What sets these retreats apart is their immense ro

first_img What sets these retreats apart is their immense rooftop overlooking a private infinity pool below. Residents of the LUX* Overwater Retreat (997 square metres, including 389 square metres of indoor open space living) can even dock their private yacht at their villa, while guests staying in the expansive LUX* Beach Retreat can enjoy their own stretch of beach.The villas open onto an expanse of terrace bordering a large infinity pool and gazebo, ideal for a dinner outdoors. The jewel in the crown is the rooftop, which provides ample space for yoga, barbecues, movie-screenings, intimate candlelit dinners, cocktails at sunset and spectacular views of the Indian Ocean. Go back to the e-newsletter Want to be in the luxury travel know? Subscribe to our free eNewsletter here to keep up to date with everything in the luxury travel industry. The triple storey, penthouse-style LUX* Beach Retreat and the LUX* Overwater Retreat villas at LUX* North Male are inspired in design by James Bond. They present nearly 1,000 square metres of play area and offer an experience of luxury that is unparalleled in the Maldives.This unique configuration of the LUX* Retreats, which can accommodate up to 8 guests, appeals to families and friends travelling together. The extremely private villas with their 24-hour butler service, in-villa spa treatments, unlimited laundry service, fitness area and sauna present the ideal spot for a celebration or a gathering.center_img “We are delighted to unveil the LUX* Retreats. It’s a room category of its own. We are happy to be able to offer a new take on luxury from the carefully designed spaces and architecture to the overall service and surprises offered to guests by our lovely team members, each and every  one going out of their way to ensure the unique LUX* experience. The LUX* Retreats are truly incomparable to anything you’ve previously seen in the Maldives and they mark yet another milestone on our mission to disrupt the Maldivian mould,” says John Rogers, General Manager of LUX* North Male’ Atoll.The 3-bedroom LUX* Beach Retreat is priced from US$11,347 per night B&B and the LUX* Overwater Retreat is priced from US$10,496 per night B&B, subject to availability.Contact stay@luxnorthmale.com for further information, offers and bookings or visit www.luxnorthmaleatoll.com Go back to the e-newsletterlast_img read more

Lets All Take A Deep Breath Gaps In FCPA Enforcement Are Common

first_imgThere has not been a corporate FCPA enforcement action since January 19th. In other words, there has not been a corporate FCPA enforcement action brought by the Trump administration.In the minds of some this is likely “evidence” of [insert whatever grip you have about the Trump administration and assume causation].However, facts are important and this post highlights the fact that gaps in FCPA enforcement are common and that numerous gaps in FCPA enforcement occurred during the Obama administration.As highlighted in this article, 2016 was a record-breaking year for FCPA enforcement both in terms of the number of core corporate enforcement actions and the settlement amounts in those enforcement actions. However, not every year can be record-breaking  (just ask the Golden State Warriors who finished the regular season 67-15, but well off the record-breaking record last year of 73-9).I’ve been telling anyone who will listen since January that 2017 FCPA enforcement was very unlikely to top 2016 FCPA enforcement for the simple reason that records can’t be set every year.  With the current four month gap in corporate FCPA enforcement, this conclusion seems almost certain.However, the current four month gap in corporate FCPA enforcement is not unusual, in fact it is very common.Let’s not forget that in 2015 there were only two corporate DOJ FCPA enforcement actions. One occurred in mid-June and the other occurred mid-July. In other words, in 2015 there were two approximate six month gaps in corporate FCPA enforcement.In 2014, there was a seven month gap in DOJ corporate FCPA enforcement and two three month gaps in SEC corporate FCPA enforcement.In 2013, there were five month gaps in both DOJ and SEC corporate FCPA enforcement.In 2012, there were two three month gaps in SEC corporate FCPA enforcement and a three month gap in DOJ corporate FCPA enforcement.In 2011, there were three month gaps in both DOJ and SEC corporate FCPA enforcement.In 2010, there was a three month gap in DOJ corporate FCPA enforcement.Keep in in mind that all of the above gaps occurred during the “mature” Obama administration.The Trump administration has, all things considered, just begun. Its SEC chair was confirmed on May 2nd and its Attorney General was confirmed on February 8th.In short, let’s all take a deep breath when it comes to the current gap in corporate FCPA enforcement. Save Money With FCPA Connect Keep it simple. Not all FCPA issues warrant a team of lawyers or other professional advisers. Achieve client and business objectives in a more efficient manner through FCPA Connect. Candid, Comprehensive, and Cost-Effective. Connectlast_img read more