Games will be trouble-free: security chief

first_img“I know we are just three days into the 2015 Games but the genuine support, commitment and cooperation of our people have been incredible,” acting Deputy Commissioner Andrews said.He thanked all members of the organizing committee for their support and cooperation and the government for its support in funding.”I want to thank commander of the security operations for the 2015 Games Chief Superintendent David Manning and committee members for their support and tireless efforts,” he sfaid.. Mr Andrews said planning began in early 2013.”Despite many challenges, we have managed to peacefully welcome the opening of the games and are now going into the first three days of the games.“It’s our responsibility as police officers to provide security for the games so that participants and supporters from other sister countries can fully enjoy the true spirit of the 2015 Pacific Games without encountering any problems.“I also want to extend my appreciation to the venue commanders and members of the Royal PNG Constabulary the PNG Defence Force, Correctional Service and other state agencies for their dedication and commitment to come together to achieve this early positive result.“I am confident of positive outcomes in as far as security and safety for our visitors is concerned,” Andrews, who is chairman of the Games police security operations, said.last_img read more

Kinect Hack Allows Minecraft Fan to Build Giant Animated Cats

first_imgThere are a lot of people doing really exciting things with Microsoft Kinect – there was a video a few weeks back where some enterprising researchers used Kinect to give you full-body control of your character in World of Warcraft. Nathan Viniconis, however, decided to see if he could use Kinect to play his favorite game: Minecraft. It’s not immediately a game you would think could take to motion control: after all, Minecraft is all about mining for blocks and diamonds, punching trees to get wood, and building massive structures to keep yourself safe from the zombies that come out when the sun goes down. Viniconis took the idea a step further though, and used Kinect to control objects in the game, and to make massive animated statues like the ones in the video above. Viniconis says on the project’s Web site that he’s still working on it, but he’s not talking about what the next phase of development entails. He’s managed to import data from Kinect and make that data useful to Minecraft, he’s managed to animate the data Kinect sends in the game, and he’s managed to mercilessly tease his cat with a laser pointer. Where could he possibly go from here?last_img read more