a few lines, pick out several bomb box, consulting or advertising or seriously affect people reading, a lot of people this is very antipathy. This involves the user experience problems. Do you think this user experience is good?. According to Baidu official put forward, this update is mainly for such pages or web site blow, can imagine there will be such a result. read more

Search engines. How do you define high quality pages

we say that a person is very beautiful. May the evaluation is this person’s appearance looks very good;

we say that he is a good man, and that he may be able to help others with his daily selfless devotion;

these are visible to our naked eyes, intuitive. Well, how does a search engine define a page for good or bad?

so far, we all know that the search engine is through the spider crawling the page content, after all, the spider is just a program, it is not like people appreciate the author’s wit, to experience the author write this article mood. More unclear whether the above picture is beautiful or ugly eight strange. So, how do you differentiate the search engines from the rich and colorful articles, read more

Website construction, to learn these enterprises

every industry has leaders and role models. For the website construction industry, the companies that do well also have, but the achievements are far from the size of some enterprises in other industries. How to get a breakthrough in a leading enterprise and how a small company can achieve rapid growth, there are some things worth discussing in these enterprises.

Apple Mobile

in Motorola, NOKIA, apple, Samsung and HTC mobile phone brand before, but apple is a born child, on the qualifications on the strength of brand awareness and market share than the mobile phone industry predecessors, but why Apple can than anyone of them to be successful, has taken on the industry first the throne of read more

n depth analysis of small game sites why so popular

webmaster Hello, this can be said that the rapid development of small game website of the year, with the continuous development of the Internet and the popularity of the game website is a hot topic in many games, refers to all the smaller, play a relatively simple game, because the game has too many features, not involved copyright, traffic, advertising benefits etc..

therefore should be the webmaster of the site of the preferred content, in addition to play small game can also exercise mind. But how to do? What should I do? Really puzzling many plans to station, here, the author summarizes the establishment of idea of small game site, if you want to do a small game site to a friend, take a serious look at, hope you can be inspired. read more

Chinese style and monopoly advantage of e-commerce

in the domestic and global stock markets are very careful today, Ali is reported with excellent results to find everything fresh and new feeling. I see from the report, compared with the global resources, network, China manufacturing network and other competitors, regardless of the number of registered members, paid membership, or the enterprise operation index growth and the expected goal of a breakthrough on the Ali occupy absolute advantage. How does this advantage come into being,


non administrative, non resource based, monopolistic nature created by a competitive market has an inherent advantage. This is not only from Microsoft’s position in the software industry, Motorola’s position in the wireless communications industry, and Intel’s position in the chip industry, have been fully verified. And the property of school representatives, American economist Harold Demsetz also said that the specialized division of labor not only like "Smith theorem" that improve the productivity, but also prevent a sharp rise in the marginal cost; and because the information may not be cost free, so free competition will inevitably lead to the tilt of the industrial structure, but also means that forgery and imitation activities blocked; it is beneficial to form the expansion of business scale and market monopoly. read more

was one of the victims of the failure to file

one, not for record reasons:

my website is an enterprise website, mainly because of space and website development is carried out in 2 network companies, so the development of the company’s website work is not active, they say in personal name for the record is not good for the record. Fuck, I later also enterprise website in personal name for the record, passed, they are nonsense. And enterprise website is put on record, I am troublesome. Plus, I think the filing is not mandatory, so take it lightly. The result is blocked, read more

Analysis now individual stationmaster, what kind of website can you still have

since 2009, great changes have taken place in the network environment, rely on garbage site brush flow, on the human body art website advertising, making the flow by walking a fine line, now the site has very little chance of survival. Record to know real name authentication, CN domain name, individual may not register, and so on, normative behavior gradually perfect, plus Baidu and other search engine algorithms continue to improve, the site by flow to make money has been quite difficult. However, the individual station continues the previous site type, or there are new owners to join in doing, and can be divided into the following types: read more

From the primary station to share a monthly income of 8000 grassroots course

do not know from what the boy today to a monthly income of 8000, the way you feel really tired, but the value of the.

08 years, I’m still learning, research, computer assembly, maintenance, learning Dos, learning LAN maintenance. At that time did not want to go to the site, an accidental opportunity, a friend told me, do a web site, when people sleep, the site can make money, childish, I am excited, and then feel to make money.

was not yet in his notebook computer, Internet cafes in the online search method of website construction, now that I think was too naive, but then I decided to learn pad comprehensive knowledge now, the Institute of Html, Css, Asp, IIS know, also understand Jsp, also learned to open a virtual host the domain name registration, etc.. I remember clearly that all or a mailbox free to send a CN domain name, other service providers is a 1 yuan, I will use multiple mailboxes registered several domain names. Now think about the domain name price inflation, a little feeling. read more

4399 counter attack Road by piracy and crack small game development platform, wash white

now A stock market sentiment once again overwhelmed, even in one fell swoop social problem — "square dance". The bull of the listed company is full of joy, many of the original "xenophilia" industry companies are also eyeing the fiery A market. LETV sports, grand game in all the way through waiting, even half-dead handle network also eager. In this waiting list, there’s another name recently – the famous gaming site 4399, which is about to land on the gem. read more

Four secrets of success for creating profitable websites

, a profitable website, can not be separated from the promotion of the website. With the rapid development of Internet China, many are aware of the enterprise also began to understand network marketing magic, have also started doing promotion for the enterprise website, according to the latest statistics Chinese Internet Information Center, China enterprise website in just a few years time to participate in a number of 185W is increasing rapidly, the promotion of the website accounted for 36.5%. With the rapid development of the Internet, this ratio will have a big promotion, more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to the promotion of the website. But behind the rapid development of Internet, network marketing companies can not hide the difficult start, slow development, poor effect of the plight of the domestic real profitable website do not exceed 10% of the total, mainly for this reason in addition to the domestic Internet environment is not mature, most of the reason is because enterprises in the operation of network marketing, the lack of knowledge and understanding of the Internet and network marketing depth, when the operation is too blind. We found in a number of for-profit web site, generally for-profit website has the following four characteristics. read more

3 elements of website user experience don’t let me wait! Don’t make me think! Don’t bother me!

user experience three elements: don’t let me wait! Don’t make me think! Don’t bother me!


, don’t make me wait for

has done a lot of research showing that the most satisfying time for users to open a web page is 2-5 seconds. If you wait for more than 10 seconds, 99% of the users will close the page. May say so, you also do not have too many feelings, then, I list a set of data: Google site slow access speed every 400ms will cause the user search requests fell 0.59%; Amazon per 100ms site delay will lead to revenue decline 1%; YAHOO if 400ms delay will lead to the decline of 5-9% flow. read more

Analysis of the development trend and operation strategy of navigation station in recent years

The function of

navigation station is self-evident, it is to guide the user to enter the traffic entrance of his intention website, navigation station also is the early form of Internet actually. When the Internet website founder YAHOO just formed, but also to the site classification navigation form, also is one kind of navigation station, only then gradually developed into search and portal and other products; we can even say that the Internet is starting from the navigation station.

The emergence of the read more

9158 before the confusion can not expect regulators never spared

Since YY’s

debut, the live video interactive community 9158 has attracted industry attention. This is Hangzhou, in addition to Alibaba, the second largest Internet Co, annual revenue of 1 billion yuan, set up eight years since very low-key, rarely attracted attention. So large scale, regardless of whether it is profitable, have basically qualified to go to the United States listed.

9158 profit model looks simple, actually quite clever, they provide a "meet the psychological demand of the platform. On this platform, lonely, depressed, frustrated, scenery who gathered shows diverse characteristics of human nature, and 9158 for specific populations of fine mining, starting from the psychological, the most difficult to obtain commercial appeal. Here, the harmonious coexistence of the organizers, performers, upstarts, brokers, onlookers and other stakeholders in close collaboration, someone holding people holding money, money market, formed a relatively unique network of rivers and lakes ecological system. All this, without the stage of peaceful development in the past few years, is very difficult to achieve. read more

How to design the homepage of e-commerce website What product elements are necessary

home page is a site facade, but also a collection of important content, rendering. Product managers, operations managers, UE designers, and UI designers often work together, and often spend most of their effort on the front page. Of course, e-commerce site is no exception, the following analysis of e-commerce website’s home page:

The role of

home page:

if the home page and the e-commerce website is not the "most important", do you believe? Business veterans general effort is the largest product detail page, because the detail page can bring direct purchase of transformation, is the soul of business website. In e-commerce sites, the product detail page is the real LandingPage. read more

nteraction with the user can effectively improve the executive power of the station

The term "

webmaster" not only tells you the dream, but also tells you the hardships of the road to entrepreneurship. Perhaps the confusion of thinking, perhaps the profit bottleneck, and perhaps self consolation, all of which will seriously affect our execution. Since you choose the front, you should strive to move forward, never because of confusion and profit difficulties, and let yourself into the situation of self escape. Firmly improve the executive power, enjoy the joy of entrepreneurship, and constantly realize profitability, is what we really want to do. In this paper, a row of key from the user interaction point of view analysis, how to improve the executive power of the station. read more

Grassroots webmaster, please calm down

this is the first time I stated: writing, no technical level, you will forgive me, also state that the absolute non text, please the grassroots webmaster supervision, quack……..

as we all know, in recent days, CCTV began to report negative news of Baidu, coupled with three L public relations events, so that Baidu is currently in the

people spit on the point, but also long ago established anti Baidu alliance, and joined the webmaster more than 10000, this number is amazing, is also very read more

Do a few days B2C clothing website feel

want to break a business on the Internet, but like many novice webmaster are facing the same problem, what kind of website can make money, in order to draw the conclusion, I am every day to Admin5, such as webmaster nets see article, I have seen almost every article published last. Admin5 determined to do a clothing B2C website, a PowerEasy procedures hard got 3 also get success. Finally the website took 350+64 ocean bought the domain name and space, Ruili Women’s clothing nets finally on the line, not my music was almost fainted, but this is the first fruits of their ah. The confidence of decision in accordance with the original idea to buy connection, buy traffic, jjpm do a series of promotion, that can be carried out smoothly to the site to do it, but it is not so easy as you think. Buy and buy traffic connection, Do spend thousands of even a large orders are not completely let me down. I want to do this kind of website friends a little advice: be careful walking, do read more