Thoughts on Paul Greenberg’s CRM 2011 Watchlist

first_imgIT + Project Management: A Love Affair Related Posts klint finley 3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Now Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo…center_img Tags:#Analysis#enterprise CRM and social CRM expert Paul Greenberg finished posting his CRM 2011 Watchlist series this week. It’s six parts totaling more than 35,000 words. It’s a much more detailed and comprehensive view of the CRM space than you would expect from a Magic Quadrant or Wave report, and it’s completely free. Greenberg covers both vendors and consulting companies. It’s less formal than the Magic Quadrant and Greenberg does a lot of shooting from the hip.Greenberg used the following subjective criteria to rank the companies: financial performance; management; state of technology products; partnerships/alliances; mission/vision; market presence/impact; thought leadership and corporate culture. Greenberg didn’t rank the winners in any particular order, but he did reveal which vendor scored the highest. The answer probably won’t surprise you.Those wanting an explanation on just what the heck “social CRM” is and why it matters, Greenberg’s article “Social CRM? Really? REALLY?” is required reading. And I want to echo Greenberg’s sentiment from the Enterprise 2.0 Santa Clara conference: as a customer “I want to be engaged not managed.”The six parts are:Part I – The Big 4 (SAP, Oracle,, Microsoft)Part II: The Usual Suspects (NetSuite, RightNow, Sage, SAS, CDC Software/Pivotal, SugarCRM)Part III: Representing the Pillars (Marketo, Eloqua, Infusionsoft, Jitterjam, Sword-Ciboodle, GetSatisfaction, Moxie, Genesys, Pegasystems, InsideView)Part IV: the Social Mainstream (Lithium, Jive, Radian6, Attensity, KickApps, Nimble, INgage Networks)Part V: Different Strokes (IBM, Cisco, Infor, Relayware, Gist, Clarabridge, Really Simple Systems, Vovici, Zuora)Part VI – SIs/Consulting, Just Missed (Cognizant, InfoSys, Capegemini, Accenture)The series is massive, but here are the highlights, along with some was the highest scoring company on Greenberg’s list. Like I said, this shouldn’t be a surprise. Greenberg only mentions one serious criticism: the company doesn’t spend enough time at events other than its own. I’ve written plenty about in the last few months, and will surely write more so I’ll just leave it at that.SugarCRMSugarCRM’s score didn’t meet Greenberg’s threshold for inclusion, but he included it anyway. Because, as he says, because they belong there. He writes that the company’s 6.1 is a quality platform, and notes its iPhone app and integration with Outlook and Qontext. He also praises the company’s Sugar Exchange platform and partnerships. So why didn’t they meet his threshold?All in all, I can’t pin down a clear vision for them or really focused direction, though I’m sure they have one. More importantly, I don’t see them having the market impact that they should have, given what they offer. I’m not alone in that. Conversations with other analysts/thought leaders/influencers/journalists and customers confirm that. For a company this far along, they are not having the impact they should.I have trouble pinning down Sugar’s vision as well, and that’s part of what makes it hard for me to get excited about it. I chose them as the honorable mention for CRM in our Top 10 Enterprise Products of 2010 on the strength of its offering. But it’s hard to get excited about a company that’s value proposition seems to be “We’re like, but cheaper.” Unless you’re a budget consciousness company, of course. Then you should probably be very excited about Sugar.MoxieGreenberg writes:Moxie, formerly nGenera, had been having a hard time staying focused as they entered 2010. While they had a very good and evolving customer service product that was based on knowledge management, crowdsourcing, self service and customer service communities, that threw in a decent amount of internal collaboration features as part of the mix – an entire product devoted to it infact. Their idea? To foster employee engagement and customer engagement. Good thinking.I’ve expressed skepticism of Moxie before, but I’ve been more interested since I saw the interview with CEO Tom Kelley at Net:Work. The trouble with Moxie is that i seems late in the game (though it has been around as nGenera for a bit longer). Also, its big differentiator is usability. That’s good. I think that’s the most important aspect and it will be what really drives differentiation in the future. But it’s hard to prove.The best way to prove that you have a usable product is also the reason that usability is so important: adoption. But when you’ve got a relatively new product, it’s hard to prove anything. But the company has done some really serious research on usability and I hope it pays off.Also, this week Moxie hired Megan Murray – a very well respected person in the enterprise 2.0 community – as a collaboration strategist. KickAppsGreenberg writes:Kickapps. Hmmm. I’m putting a company on this list that I never met anyone from. They’ve made no attempt to ever contact me. (Sniff. I’m hurt. I’m just so hurt. )They don’t show up much in the “official mind share channels” (a group I just made up). Yet…here they are.Why? Because, when it gets down to it, this company is SOLID.My thoughts exactly. It’s a solid company. It’s actually been very good at reaching out to us (I’m surprised Greenberg hasn’t heard from them). But the company seems to be missing from the larger social media debate. I don’t know why that is, but it’s a big part of why SugarCRM beat them out to be the honorable mention on Top 10 Enterprise Products of 2010 list in the social CRM category.CiscoI’m a lot less impressed with Cisco’s social CRM offerings – SocialMiner and Finesse – than Greenberg is. I saw a demo of the two products last week and was underwhelmed. That said it’s positioned to do a better job with contact center integration than most companies are. Greenberg touts Cisco’s social CRM management team, and I admit to not knowing much about them. Greenberg’s analysis is worth reading.Closing ThoughtsOf course there’s plenty more material. Greenberg’s take on IBM, Oracle and SAP is insightful as well. This is some serious reading, but it’s well worth it.There are only two companies that I’m surprised not to see on the list: Zendesk and Zoho. I believe those are two companies well worth watching in 2011.Photo by kioan Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of…last_img read more

How to Sell Green Homes

first_imgA video tour shows just what buyers need to see to appreciate sustainability It’s easy to showcase attractive trim packages, high-quality kitchen cabinets, and granite countertops, but how do you show off green features, such as tight envelope, good air quality, and water efficiency? These are the hidden things you don’t see in a finished home, and they’re often hard for a customer to buy in to. This video shows a special room that Pulte Homes Las Vegas adds to each of its sales offices to give potential buyers a closer look into these hidden features. This _Quality Construction Center_, has transparent wall and ceiling panels that give a behind-the-scenes look at blown-in cellulose insulation and sealed ductwork; thermometers compare temperature differences between the conditioned space and the relatively cool attic to demonstrate how well the insulation actually performs; and a hands-on display lets buyers feel how well the low-e glass holds back the summer heat. Pulte Las Vegas has incorporated the Environments for Living program to position itself as a leader in energy-efficient, environmentally friendly home building. And they put their money where their mouth is they have an energy-bill guarantee on all their new EFL homes.More InformationMore about Pulte Homes Las Vegas: Efficiency in the Desertlast_img read more

75-year-old patient knifes Pune doctor

first_imgA 75-year-old patient knifed a doctor at Sinhagad Speciality Hospital Monday evening following suspicions that his medical bill had been inflated. A case has been lodged against the patient at Abhiruchi police station.Maruti Shirwale, who was admitted last week following a severe bout of asthma, attacked Dr. Santosh Awari when he came to check on him during his evening rounds. The doctor sustained injuries in his abdomen. Shirwale was reportedly recovering from alcoholism and exhibiting withdrawal symptoms.Hospital authorities said that the patient’s relatives allegedly told him that the doctor had inflated his bill. Dr. Awari said the bill had not been prepared as the patient required further hospitalisation.Dr. Awari said, “This is a startling and rather bizarre incident. No mention of any bill has been made to his kin. Following the assault, I have told them that the patient can be shifted to Navle Hospital if they have any apprehensions about the expenditure.”Footage of the incident retrieved from CCTV cameras went viral. It shows the doctor attending to another patient before approaching Shirwale’s bed. Shirwale is seen grabbing a knife hidden under his pillow and attacking Dr. Awari. The patient starts uttering expletives at teh hospital staff attempting to restrain him after the doctor escapes.Dr. Sangeeta Waghmode, secretary, Sinhagad Road Doctors’ Association, said: “It appears that the patient was lying in wait for the doctor. The incident is alarming and shows that the medical fraternity is vulnerable to caprice of patients.”last_img read more

Stones, bricks pelted at Nitish’s convoy in Buxar

first_imgBihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s cavalcade was pelted with bricks and stones on Friday when he was on his way to Nandan village in Buxar district as part of his ‘Vikas Samiksha Yatra’. Mr. Kumar was not harmed but some security personnel sustained injuries.Kicking off the fourth leg of his month-long tour of the State’s 38 districts, Mr. Kumar reached Buxar and was on his way to Nandan. When his convoy did not stop at a Dalit hamlet, some villagers pelted bricks and stones at it. The windows of some vehicles were damaged and two security personnel sustained injuries. The villagers also raised anti-government slogans. Policemen chased the protesters and resorted to a lathi charge, injuring some of them.“We wanted the CM to see that none of his development work under the Saat Nischay (seven resolutions) programme had reached that part of the village — all development work has been done just to one side of the village, but policemen started chasing us away,” a villager told mediapersons. Later, Mr. Kumar said at a public meeting, “People should not get perturbed over such minor happenings. Some people get disturbed over my commitment to progress of the State. My purpose is not to run the government from the State capital but to assess ground realities and the progress of development schemes.” Earlier in the yatra, when some protesters waved black flags at Sulindabad village in Saharsa, Mr. Kumar had said wryly, “What is wrong with black colour? It is a fine shade. Dissent lends beauty to democracy.”last_img read more

ICC bars electronic media from covering remaining World Cup matches

first_imgThe International Cricket Council on Monday barred electronic media from covering the remaining matches of the cricket  World Cup, including the high voltage India-Pakistan semi final in Mohali on Wednesday, for breaching the media guidelines.An ICC spokesman said that non-rights holders will no longer be allowed to cover the practice session or the press conferences related to World Cup for not adhering to the code of conduct and the media guidelines, which they had signed for accreditation.The spokesman said, this will be applicable to both the semifinals in Colombo and Mohali and the final in Mumbai.ESPN-StarSports has the broadcast rights for the World Cup.The non-rights holder (NRH) were given time till tonight to give an undertaking that they will abide by the terms and conditions for media accrediatation, failing which they would be disallowed to cover the event.An ICC source said there has been number of broadcast violations during the entire tournament and they have repeatedly brought it to the notice of the offenders but despite the warning they continued to breach the guidelines, promoting the game’s governing body to take stern action.The first semifinal of the WC between Sri Lanka and New Zealand will be held in Colombo tomorrow while the high-octane second semifinal between traditional rivals India and Pakistan is scheduled to be here on Wednesday.The final will be held in Mumbai on April 2.- With PTI inputslast_img read more

Woman sues after rental home was used to shoot pornography

first_imgAQUINNAH, Mass. – A Massachusetts woman has filed a federal lawsuit accusing her tenant of using her Martha’s Vineyard home to shoot pornographic videos without telling her.The lawsuit filed this week says Leah Bassett had no idea when she rented out her home in 2014 that it would be used to shoot adult films.Bassett says the filmmakers used “nearly every room of her home for their porn production purposes,” including her bedrooms, sofas, dining room table and laundry room appliances.Bassett says the “highly disturbing discovery” has caused her emotional and psychological distress.The lawsuit was filed against the adult film company, Quebec, Canada-based Mile High Distribution Inc., and several individuals. Stephen Roach, an attorney for Mile High, says the matter arose out of a basic landlord-tenant dispute and the allegations in the complaint are “unfounded.”last_img read more