Scammers “selling” NICIL properties to unsuspecting individuals

first_img…company warns public not to be fooledSeveral reports have surfaced over the last few days of scammers, claiming to be brokers of the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL), who are allegedly “selling” properties/assets.NICIL’s CEO (ag),Colvin Heath-LondonThis is according to acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Colvin Heath-London, who on Friday stated that a number of persons with criminal intent have been approaching unsuspecting persons claiming to be in authority and thus authorised to sell a number of properties belonging to NICIL.However, he added that this is far from the truth, and in light of this, is appealing to the public to beware of such scammers posing as officials of NICIL.“We seems to be in a season where there are desperate people doing desperate things and I would like to warn and appeal to everyone to be not fall for the lies being peddled by an evidently organised criminal network.”Guyana Times was told that it was revealed that those responsible have been posing as ‘owners’ and/or ‘brokers’ of several prime properties which all belong to the Government of Guyana with the view of deceiving unsuspecting buyers into believing that they are in a position to sell these properties.“I would like to warn persons in and out of Guyana to be on the lookout for persons posing as owners and or ‘brokers’ claiming to be in a position to sell these assets,” Heath-London stated.NICIL has declared that no property and/or assets belonging to it can be sold without the authorisation of its CEO or its Board of Directors.“We are urgently appealing to unsuspecting buyers to be on the lookout for persons who are seeking to scam them of their hard earn monies,” Heath-London said.As such, he is warning the general public to be on the lookout for persons who are “seeking to gain wealth through dishonest and criminal-minded approaches,” reiterating that only him, as the CEO, or NICIL’s Board has been invested with that authority.“As the CEO, I would like persons to be alerted so as to thwart any such unprofessional, illegal acts that may drag in unsuspecting persons with the promise that they are buying properties,” he added.NICIL is 100 per cent owned by the Government of Guyana.The primary objectives of the company are that of subscribing for, taking or otherwise acquiring, holding and managing the Government’s shares, stocks, debentures or other securities of any company, co-operative societies or other corporate body.This means that all Government shareholdings in public corporations and companies including those falling under the Public Corporations Secretariat, and the Co-operative Finance Administration Institutions were to be transferred to NICIL. The objective was to have a unified and systematic management of Government’s shareholdings.last_img read more