Male Grooming: Top 5 Hair Products for Men

first_imgWell folks as we get closer to Christmas, the gentlemen that frequent Mavericks hit an annual high point of male grooming. We all want to look our best most days but as Christmas draws near and the staff parties are in full swing we are all trying to look our absolute best.One thing that is for sure when it comes to your hair style your best look can only be achieved with the best products and the best one for your hair!So The Mavericks decided we should list the top 5 hair products for men. After a few beers a lot of arguing and some strange tests, what we came up with is as follows… 5. Dapper Dan Matt ClayFor those messy looks with a strong hold. Dapper Dan Matt Clay offers a strong hold with a fantastic matt finish. This clay is soft and easy to apply and washes out first time, every time, guaranteed. You won’t find a better Strong hold matt product. Remember… a little goes a long way, but for more hold and grip simply add more product. 4. OSiS Mattifying Powder Dust ItOSiS Mattifying Powder Dust It has a lightweight texture to assist the natural movement of your hair, whilst adding volume and texture for a matt finish. Its versatile control effect means the more you apply the more control you get, but you’ll be amazed by the massiveimpact gained with such little product. Dust It Mattifying Powder has an OSiS Control Level of 1 for natural movement and style.3. Dear Barber Shaping CreamDear Barber shaping cream is great for a flexible hold for textured or smooth hairstyles. Very easy to use and great value as very little product is required to get the hold you want. It is fantastic for a natural no product look…2. Layrite OriginalLayrite is a revolutionary product in gent’s hair styling. If there was nothing else good about it, how easily it is washed out of your hair would be reason enough to buy it. However, it is simply one of the best and most versatile produces you could be lucky enough to get your hands on. It you are rocking a quiff, or a pomp you will get the height and volume with Layrite.If you are going for a textured look you will get the finish with Layrite, if you want a mid sheen or a matte look you can get it with Layrite. We have selected the original but the good news is there is a full range of Layrite products available. It’s a product every man should try, just to see how good it is. 1.Maverick’s Matte ClayDisregarding the possibility of being labelled biased, the number one product we settled on was our own Mavericks Matte Wax. How can we be so shamelessly brazen? Well here is our argument…. Mavericks Matte Wax is a very forgiving product. Some products you need toknow exactly what you’re doing with them to achieve the results you want, get the process wrong and you’ll never get the results. With Mavericks Matte Wax it’s just not the case, you can work and work at it and it will not dry up too quickly on you, or, lose its hold if you work it too much.Secondly it works well on either damp or dry hair and it won’t affect the results too much either. It works great with most hair types for textured, high, slicked, or natural styles. Another feather on its hat is, it is actually the best value out of all top 5 products.However, like everything else, it just had to be a fantastic product in the first place otherwise Mavericks would never have put their name on it….. For more info on male grooming call into us on lower Main Street Letterkenny, we guarantee great haircuts in a classic barbershop environment.Also follow us on Facebook, we have some giveaways on there this week. Mavericks also do vouchers!Male Grooming: Top 5 Hair Products for Men was last modified: December 9th, 2016 by Mavericks BarbersShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:CHristmashair productsletterkennymale groomingMAVERICKSlast_img read more

Sharks look ‘lifeless’ as win streak is halted at three

first_imgCLICK HERE if you are having a problem viewing the photos on a mobile deviceSAN JOSE — Nearly four weeks after their last meeting, the Sharks still didn’t have much of an answer for Winnipeg Jets goalie Connor Hellebuyck.The Sharks had 33 shots in Wednesday’s game at SAP Center but could only muster a goal by Melker Karlsson in a 5-1 loss to the Jets that snapped San Jose’s three game winning streak.“We just weren’t good enough,” Sharks captain Logan Couture said. “Power play wasn’t good, …last_img read more

Space Travel Too Hazardous for Humans

first_imgAstronomy magazine’s March 2006 issue contains a couple of sobering articles for those who like to dream of humans mastering the universe.  Asking “Will moon dust stop NASA?”, Trudy E. Bell described the dangers of space dust: “it sticks to spacesuits, wreaks havoc on equipment, and may be physically harmful,” she wrote, citing the experiences of Apollo astronauts who spent mere hours with the stuff.  Moon dust is as abrasive as sandpaper, annoying, and irritating.  Apollo 17 astronaut Gene Cernan became intimately familiar with it when a broken fender on the rover sent plumes of lunar dust onto him and his partner.  In the lunar module, it smelled like gunpowder, irritated the eyes and took three months to grow out from under his fingernails.  He commented, “There’s got to be a point where the dust just overtakes you, and everything mechanical quits working.”     Things biological might quit working, too.  Bell describes silicosis, a lung disease that has caused death in miners and dust-bowl victims during the Great Depression.  The razor-sharp silica crystals, if inhaled, cannot be removed, and our immune systems are powerless against them.  Furthermore, Bell warns that Mars dust may be even worse.  The strongly oxidized Martian dust may “burn things like plastics, rubber, or human flesh as viciously as laundry bleach.”  It probably smells terrible, too, because there is no forest to purify the environment (see USDA press release).     In this double-whammy issue of Astronomy that challenges our cherished science-fiction ideals with heavy doses of reality, Jacqueline Garget asked, like The Shadow, “Who knows what dangers lurk in space?”  Beyond just dust, she warned that “Radiation can damage DNA and even kill – and space is filled with it.”  X-ray flares from the sun, which occur unpredictably even during quiet times of the solar minimum, can send lethal showers of particles toward astronauts.  High-energy galactic cosmic rays, largely shielded by our atmosphere, are also dangerous to humans.     It’s very difficult to protect astronauts from these hazards, because shields typically produce secondary showers of particles that can wreak even more widespread damage than the initial incoming ray.  Maybe engineers will some day figure out how to produce effective and low-mass shielding, but Garget didn’t end her article much more optimistically than did Trudy Bell.  “Years ago, scientists didn’t fully understand space radiation,” she concluded, “and while they know more now, it’s not enough to send astronauts on a 3-year mission safely.  We must learn the long-term effects of space travel on the human body, and how to protect voyagers, before we can boldly and safely go where no one has gone before.”  Apparently the screenwriters for Star Trek conveniently overlooked these hazards.  See also the 09/14/2000, 05/02/2001, 11/06/2003 and 12/08/2003 entries on space radiation hazards. Update 02/02/2006: New Scientist published an article about the risk of proton radiation in space.  It says that protons, the most abundant particles in space, cause twice as much DNA damage as expected. This little entry is provided for your appreciation of all you have down here, under our atmosphere, under our magnetic shield, on this lovely and Privileged Planet.  As you safely watch science fiction on TV, enjoy the fact you are not out there with the characters in the cosmic shooting gallery.(Visited 27 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Neighborly fence care

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Christine Gelley, Agriculture and Natural Resources Educator, OSU Extension Noble CountyFence care can make tempers flare between neighbors. Typically, when neighbors have similar goals, an agreeable strategy for fence maintenance can be worked out easily. When land use pursuits differ, there is a higher likelihood for conflict.One of Ohio’s oldest rural laws is built around the care of partition fence. Ohio R.C. Chapter 971 defines a partition fence or “line fence” as a fence placed on the division line between two adjacent properties. In 2008, the law was updated to state “Partition fence includes a fence that has been considered a division line between two such properties even though a subsequent land survey indicates that the fence is not located directly on the division line.”If both neighbors utilize the fence for similar purposes then the responsibilities are typically split evenly, which includes keeping the fence line clear of brush, briers, thistle and weeds within four feet of the fence.Historically, in all cases, the responsibility of maintaining the fence fell on both landowners equally, but revisions made in 2008 determined that the responsibility of existing (prior to 2008) fence can be divided more fairly by considering six factors:The topography of the property where the fence is or will be located.The presence of streams, creeks, rivers or other bodies of water on the property.The presences of trees, vines or other vegetation on the property.The level of risk of trespassers on either property due to the population density surrounding the property or the recreational use of adjoining properties.The importance of marking division lines between the properties.The number and type of livestock that each landowner may contain with the fence.If new fence is constructed, the responsibilities are different than in decades past. By definition, a “new” line fence is one constructed where a partition fence has never existed. In this case, the construction and maintenance responsibility are wholly the initiating landowner’s responsibility, unless the neighbor uses the fence for livestock containment within 30 years of construction. In that case, the landowner who built the fence could seek reimbursement from their neighbor by filing an affidavit with the county recorder.To be compliant with state law, a new partition fence containing livestock must meet the standards of “preferred partition fence.” The following are considered preferred:A woven wire fence of either standard or high tensile wire and topped with one or two strands of barbed wire that is at least 48 inches from the ground.A nonelectric high tensile fence with at least seven strands of wire constructed in accordance with NRCS standards.A barbed wire, electric or live fence to which the adjoining landowners agree, in writing.Neighbors who wish to construct new fence must be granted ten feet on the adjoining property to perform construction and maintenance. However, the fence builder is liable for damages caused by the entry onto the adjoining property, including damages to crops.Alternative landowner agreements are tools that can allow neighbors to create their own fence line agreements that alter how state law applies in their situation. In order to be considered valid and binding the agreement must:Be in writing.Include a description of the land where the fence is located.Include a description of the purpose and use of the fence.Be filed with the county recorder in the county where the land is located.If a dispute regarding partition fence cannot be resolved between neighbors, there are two ways to proceed through resolution. A complaint may be filed with the board of township trustees or directly in the court of common pleas. Working through a resolution in these manners can be lengthy and complicated. Details on appropriate procedures for filing a complaint can be found in R.C. 971.09.By far, the easiest way to decide on a plan for fence care is communicating with your neighbor. Openly stating your intentions and wishes in a courteous and polite manner with each other is best. Once you have reached an agreement, seal it with a handshake, but also, put it in writing and file it appropriately.The information communicated in this article is gathered from Ohio Revised Code Chapter 971 and OSU Extension’s Fence Law Factsheet by Peggy Hall, which can be accessed online at: read more

CPI(M) raises questions on Sharad Yadav’s disqualification

first_imgCPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury on Tuesday questioned the decision of Rajya Sabha Chairman M. Venkaiah Naidu to disqualify JD (U) rebels Sharad Yadav and Ali Anwar. Mr. Yechury questioned the alacrity with which the decision was arrived at by the Chairman without sending it to the parliamentary committee as has been the norm. “No one is questioning the right of the Chairman to decide the matter. But to help him come to an informed conclusion, these committees are there. The Ethics and Privileges committees are nominated exclusively by the Chairman to aid him,” Mr. Yechury said. Mr. Yechury has been member of both the Ethics and Privileges committees for the last 10 years. “According to my reading of the anti-defection rules, it is more to do with conduct in the House, this is not to say that outside conduct is excluded,” he added. He pointed out that since the break up of the Mahagatbandhan, there has been no Parliament session and therefore the question of impropriety on part of both Mr. Yadav and Mr. Ali did not arise. According to the Vice-President’s office, the decision not to send it to any parliamentary committee was made after analysing seven previous cases. They claimed that the Privilege committee did not do anything substantial. “It is an unfair comment and shows scant respect to established parliamentary norms. This is also against the eternal juridical principle that a person is innocent till proven guilty. To construe the due process as a delaying tactic is casting aspersion on the committees held so far,” he added.last_img read more