Lawsuit Poor information about pipeline led to fatal blast

ATLANTA — A federal lawsuit accuses a pipeline company of failing to tell work crews where a major U.S. pipeline was underground before they ruptured the line, touching off a deadly explosion.The workers were trying to make repairs after the pipeline leaked gasoline in Alabama and was shut down in 2016, threatening U.S. gasoline supplies.The estate of Anthony Willingham, an Alabama worker who died in the blast, this week filed a federal lawsuit against Georgia-based Colonial Pipeline Co. and a partner company.The lawsuit says Willingham and others weren’t given adequate information about the depth and location of the pipeline before they dug into the ground to make repairs. It also says Colonial’s project inspector failed to appear at the site.Colonial didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment Friday.The Associated Press read more

DOUBLE DOMINATION IN POLAND Kielce and Plock with new points

11Piotrkowianin Piotrków Trybunalski4013110:1341 9KPR Legionowo310280:902 Easy passage had Polish champions in the fourth round of PGNiG Superliga – Vive Targi Kielce demolished Zagłębie Lubin, winning in front of a home crowd 41:26 (21:13). The match wasn’t very spectacular, because for the most part the team from Lubin was unable to equal fight. Despite a pretty good start for guests, Vive had incrased advantage with every passing moment, taking away wish to continue a game from the opponents. Especially Mateusz Jachlewski, who hasn’t played in the last Kielce’s battle in Champions League, take its toll on Zagłębie’s players and scored eleven goals. Guests didn’t help even a good attitude of their goalkeeper, Marek Kubiszewski and they suffered a second defeat of this season. Kielce can now start thinking only about the impending duel in the Champions League against FC Porto and have hope that all the players will be ready for this match.Most goals: for Vive – Jachlewski 11, Chrapkowski 8; for Zagłębie – Szymyślik 6, Paluch 5Orlen Wisla Plock beat “black sheep” – Piotrkowianin 35:28. 2Orlen Wisła Płock4400132:1028 3Gaz-System Pogoń Szczecin3300112:806 Piotrkowianin – Orlen Wisła Płock 28:35 (16:20)Piotrkowianin: Ner, Wnuk, Procho – Głowacki, Mróz 1, Daćko 4, Tórz 4, Woynowski, Trojanowski 4, Różański 2, Swat 2, Iskra, Pilitowski 4, Pożarek 1, Pacześny 4/3, Wasilewski 2.Orlen Wisła: Sego, Wichary, Morawski – Kwiatkowski, Nenadić 6/2, Kavaś, Ghionea 5/3, Jurkiewicz 7, Toromanović 7, Lijewski 2, Paczkowski 2, Eklemović 2, Milas 4 ← Previous Story FROM LEON TO EISENACH: Faruk Vrazalic to DKB Bundesliga! Next Story → The Brazilian National League 2013 started 12Gwardia Opole300380:980 10SPR Chrobry Głogów310285:982 8MMTS Kwidzyn310287:972 4KS Azoty Puławy320181:884 6SPR Stal Mielec310288:872 7Górnik Zabrze310279:862 1Vive Targi Kielce4400142:948 TEXT: IDA BARAN, Z.B handballhandball matchKielcePlockPoland handballPolish Handball 5Zagłębie Lubin4112109:1313 read more