SAA launches mobile portal

first_imgSAA plans to increase the functionality of the mobile portal with the launch of a secon, more interactive phase later this year. Customers will be able to request their frequent flyer mileage status, get notifications of irregular flight operations such as flight delays, and check flight itineraries. “This convenient tool means no more clicking away to find the rest of the page not in your view because of the limited size of your cellphone screen,” said Re. Increasing functionality The portal is currently available in English, German, Spanish, French, and Portuguese, and is accessible by logging on to or The new initiative is in partnership with Star Alliance, the international airline network to which SAA belongs. Star Alliance developed the Common IT Mobile Platform which SAA used to launch its own portal for customers. The portal is a universal feed able to access information on any airline and destination in the world. Airline customers can also access World Tracer information, which tracks requests made about baggage, through the mobile portal. “This tool allows you track where your baggage request is with an airline and how close it is in the process to being resolved,” said Re. “Forget about making unnecessary phone calls or logging on to countless websites to get the information you need while you are on the go. Anywhere, anytime, information about your travels is at your fingertips.” SAinfo reporterWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo materialcenter_img Single information source The mobile portal allows travellers to access airline flight schedules, directions to airline lounges at airports around the world, flight arrival and departure information, destination information such as weather forecasts for any city in the world, and a currency converter. “It’s a single source of information for the traveller,” SAA chief information officer Mike Re said in a statement earlier this month. In phase three, also scheduled to be introduced towards the end of the year, customers will be able to check-in for a flight and board a flight by scanning their cellphone at a boarding gate using 2D barcode technology to be implemented at airports. 31 August 2009 The first phase of the initiative is not controlled by usernames and passwords – once you enter the address, the information needed is readily available with a few clicks and entries. And once you enter the site, the application automatically scales to the size of your handset. South African Airways (SAA) has become the first airline in Africa to launch a mobile portal that allows travellers to access comprehensive travel and airline information from one point of reference, anywhere, anytime, using their mobile phones.last_img read more

Thoughts on Paul Greenberg’s CRM 2011 Watchlist

first_imgIT + Project Management: A Love Affair Related Posts klint finley 3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Now Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo…center_img Tags:#Analysis#enterprise CRM and social CRM expert Paul Greenberg finished posting his CRM 2011 Watchlist series this week. It’s six parts totaling more than 35,000 words. It’s a much more detailed and comprehensive view of the CRM space than you would expect from a Magic Quadrant or Wave report, and it’s completely free. Greenberg covers both vendors and consulting companies. It’s less formal than the Magic Quadrant and Greenberg does a lot of shooting from the hip.Greenberg used the following subjective criteria to rank the companies: financial performance; management; state of technology products; partnerships/alliances; mission/vision; market presence/impact; thought leadership and corporate culture. Greenberg didn’t rank the winners in any particular order, but he did reveal which vendor scored the highest. The answer probably won’t surprise you.Those wanting an explanation on just what the heck “social CRM” is and why it matters, Greenberg’s article “Social CRM? Really? REALLY?” is required reading. And I want to echo Greenberg’s sentiment from the Enterprise 2.0 Santa Clara conference: as a customer “I want to be engaged not managed.”The six parts are:Part I – The Big 4 (SAP, Oracle,, Microsoft)Part II: The Usual Suspects (NetSuite, RightNow, Sage, SAS, CDC Software/Pivotal, SugarCRM)Part III: Representing the Pillars (Marketo, Eloqua, Infusionsoft, Jitterjam, Sword-Ciboodle, GetSatisfaction, Moxie, Genesys, Pegasystems, InsideView)Part IV: the Social Mainstream (Lithium, Jive, Radian6, Attensity, KickApps, Nimble, INgage Networks)Part V: Different Strokes (IBM, Cisco, Infor, Relayware, Gist, Clarabridge, Really Simple Systems, Vovici, Zuora)Part VI – SIs/Consulting, Just Missed (Cognizant, InfoSys, Capegemini, Accenture)The series is massive, but here are the highlights, along with some was the highest scoring company on Greenberg’s list. Like I said, this shouldn’t be a surprise. Greenberg only mentions one serious criticism: the company doesn’t spend enough time at events other than its own. I’ve written plenty about in the last few months, and will surely write more so I’ll just leave it at that.SugarCRMSugarCRM’s score didn’t meet Greenberg’s threshold for inclusion, but he included it anyway. Because, as he says, because they belong there. He writes that the company’s 6.1 is a quality platform, and notes its iPhone app and integration with Outlook and Qontext. He also praises the company’s Sugar Exchange platform and partnerships. So why didn’t they meet his threshold?All in all, I can’t pin down a clear vision for them or really focused direction, though I’m sure they have one. More importantly, I don’t see them having the market impact that they should have, given what they offer. I’m not alone in that. Conversations with other analysts/thought leaders/influencers/journalists and customers confirm that. For a company this far along, they are not having the impact they should.I have trouble pinning down Sugar’s vision as well, and that’s part of what makes it hard for me to get excited about it. I chose them as the honorable mention for CRM in our Top 10 Enterprise Products of 2010 on the strength of its offering. But it’s hard to get excited about a company that’s value proposition seems to be “We’re like, but cheaper.” Unless you’re a budget consciousness company, of course. Then you should probably be very excited about Sugar.MoxieGreenberg writes:Moxie, formerly nGenera, had been having a hard time staying focused as they entered 2010. While they had a very good and evolving customer service product that was based on knowledge management, crowdsourcing, self service and customer service communities, that threw in a decent amount of internal collaboration features as part of the mix – an entire product devoted to it infact. Their idea? To foster employee engagement and customer engagement. Good thinking.I’ve expressed skepticism of Moxie before, but I’ve been more interested since I saw the interview with CEO Tom Kelley at Net:Work. The trouble with Moxie is that i seems late in the game (though it has been around as nGenera for a bit longer). Also, its big differentiator is usability. That’s good. I think that’s the most important aspect and it will be what really drives differentiation in the future. But it’s hard to prove.The best way to prove that you have a usable product is also the reason that usability is so important: adoption. But when you’ve got a relatively new product, it’s hard to prove anything. But the company has done some really serious research on usability and I hope it pays off.Also, this week Moxie hired Megan Murray – a very well respected person in the enterprise 2.0 community – as a collaboration strategist. KickAppsGreenberg writes:Kickapps. Hmmm. I’m putting a company on this list that I never met anyone from. They’ve made no attempt to ever contact me. (Sniff. I’m hurt. I’m just so hurt. )They don’t show up much in the “official mind share channels” (a group I just made up). Yet…here they are.Why? Because, when it gets down to it, this company is SOLID.My thoughts exactly. It’s a solid company. It’s actually been very good at reaching out to us (I’m surprised Greenberg hasn’t heard from them). But the company seems to be missing from the larger social media debate. I don’t know why that is, but it’s a big part of why SugarCRM beat them out to be the honorable mention on Top 10 Enterprise Products of 2010 list in the social CRM category.CiscoI’m a lot less impressed with Cisco’s social CRM offerings – SocialMiner and Finesse – than Greenberg is. I saw a demo of the two products last week and was underwhelmed. That said it’s positioned to do a better job with contact center integration than most companies are. Greenberg touts Cisco’s social CRM management team, and I admit to not knowing much about them. Greenberg’s analysis is worth reading.Closing ThoughtsOf course there’s plenty more material. Greenberg’s take on IBM, Oracle and SAP is insightful as well. This is some serious reading, but it’s well worth it.There are only two companies that I’m surprised not to see on the list: Zendesk and Zoho. I believe those are two companies well worth watching in 2011.Photo by kioan Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of…last_img read more


first_imgAfter packing jumpers, jackets, beanies and woolen underwear, the Aussie sides were greeted with sunshine all around on day 2 of the All Nations Championships. The action was certainly aplenty on day two as the `Touch Blacks’ (New Zealand’s Mens, Womens and Mixed Open sides) met the Australian Open sides for the first time. Despite Australia grabbing both the Mens and Womens matches, you could have said both nations broke even. While New Zealand were too good for our Mixed side 6-4, the defense of the Kiwi Womens side was unable to cope with the ability of the Aussie Women to score…when you have players the caliber of Sharyn Williams, Louise Winchester and the Judd sisters (amongst many), there certainly aren’t many sides that could cope, with the Aussie girls taking the match 7-2. The New Zealand Mens grabbed an early 3-1 before the Aussie Men worked themselves back into the match to tie it up at 6-6. A score right on the siren gave the Australian Men a 7-6 round match win, but by no means was it easy. Their opposition were no doubt regretting letting the Aussies back into the match but will still feel as though they have the measure of the Australian side…it certainly promises interest come finals time! In the senior divisions the Mens 30’s gave their best performance yet to defeat New Zealand 7-4 and had the bye in the afternoon to rest up for the final two days. The Womens 30’s defeated the Australian Womens 35’s 3-0 and the Cook Islands 35’s 5-0. Their only opposition, New Zealand 30’s, are looking strong however, and their match today will certainly be interesting. The Mixed 30’s had an easy 12-1 win over Samoa and a hard fought 6-4 win over New Zealand Maori, who are proving strong across most divisions and may challenge the Australian and New Zealand sides come finals. The Mens 35’s had an easier day today, 9-0 over Samoa and 10-0 over Niue, while the Womens 35’s started with their 3-0 loss to the Aussie 30’s before thumping New Zealand 35’s 8-2. In the Mens 40’s the Australian side had a long day with three matches, all wins however, 6-3 over New Zealand Academy, 15-1 over Singapore and 7-2 over Cook Islands. Finally, in the Mens 45’s Australia continued their winning run, 4-0 over New Zealand Academy and 9-1 over Niue. Day three will see more New Zealand v Australia round matches, as teams jostle for semi finals positions. Keep an eye on our website for all of the All Nations scores and results, we’re uploading them as soon as they hit our hands from across the Tasman. By Rachel Grant,

Preselection for Overseas Employment Programme Begins June 26

first_img Pre-selection for the Overseas Employment Programme, administered by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, will be held between June 26 and July 17.This programme provides opportunities for hundreds of Jamaicans on Canadian and American farms yearly.Recruitment for the programme is done based on the needs of employers.The last recruitment was done in 2015 and resulted in a pool of approximately 3,000 persons from which to select.To ensure successful placement in the programme, persons must satisfy a number of requirements. Candidates must:• Be between 21 and 45 years old• Possess a Tax Registration Number (TRN) and a National Insurance Scheme (NIS) number• Possess a valid passport• Be literate• Have not been refused a visa in the last year by the Canadian or United States of America authorities• Not have been previously deported from any country• Possess no criminal recordApplication forms are available through several avenues, including Members of Parliament, mayors and councillors, the Ministry’s parish offices, civic organisations, trade unions and agricultural schools.After the forms have been completed and submitted to the Ministry, they are processed and then interviews are scheduled islandwide.Normally, four locations are visited across the country – 110-114 East Street in Kingston; Mandeville, Manchester; Montego Bay, St. James and St. Ann.Director of Manpower Services in the Ministry, Andrea Miller Stennett, explains to JIS News that after the interview stage, candidates are put in a pool for placement.“They are then required to submit a police record before they do a medical examination. If the candidates are found to be in good health, they are placed with an employer and then we call them to do biometric tests,” she outlines.They then fulfil the visa requirements for Canada or the United States, after which travel arrangements are made.Mrs. Miller-Stennett, however, cautions candidates that even if they have met the requirements outlined by the Ministry, there is no guarantee that they will be employed.“The Ministry cannot guarantee placement on any farm overseas, even if the candidates are successful with our processes, because there is a visa process that they have to go through where the Canadian and US authorities make a determination as to whether or not they are admissible,” she says.Approximately 375 farmworkers left the island for Canada in January. Last year, 15,611 workers participated in the Overseas Employment Programme. Of this figure, 8,934, or more than 50 per cent, went to Canada. This represented an increase of 844 new workers when compared with the same period in 2015.More information on the Overseas Employment Programme can be found on the Ministry’s website: or by calling 922-9500-14. Story Highlights To ensure successful placement in the programme, persons must satisfy a number of requirements. Recruitment for the Overseas Employment Programme, administered by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, will be held between June 26 and July 17. Approximately 375 farmworkers left the island for Canada in January. Last year, 15,611 workers participated in the Overseas Employment Programme. Of this figure, 8,934, or more than 50 per cent, went to Canada. This represented an increase of 844 new workers when compared with the same plast_img read more

Home Capital Group reports net income of 306M in fourth quarter down

first_imgTORONTO – Home Capital Group Inc. reported net a income of $30.6 million in its most recent quarter, about 40 per cent less than it earned in the same quarter last year before it was hit with allegations it misled investors.The Toronto-based mortgage lender’s fourth-quarter income in the period ending Dec. 31 amounted to diluted earnings of 38 cents per share.That compares to a net income of $50.7 million and diluted earnings of 79 cents per share in the same quarter last year.Fourth-quarter revenue amounted to $109.5 million, down from $144.6 million in the similar quarter a year ago, but ahead of Thomson Reuters estimates of $86.5 million.CEO Yousry Bissada said in a statement late Wednesday that Home Capital is entering 2018 with positive momentum in its business and expects to grow from here.“We have demonstrated progress towards growing our residential and commercial business lines to more normal and sustainable levels and our employees delivered improved service,” he said.It’s been a tumultuous year for the Toronto-based mortgage lender after allegations it was misleading shareholders prompted a run on deposits by customers last April.By June, the company agreed to pay $29.5 million to settle a class-action lawsuit and a matter before the Ontario Securities Commission concerning the allegations.But last fall the company was still facing elevated expenses because of the scrutiny, as it cut 65 jobs and sold of segments of its business amid the departure of several executives.More recently, separate lawsuits by a short seller and West Face Capital Inc. were launched against Home Capital and three former executives, both alleging the lender’s public disclosure was inaccurate and misleading.Companies in this story: (TSX:HCG)Note to readers: CORRECTS lede to say net income was 40 per cent less than last year’s fourth quarter resultslast_img read more

Fort St John RCMP pull over vehicle and find a sawedoff shotgun

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Fort St. John RCMP pulled over a vehicle with a burnt out taillight and then found a sawed-off shotgun, crack cocaine, powder cocaine and methamphetamine.On June 1, 2019, at 2:45 a.m., Cpl. Charron noticed a vehicle near 100 street and 100 avenue with a burnt out brake light.  The RCMP member pulled over the vehicle and spoke with the three occupants and observed what he believed to be cocaine on the front passenger floor of the car.All three occupants were arrested for possession of a scheduled substance, and more RCMP members were called to assist with the arrest.  When officers searched the vehicle, they found a loaded sawed-off shotgun with ammunition in the area where the rear a female passenger had been sitting. Officers also located what they believed to be crack cocaine, powder cocaine and methamphetamine. The risk to frontline officers personal safety is always a reality said Cst Chad Neustaeter. Traffic stops can often turn into something more serious and the actions of our officers to get drugs and guns off our streets needs to be applauded.All three occupants were released without process, to attend court at a later datelast_img read more

Canfor announces another week of curtailments in Fort St John

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Canfor has announced another week of curtailments at it’s facility in Fort St. John.The operating curtailments will reduce production capacity by 75 million board feet between September 3 and the end of the year. Its Houston, Polar, Prince George and Fort St. John sawmills will be curtailed the week of September 3.In addition, Canfor’s Plateau and Houston mills will transition to a four-day work week in September, which will remain in effect until market and economic conditions support a return to the full operating schedule of five days per week.  The curtailments are due to the ongoing low price of lumber and the high cost of fibre, which are making the operating conditions in BC uneconomic. These curtailments are in addition to all previously announced capacity reductions.last_img read more

Algeria plane crash survivor found emergency services

first_imgALGIERS – One survivor was found on Tuesday from the crash of an Algerian military aircraft which had more than 100 people on board, an emergency services official told state radio.“We have found a survivor and the search continues,” Colonel Farid Nechad said, without giving further details.The C-130 Hercules aircraft, which crashed in the mountainous Oum El Bouaghi region in northeastern Algeria, was carrying 99 passengers — soldiers and their families — as well as four crew members, a security source told AFP. The source had said earlier that all on board had perished.The plane was travelling from the desert garrison town of Tamanrasset in the deep south to the city of Constantine, east of the capital, and lost contact with the control tower just as it was beginning its descent.Preliminary reports indicated that poor weather was to blame, with heavy snow and strong winds sweeping the region in recent days, according to national media.last_img read more

American Gymnasts Are Exceptional On The Vault

You may not remember the vault. You probably remember her face.In 2012, McKayla Maroney performed at the Olympic Games what was deemed by women’s gymnastics judges and commentators as perhaps the best-executed vault in the history of the sport. Her jaw-dropping Amanar, which includes two-and-a-half twists, came in the team portion of the competition: But in the Olympics’ event finals, when gymnasts can win individual medals on apparatuses, the then-16-year-old American landed on her behind on an easier vault. That landed her the silver medal.Maroney wasn’t impressed, but she wasn’t deterred either. She returned next season with the same tough skill and won her second world vault title.Maroney is the highest flier in a recent line of fantastic American vaulters. But before 2005, only one American woman had ever won a medal in vault at the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships: Brandy Johnson tied for silver in 1989. A decade-and-a-half later came Alicia Sacramone, who won four of the eight medals the U.S. has claimed in the event since 2005 — gold (2010), silver (2006) and bronze (2005 and 2007). And since 2009, the American women have won four world vaulting titles.There’s a good chance the medal streak will continue in 2014. Maroney is sitting out the world championships this week in Nanning, China, following knee surgery, but Simone Biles (the current U.S. and world all-around champion) and Mykayla Skinner have qualified to compete in Saturday’s vault final. Of note, Biles posted the highest qualifying score for the vault, balance beam, floor exercise and all-around.Long gone are the days of the perfect 10. In vaulting finals, gymnasts perform two vaults from two groups, and each earns two marks — one for difficulty and one for execution. The difficulty score is predetermined and higher if there are more saltos and twists. For example, the Amanar that Maroney and Biles (below) generally perform has a 6.3 difficulty value, downgraded in 2013 from a 6.5; Skinner’s Cheng is worth 6.4.The execution mark is out of 10 and considers the gymnast’s form on the vaulting table and in the air; her height and distance from the table; and how she lands (i.e. whether she “sticks” the landing). Those values sum to produce a total score for each vault. The average of the two total scores determines the gymnast’s final score.So, Americans are good at vaulting, but just how good are they at eking out the best scores for particular vaults? I used results provided by USA Gymnastics to plot the 76 vaults completed in the most prestigious vaulting event each year since 2009 (for every season except 2012, an Olympic year, that event is the world championships). As the chart below shows, U.S. gymnasts have generally received some of the best execution scores for vaults at the highest levels of difficulty. (A technical note: I plotted only the raw difficulty and execution marks prior to penalties. I omitted four vaults that received a total score of 0.00; a gymnast earns a 0.00 if, for instance, she fails to land on her feet first, or touches the springboard or table without completing the vault.)The two outliers in the bottom right corner belong to Yamilet Peña Abreu of the Dominican Republic, who lacked in execution while performing the demanding Produnova at the London Games and the 2013 world championship. (At the 2011 world championships, she landed on her back and earned a 0.00.) Last year, the vault — a front handspring onto the table followed by two front somersaults — was downgraded by 0.1, to a difficulty score of 7.0. Peña Abreu was the first gymnast to complete it in competition since its namesake, Elena Produnova, in 1999. Two others have landed it in competition in 2014. read more

Mens basketball Gene Smith voices support for Thad Matta

OSU coach Thad Matta signals to the official that a foul should have been called in a game against Purdue on Jan. 5 at the Schottenstein Center. Courtesy of Tino BovenziThe speculation on Ohio State men’s basketball coach Thad Matta’s job safety has been rampant for much of the past two seasons, only amplified with this season’s 17-14 record and 11th-place finish in the Big Ten.The Department of Athletics has offered no clarity amid the speculation, until Wednesday.Ohio State Athletics Director and Senior Vice President Gene Smith cleared the air in an official statement, voicing his confidence in Matta’s ability to return the program to national prominence.“While we are not currently where we aspire to be with our performance on the court, Thad understands better than anyone that component has to improve,” Smith said in a statement. “I am confident in his leadership to return the program to the winning ways that we have all enjoyed during his 13-year tenure.”Smith’s statement comes after Pat Forde of Yahoo! Sports reported Monday night that Matta would return to the program despite concerns about the coach’s health. Matta fielded questions on Tuesday about the report, his general well-being and the university’s lack of public support for him.Matta said that he didn’t care whether the athletic department publically supported him or not, but affirmed that his health would not affect him enough to step down from his his post.In the statement, Smith said that he and Matta had a discussion about the future of the program, and Smith mentioned Matta’s 337-122 all-time record, five Big Ten titles and nine NCAA Tournament appearances as reasons to retain Matta as head coach.Earlier this season, Matta said that his travel for recruiting is indicative of his commitment to the future of the program. The Buckeyes currently have two players signed for the 2017 recruiting class, and three verbally committed in the 2018 class.Matta’s current contract runs through the 2018-19 season. read more