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first_img– Advertisement – – Advertisement – – Advertisement – Before winning the World Championship, Peter Wright explained the story behind his walk-on and that trademark dance move on the stage In the third of our series, the world champion Peter Wright tells us the story behind his walk-on song and dance.Back on January 1 as Peter Wright lifted the Sid Waddell trophy, no one could have imagined how this year was going to pan out.Listen to the Darts Show podcast on: Spotify | Apple | CastboxFollowing that famous evening, Wright would have been relishing visiting arenas all over the world, being introduced as the world champion and entertaining sell-out crowds with his colourful outfits and legendary walk-on dance.However, since the global pandemic, walk-ons have become a little different which gives us even more reason to remind ourselves of how Wright, winner of the European Championship at the weekend, usually makes his entrance. 3:24 Before winning the World Championship, Peter Wright explained the story behind his walk-on and that trademark dance move on the stage In the latest special series from The Darts Show podcast Wright tells us the story behind his walk-on song, the dance that gets every party started and the Snakebite persona that he adorns for the stage; Download & subscribe to The Darts Show podcast via Spotify By Henry ChardLast Updated: 03/11/20 6:29amcenter_img Peter Wright will defend his world title this year Peter Wright will defend his world title this year

India, Vietnam report more H5N1 outbreaks

first_imgDec 4, 2008 (CIDRAP News) – Animal health officials in India yesterday reported that the H5N1 avian influenza virus has spread to poultry in new areas of Assam state, as medical officials in Vietnam acknowledged fresh outbreaks in two provinces.The virus recently resurfaced in India almost 6 months after outbreaks in that country led to the culling of nearly 40,000 chickens and ducks, according to earlier reports. Ashim Kumar Kakoty, a provincial veterinary official, yesterday confirmed the virus turned up in new areas and that authorities were set to start culling birds in the area, located in northeastern India, Reuters reported yesterday.Kakoty told Reuters that the new outbreak areas include about 20 villages, some of which are close to Guwahati, Assam’s capital. He said precautionary measures throughout the state include a ban on the sale and movement of poultry in and out of Guwahati.Elsewhere, media reports coming out of Vietnam quoted health ministry officials as saying the virus has reappeared in Ca Mau province, in the south, and Nghe An province, in the central part of the country, Xinhua, China’s state news agency reported yesterday.Vietnam News Agency reported that Nguyen Huy Nga, head of the department for preventive medicine and environment, told officials at a meeting in Hanoi yesterday that though no new human cases have been reported, weather conditions and unpredictable circulation of the virus in poultry present a high risk of the disease to humans, according to Xinhua.According to reports from the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), Vietnam has notified the agency about several H5N1 outbreaks this year. The most recent report, dated Nov 27, described two outbreaks in Nghe An province, the site of one of the country’s new outbreaks. Those two outbreaks involved duck flocks; one occurred in unvaccinated village ducks, and the other—considered to be ongoing—was reportedly caused by the introduction of unvaccinated ducklings into an existing flock.See also:Dec 1 CIDRAP News story “India reports new H5N1 outbreak”Nov 27 OIE report on Vietnamese outbreakslast_img read more

The hack is whack — NBA needs to fix fouling abomination

first_imgI think what he was really saying was:We need to bar this stuff but the owners will be the ones to decide.If Silver is off to a happy start, no small accomplishment these days, he doesn’t rule with an iron hand as David Stern did in a happier, if less prosperous, age.If Stern made an egregious error or two — like rejecting the Lakers’ Chris Paul trade in a classic conflict of interest as commissioner and de facto New Orleans owner — he ruled absolutely with a league-wide interest.Despite assertions to the contrary, Stern was even-handed enough to draw down on his marquee teams.Ask the Lakers, who lost Paul. Ask the Knicks, who lost a 1997 series with Miami that they led, 3-1, after Stern suspended five of them, who had to serve their penalties in shifts in Games 5 and 6 in order for New York to have enough players.By the end of Stern’s 30-year reign in 2014, there were enough insurgent new owners to make Dallas’ Mark Cuban mainstream. That’s why the NBA took such a hard line in the 2011 labor negotiations, which slashed the players’ share of revenue from 57-43 to 50-50.It’s also why the union and its new director, Michelle Roberts, are girding for another knockdown, drag-out fight in 2017, with both sides expected to opt out of the current agreement.Barring hacking would be easy: Just adopt the same rules on fouling off the ball for the first 46 minutes that they use in the last two.If not, there’s no telling how far someone like Popovich will take it.As a basketball term, hacking came in with Shaquille O’Neal, whose name and giant teddy-bear perona lent themselves to constructions like “Hack-a-Shaq.”Happily for the Lakers, it was more of a chic term than a weapon.Nobody did it to O’Neal much, not even Pop. If he had, the Lakers might have one or two fewer titles.Popovich said he did’t think it was right. To his credit, he never changed his tune, even as his team got old and he was obliged to grasp for any gimmick to keep it afloat.With his team back on top, Pop kept hacking away, as needed. It had become a principle with him; anything less seemed like not doing all he could to win, however unseemly.“I’m torn in the sense free throws are part of the game,” Popovich said in March. “Just like if another team doesn’t play good defense, you try to take advantage of it. If they have people who don’t shoot free throws, you try to take advantage of it. The goal is it to win.“Does it look bad? Does it look ugly? It looks awful. There you have it.”Whatever it is, the tactic has turned this series.The Spurs tied the series by pulling out Game 2 in overtime after putting Jordan on the line 17 times, to make six.In game 5, with the series tied and nothing going right — the Spurs starters were a minus-30 in Tuesday’s first half — San Antonio brought the Clippers to another screeching halt, putting DJ on the line 16 more times.Jordan made seven but it hardy mattered. The more he hit, the more likely Pop figured he would miss the next one.When DJ made three of four in one stretch, Pop had Patty Mills foul him again. This time, Jordan missed both.Riveting as this may be, it’s not basketball the way I conceive of the game.I’d like to think this is hacking’s swan song.On the other hand, I’d like to see it go out in style with Pop hacking, say, Cleveland forward Tristan Thomas (64% at the line this season) down the stretch of Game 7 of the Finals, prompting cries of agony they can’t keep out of the league offices if they soundproof the place. By (jump) hook or by crook …To be sure, the Spurs have done nothing illegal or immoral to take a 3-2 lead over the Clippers.On the other hand, this series may be the farce that finally prompts the NBA to pull its thumb out of wherever it has been and bar the abomination that “hacking” has become.There are valid arguments on both sides of the issue. Before Game 5, a Clippers staffer I talked to argued in favor, asserting the principle of not legislating to protect players’ weaknesses. On the other hand, the fans hate it — appropriately, in my mind.That means the TV people — the ones who’ll soon be putting up $2.7 billion a year — hate it, too.And that, one can hope, should take care of that. Next case.When Commissioner Adam Silver tweeted that Game 2 was “bad television,” adding that he, himself, was “on the fence,” the significance lay in the fact that he had chosen to acknowledge the issue at all.Going farther, Silver promised “full-throated” discussions.center_img Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorlast_img read more