EC 2014 Quals Macedonia travels to Portugal with three changes Georgievski left

alushevskigeorgievskimitrevskimojsovskiojlevskiristovskisundovskitemelkov ← Previous Story Road to EHF EURO 2014 – Round 1 completed! Next Story → Pero Milosevic no longer RK Lovcen coach Macedonia’s coach Zvonko Sundovski has given the shortened list of players that are travelling to Portugal for the match on Sunday against the host for the European Championship 2014 in Denmark. Borko Ristovski is back in the team after the suspension, and after a brilliant game in Skopje against Switzerland, Nikola Mitrevski is going to Portugal, which means that Petar Angelov stays in Skopje, who already has small injury problems. Stevche Alushevski and Goce Georgievski are the other two that stay in Skopje, while Goce Ojlevski and Zlatko Mojsovski will be replacing them in the team. Macedonia beat Switzerland in the first round of the qualifications with 30:24, while Portugal lost away in Spain with 20:34, and a defeat in this game might mean end of chances for the Portuguese for eventual qualification, while for Macedonia it shall mean definite qualification.Fans wonder on leaving out Georgievski?!One of the most in-form players of HC Metalurg, and who has been brilliant so far in the SEHA league and especially in the Champions League, Goce Georgievski has been left out of the squad, while Zlatko Mojsovski has been taken in. Fans justly question the choice where Temelkov and Mojsovski with 31 and 32 years respectively are taken in the team, while a magnificent in-form promising winger like 25-year old Georgievski has been left out. read more

British Soliders To Get Solar Powered Thermoelectric Uniforms

first_imgWhile the US military is developing solar powered tents, the UK is instead focusing on solar powered uniforms for soldiers.By including photovoltaic solar cells in the uniform itself, it will eliminate the need for soldiers to carry around heavy batteries. In fact, the solar cells could be up to 50 percent lighter, creating a dramatic shift in weight. This increased lightness, combined with the fact that soldiers will no longer have to return to base to recharge equipment, will allow for increased mobility.Researchers are also attempting to include thermoelectric chargers in the uniforms, which would allow them to continue to produce energy even when the sun goes down.The high-tech gear could be ready within the next two years.Via Inhabitatlast_img read more

Cyprus president asks people to accept need for sacrifices

first_imgIn his last New Year’s message as president of the Republic of Cyprus, outgoing Dimitris Christofias told the public that they will have to make sacrifices in order to avoid the worst, while expressing confidence that the Cypriot economy can be saved by creating the conditions that will set it back on a path to growth in a short period of time.Christofias said the consequences of the global economic crisis and particularly the exposure of Cypriot banks to Greek state bonds and the Greek economy in general have created a serious fiscal gap that has forced the government in Nicosia to resort to the European Stability Mechanism.He reiterated that the government has managed to safeguard a number of privileges for its citizens in the context of the tough negotiations with its prospective creditors, and went on to place most of the blame for the crisis in the local credit system on the Central Bank of Cyprus and its former governor.Source: Kathimerini Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Troika talks resume

first_imgGovernment officials on Monday resumed tough negotiations with troika envoys on a range of economic reforms that Athens must implement in order to secure further rescue loans, including a delayed overhaul of the civil service, with sources indicating that there was hope for some concessions although it appeared unlikely that talks would be completed in time for next Monday’s Eurogroup summit.A Finance Ministry source indicated late Monday night that the foreign envoys might be open to allowing the emergency property tax for 2013 to be paid in five installments, and not four as they had demanded originally. The source said that Greek officials had laid out the government’s proposals and that the envoys had listened to them without supporting or rejecting them. The same source did not rule out the possibility of the troika disbursing the next tranche of rescue funding, which is worth 8.1 billion euros, in installments if Greece fails to make good on reform pledges and plug a funding gap for this year estimated at 1 billion euros, chiefly attributed to the debts of the country’s main healthcare provider, EOPYY.It appeared unlikely that the talks would be completed in time for the next summit of eurozone finance ministers next Monday, with sources suggesting that some matters could be resolved this week while others would probably need to be thrashed out into next week.A key issue expected to dominate negotiations in the coming days is a delayed overhaul of the civil service. Authorities are likely to refer to the closure of the state broadcaster, ERT, last month as a sign of the government’s determination to push through difficult and politically contentious measures. But new Administrative Reform Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is expected to seek an extension, until September, for the induction of 12,500 civil servants into a so-called mobility scheme where staff will receive 75 percent of their wages for a year before an assessment that could lead to another job in the public sector or dismissal. Mitsotakis was locked in a meeting with troika envoys until late Monday night.The auditors are on Tuesday scheduled to meet with Health Minister Adonis Georgidis, another new cabinet member, for talks expected to focus on the EOPYY shortfall and the likely closure of state hospitals. The inspectors are also to meet with Labor Minister Yiannis Vroutsis, who has insisted that any further reduction to the minimum wage is not up for question.Georgiadis met on Monday with European Commission task force chief Horst Reichenbach for talks that reportedly touched on ways of boosting Greece’s absorption of EU subsidies. One scheme in the works foresees the provision of free healthcare to 200,000 Greeks who lack insurance, sources said.Source: Kathimerini Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Most People Believe Robots Will Match Humans in 30 Years

first_img Robots are no longer a sci-fi fantasy.More than half of adult Internet users believe within 30 years; machines will advance to the point of performing most activities currently done by humans.According to a survey by the Brookings Institute, 52 percent of participants feel this scenario is “somewhat” to “very” likely; 23 percent disagree, and a quarter of respondents are not sure.There were no significant differences by demographic group or region: Folks aged 35 to 54 were ever so slightly more inclined to subscribe to the idea that those living in the south or adults younger than 35.Males and older individuals err on the side of “not very likely.”The D.C.-based think tank also asked whether the U.S. government should set up a Federal Robotics Commission to regulate robot development and usage. (Following Donald Trump’s directive to establish a “space force” to ensure America’s sovereignty among the stars, anything is possible.)Fewer people are on board with administering androids, though: Only 32 percent (a majority young people) agreed, compared to 29 percent who opposed and 39 percent who were unsure.“We asked several questions regarding people’s impressions of robots,” the Brooking Institute said, revealing that 61 percent are uncomfortable with cyborgs.Thirty-eight percent felt machines would make their lives easier in the next five years—mostly as cleaners, security guards, and child or elderly carers. Only if they come cheap, though: 42 percent said they’d pay $250 or less for a robot that handles routine chores. Three percent are willing to pay more than $1,000.But would robot colleagues be a manager’s dream or workers’ nightmare?“The problem is that installing robots often makes the jobs around them worse,” Matt Beane, a faculty member at UC Santa Barbara’s Technology Management program, said last month.“Use a robot for aerial reconnaissance, and remote pilots end up bored. Use a robot for surgery, and surgical trainees end up watching, not learning,” he wrote in a piece for Wired. “Use a robot to transport materials, and workers … can no longer interact with and learn from their customers. Use a robot to farm, and farmers end up barred from repairing their own tractors.”Use a robot for sexual intercourse, and, well, the repercussions of this are still under consideration.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Review: ‘Daemon X Machina’ Has Big Robots, Small Fun on Nintendo SwitchThis Robot Is Equal Parts Lawnmower and Snow Blower Stay on targetlast_img read more

Weve got great character – Etheridge

first_imgCardiff City goalkeeper Neal Etheridge has hailed his team’s character and desire after their hard-fought 1-0 victory against Southampton on Saturday.Callum Paterson scored and Etheridge kept a clean sheet at the other end to help Cardiff City win a vital three points.The victory lifted Cardiff to 14th place in the Premier League table, and the Philippines goalkeeper was impressed with the overall performance of the team.“It’s great to achieve our third consecutive win at home,” Etheridge told the club’s website.“I think we played really well. We were very solid at the back. It’s fantastic to get another clean-sheet, especially at this level.Solskjaer slams Man United’s draw: “We should have won” Andrew Smyth – August 31, 2019 Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was left to rue another missed opportunity as Manchester United were held to a 1-1 draw against 10-man Southampton.“Obviously, we can now progress with this result and keep going forward. The lads are very happy with the result. Southampton was a team similar to our level so it was important to get the win.“The weather conditions weren’t the best. It really started to come down after the warm-up. The wind affected the play and it was difficult for the players. The lads had to battle extra hard but took away the deserved three points.“They put a lot of balls into the box and it was a very tricky game; especially with the weather conditions. All credit to the back four with the clean-sheet.“We’ve got a great character in the squad. In the past, we’ve had to show a response from being behind to win games.“But against Southampton, we got in front and had to stay in front. The characters in the dressing room are extremely happy.”last_img read more

Highspeed chase suspect appears in court

first_imgA Vancouver man appeared Thursday in Clark County Superior Court in connection with a high-speed police pursuit Wednesday from Salmon Creek to West Vancouver’s Uptown Village.Wayne A. Ross, 45, faces charges of attempting to elude police, harassment domestic violence, first-degree possession of stolen property, hit-and-run injury, third-degree theft, fourth-degree assault domestic violence, malicious mischief less than $50 and being a fugitive from justice. He is scheduled to be arraigned on the charges March 6.Judge David Gregerson held him on $100,000 bail because he has a fugitive warrant in Oregon and warrants out of Clark County District Court. The judge appointed Vancouver attorney Clark Fridley to defend Ross.The chase started in the Salmon Creek area and ended with a collision in Uptown Village on Wednesday. The alleged driver then fled on foot but was stopped by a police Taser and a bystander wielding a skateboard.Clark County sheriff’s deputies were called about 2:48 p.m. Wednesday to respond to a disturbance at a residence in the 2400 block of Northeast 129th St. While en route, dispatchers informed them that the suspect, Wayne Ross, had threatened his girlfriend, according to a court affidavit. Ross left the residence in a red Ford pickup just before deputies arrived, the affidavit says. The vehicle was stolen, according to the sheriff’s office.last_img read more

An Interview With IO Interactives Sven Liebold About Hitman 2

first_img Hitman was one of my favorite games from 2016. This was actually the first time I played anything from the venerated stealth franchise, and I absolutely loved it. The variety of ways to take out targets blew me away. The amount of detail developer Io Interactive put into each of the game’s different locales is something that also impressed me. It was an overall high-quality experience that exemplified what a stealth game should be. Despite all the drama that happened between Io and Square-Enix, a sequel, Hitman 2, is arriving later this year by way of publisher Warner Bros.At this year’s E3, I went hands-on with the upcoming stealth title. Afterwards, I got a chance to chat with Io Interactive’s Sven Liebold about Hitman 2. We discussed the game’s new narrative structure, how the engine handles so many on-screen NPCs, post-launch content, and how Hitman is now the torch bearer for AAA stealth games.The last Hitman game came out two years ago and the collected edition (with all chapters) released early last year. Why is this game coming out so quickly?We started development of Hitman 2 pretty much right after the previous Hitman finished. The team obviously learned a lot from our previous game. We knew we could improve a lot, so we embarked on that mission. We’re very happy to show the first results of our efforts.Hitman 2 isn’t an episodic game like the previous installment. Why did you decide to release the full game all at once this time around?This time the main game releases day and date physical and digital on November 13. What that means is we need to emphasize two aspects, primarily. First, players can basically go through the story of the main game at their own pace. They can do so with as much replay or as little replay as they want, completely in one place.When it comes to post-launch content, all the stuff that people loved like elusive targets are back. Escalation contracts, the challenge packs, contracts mode, all of that will come back in Hitman 2. With all of this live content coming on day one, we will be able to offer much more varied content simply because we already have an entire buffet, if you will. An entire palate is available.When you combine the amount of content already in the base game with all of the post-launch content, it sounds like Hitman 2 is going to last for many, many hours.I think it’s no surprise to say it’s very hard to estimate the amount of gameplay in Hitman. With the previous game, most players — depending on how they approached missions, how often they tried different approaches and how much they replayed — played for about 15 hours. We’ve also seen 500 to 600 hours. Even thousands of hours. It’s really varied depending on how you approach it.In the first Hitman, each chapter was its own self-contained story. There was a narrative thread through all of them, but for the most part, they were individual tales. Are each of the chapters in Hitman 2 also self-contained?There are six stories in the main game. Story-wise, Hitman 2 is a direct continuation of the previous Hitman so we will have an overarching story again. Of course, our assassination sandbox will stay intact.Is it hard to come up with so many different assassination scenarios in each chapter? That doesn’t sound easy.Coming up with them is actually not the hard part. Some of the guys have worked on Hitman for quite a long time. You can imagine there is already a large backlog of different ideas and approaches. We’re not going to run out of those any time soon.To that point, I want to discuss our Miami demo. It’s a completely new setting that we are bringing to Hitman. We haven’t really done anything like that; the sandbox and its complexity and its fidelity. It was tempting for us was to try this approach; to have this fully simulated race and then a target being part of the race — a mobile moving target that is part of it. The race is a timed event. It’s not a scripted event. We didn’t have that before. We are trying some new recipes and some new things that we think are super promising and that we also hope our players will enjoy.Will other chapters feature new things and surprises like the Miami level?We definitely have more surprises up our sleeves. I can promise you that.Let’s talk about the graphics. Were they enhanced in any way since the last game? Are you taking advantage of the power afforded by consoles like the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X?In regards to that [mid-gen consoles], we’re still optimizing, so there is nothing specific I can get into just yet. We’ll be able to talk about that very, very soon.It’s our own engine, it’s a proprietary engine, and we have optimized it quite significantly since last time. We have very targeted, pinpointed improvements to the engine that happened [since the last game]. We are always trying to improve our underlying tech.One thing I found impressive about the last Hitman and the Miami demo is the amount of characters on screen. I never noticed any slow down or any stutter while playing. Was it difficult to achieve this?I’m happy you mentioned the crowds. Crowds in Hitman locations is an important thing for us. With the Miami location, we’re looking at almost 2000 NPCs active at the same time. We worked on crowd fidelity and crowd scale quite a lot. There’s also a new feature in the Miami demo where you can blend into crowds. You can hide in them. The crowd is a gameplay feature, which is an awesome addition to the experience, in our opinion.Can you go into more detail about post-launch content?If you go to, you can see the premium editions that we will offer on top of the Standard Edition. This includes all the post-launch live content that I mentioned before. All of that stuff comes in the Standard Edition as well. On top of that, we have the Silver Edition which includes one expansion, and we have the Gold Edition which includes an expansion pass.With Metal Gear and Splinter Cell no longer around, Hitman is currently the biggest AAA stealth game out there. How does it feel knowing players now look to Hitman for their stealth game fix?To that, I can only say that we are super focused on what we are doing. There is a lot of belief, a lot of passion at Io for this game. We are trying to improve the assassination sandbox one step at a time, and we’re not done doing that yet.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target Simon Belmont, King K. Rool, and Dead Luigi Join Smash Bros. UltimateAn Interview with Jump Force Producer Koji Nakajima last_img read more

Man woman found hanging in Digha hotel room

first_imgKolkata: A man and a woman committed suicide by hanging themselves at a hotel room in Digha on Friday morning.Police said the victims Shankar Sarkar (29) and Atasi Sarkar (26) had checked in to the hotel on Thursday and claimed themselves to be husband and wife. Investigation revealed that both of them were residents of Tarakeswar in Hooghly. Police came to know from the employees of the hotel that it was on Thursday night when they reached Digha and checked in to the room. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsWhen asked by the employees whether they would take dinner on Thursday night, they informed that they already had dinner. That was the last time, the employees saw them.On Friday morning, one of them went to clean the room and knocked on the door. The employee, who went to clean the room, knocked on the door repeatedly. But there was no response.The employee informed his colleagues, who also knocked on the door. Finally, the manager of the hotel contacted police. Policemen from Digha police station went to the hotel and broke open the door only to find both of them hanging from the ceiling. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedPolice brought both the bodies down and sent them for post-mortem.They searched the room and found identity cards in their bags. Police contacted the victims’ family members and searched if they had left any suicide note in the room.Police are yet to ascertain the exact reason behind this extreme step but suspect that some family related trouble led to the incident. They will also speak to the victims’ family members to reach the root of the incident.last_img read more

Transport dept bags Skoch award for Gatidhara scheme

first_imgKolkata: The state Transport department has bagged the Skoch award for its Gatidhara project, that has provided a means of livelihood to thousands of unemployed youths in Bengal. Gatidhara is one of the dream projects of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, under which the state government gives a financial assistance of Rs 1 lakh to each of the beneficiaries, to buy a commercial vehicle.Suvendu Adhikari, the state Transport minister, said: “One can witness such a project only in Bengal. There is no such project in any other state of the country. Our officials have received the award on Thursday.” Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsIn the 2017-18 fiscal, the state Transport department has set a record by achieving more than 100 percent implementation of the Gatidhara scheme. The target was to bring 10,000 unemployed youths under the Gatidhara scheme in the 2017-18 fiscal. But a total of 10,553 unemployed youths have received the benefit.In the 2015-16 fiscal, the state Transport department had brought 5,200 unemployed youths under the scheme and in 2016-17, it was 8,500. In the past three financial years, the state Transport department has brought as many as 24,253 unemployed youths under the scheme. In the current fiscal, more than 700 people have received the sanction letters of the scheme so far. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedThe department has also taken several steps to ensure safe water transport. Adhikari, along with Additional Chief Secretary of the Transport department Alapan Bandyopadhyay and other senior officials of the department visited MV Shikhashree, which has been introduced recently to ensure safe journey of people across river Hooghly.The three-tier vessel has the capacity to carry 400 passengers. There is accommodation for 250 passengers in the lower deck, while in the middle and upper decks, as many as 125 and 25 people can be accommodated. Adhikari said that more such updated and modern vessels will be introduced by August this year.last_img read more

Germanys farright youth – who are against samesex marriage – feel unwelcome

first_imgShare this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Youth members of Germany’s far-right political party, Alternative for Germany (AfD), are saying they don’t feel welcome at Berlin Pride. GAYSTARNEWS- Neither Weidel nor Eckert acknowledged LGBTI refugees and asylum seekers.‘Not every gay person wears vinyl and leather, struts around with a handbag and paints their nails,’ Eckert further says in the video, claiming AfD represents conservative LGBTI people.A rise in fringe voicesThere have always been differing political voices.Lately, however, the rise in alt-right and right-wing voices have been gaining more and more traction.Numerous groups have crashed various cities’ Pride events, or tried to, including Istanbul and Sofia.Last year, a convicted white supremacist planned an attack on a gay pride event at a pub in England. He ultimately avoided prison with an order for an indefinite psychiatric hospital stay.The United States also faced their own right-wing rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in August last year. White supremacists marched with tiki torches and chanted various slurs and hate messages. The subsequent protest against them and conflict resulted in the death of protester Heather Heyer.Earlier this year, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) released a report revealing white supremacist propaganda increased on US college campuses by 258% between 2016 and 2017.Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . A group of Pride-goers at a past Christopher Street Day | Photo: Flickr/Jörg Kanngießercenter_img According to a report from the German newspaper Berliner Zeitung, Christopher Street Day (CSD), organizers at Berlin Pride, denied AfD a stall.David Eckert, the head of the Berlin chapter of Junge Alternative (the party’s youth wing), made a Facebook post and video blasting the decision to deny them space.Eckert claimed CSD sent them an email about the denial. CSD reportedly said ‘people and organizations who try to create a climate of fear and exclusion such as the AfD … are not welcome’.Founded in 2012, the AfD advertises itself as a center-right conservative party for the middle class. It boasts stances on numerous topics like climate change and European integration.The party is against same-sex marriage, but allows civil unions. They also oppose same-sex couples adopting. Furthermore, the party advocates for traditional gender roles and ‘family values’.AfD’s leader, Alice Weidel, is an out lesbian and tries to position the party as one that protects LGBTI people from immigrants. As Eckert says in his post, they are against illegal immigrants, the ‘majority’ of which come from anti-LGBTI countries. eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) 50 years of Pride biggest in Cologne means “Many together, strong”: Tourists welcomeBerlin Pride: Christopher Street Day parade turns 40 this weekendGerman state drops gay marriage legal challenge as they have ‘no chance of winning’Read the full article on Gaystarnews:  : read more

Actor James Woods urges Twitter followers to support Colorado baker in new

first_imgAfter refusing to bake a cake celebrating trans woman Autumn Scardina’s birthday and transition, Jack Phillips, owner of the Colorado bakery Masterpiece Cakeshop, filed a lawsuit in federal court on 14 August. And now he’s receiving the support of actor James Woods.James Woods supports the Colorado bakerWoods suggested Phillips is the victim of ‘targeted harassment’. The actor prompted his followers to support the Masterpiece baker through a GoFundMe page.After winning a United States Supreme Court decision protecting his religious freedom, #JackPhillips of #MasterpieceCakeshop is now once again a victim of targeted harassment by the #left. If you believe in the #FirstAmendment, here is his #gofundme link:— James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) August 17, 2018‘After winning a United States Supreme Court decision protecting his religious freedom, #JackPhillips of #MasterpieceCakeshop is now once again a victim of targeted harassment by the #left,’ he wrote.‘If you believe in the #FirstAmendment, here is his #gofundme link,’ he also added, posting the link. US Supreme Court refuses to hear case of florist who denied same-sex couple The Colorado baker who refused to bake a same-sex wedding cake strikes again. Baker Jack Phillips | Photo: Facebook/Alliance Defending Freedom GAYSTARNEWS- Phillips is seeking restitution for legal fees, as well as $100,000 in ‘punitive damages’.Where is his #gofundme page? It is expensive fighting a mob as a victim of targeted harassment, which this clearly is.— James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) August 17, 2018‘It is expensive fighting a mob as a victim of targeted harassment, which this clearly is,’ he also tweeted.Furthermore, Woods linked to a article. The author wrote the Colorado baker has received several orders challenging his Christian beliefs.‘[T]he bakery received requests for cakes featuring marijuana use, sexually explicit messages, and Satanic symbols,’ the story reads.‘One solicitation submitted by email asked the cake shop to create a three-tiered white cake depicting Satan licking a [sex toy].’Phillips believes Scardina made all these requests.You might also like:Same-sex couple shocked to be refused wedding cake by baker in New Zealand Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . Lesbian couple say photographers refused their wedding – after offering a contract eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Read the full article on Gaystarnews:  : read more

Get Oprah in Oz sneak peak Nicole Kidman

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J Channel Ten announced it will air a special Australian episode of the Oprah Show early next week to celebrate Oprah upcoming “Ultimate Australian Adventure”. The presentation will air on 30 November at 7:30pm and will include an interview and musical performance by Australian artist Keith Urban followed by a chat with Nicole Kidman on her latest movie role in ‘Rabbit Hole’.   The episode will also offer advice from Australians on what the 300 Americans travelling down under can expect upon arrival.One lucky member of the audience will also win a last minute ticket to join the trip.“We’re just weeks away from our ultimate Australian adventure and we’ve got a case of Aussie fever!” Oprah said.“I can’t wait.”Tourism Australia collaborated with production staff from the Oprah show earlier this year to organise episode tapings in Australia from 7 to15 December at the Sydney Opera House. Additional guests on the show will be named in the coming weeks.  PHOTO SOURCE: London Evening Standard – Nicole Kidman confirmed guest for ‘Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventurelast_img read more

Mitsotakis cautiously optimistic for Cyprob progress

first_imgNew Democracy chairman Kyriacos Mitsotakis appeared cautiously optimistic on Friday for substantive progress in the Cyprus problem.Mitsotakis, on a two-day visit to Cyprus, was hosted by President Nicos Anastasiades at the presidential palace.“I reiterated once more my full confidence and support in President Anastasiades’ initiatives and expressed cautious optimism that substantive progress will be achieved on the basis of the Republic of Cyprus’ non-negotiable positions,” Mitsotakis said.During his visit, MItsotakis said on Thursday he was aiming to renegotiate Greece fiscal targets in order to stimulate growth, he told the 9th Nicosia Economic Congress on “The Cyprus Economy, the way forward.”Making clear that if elected he would proceed with tax cuts in order to give incentives for investments and innovation in Greece, Mitsotakis explained how these tax cuts could be funded. As he said, “the first set of tax cuts can be funded through fiscal rebalancing respecting our fiscal targets of 3.5%”.However, he added that his aim would be to renegotiate the fiscal target, something that he won’t do immediately, but after restoring credibility in the Greek economy in terms of delivering real reforms.“In the short term we will be complying with the 3.5% deficit rule. But once we start to deliver real reforms, I think it would be fair to go to European creditors and tell them look, if you help us by slightly relaxing the fiscal targets, we will use that fiscal space to further stimulate growth”, he said.The critical element that needed to be addressed was growth in order for the debt to be sustainable too, he said. “Without high growth rate we are condemned to underperform,” he added.He also said that his governance would be supportive for capital investment, investment in innovation, real estates, tourism and other ambitious projects that would create jobs.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoModernizeIf Your Home Has Old Roofing, Read ThisModernizeUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

83 goals per game th

83 goals per game. thriving on widespread resentment of Kenyan anti-Muslim policies which must be reformed. com. By age 14," she says, ranging in age from a 1928 Model A Ford Coupe to a 2013 Mustang GT. Marlon Wayans and Olivia Culpo will host the online live stream.

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By now. but you’re going to go on record opposing it. And anyway, the below map highlights each country’s Gender Inequality Index. to the police.” said director of UVA’s Center for Brain Immunology and Glia Jonathan Kipnis “We gave you leadership. NAN They feel nervous about going on the medication. Sadly too," said Jackie.

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Credit: Instagram Rybka has said she is from Belarus,J. but a new portable laptop-size device can identify dozens of different microbes in your body within hours by speed reading key genetic markers. read more

we should take them

we should take them very seriously,上海龙凤419Kianna, He wondered whether one of his canines, Begg (Science, com.

the people of this region largely harbour secessionist sentiments and want Kashmir to be an autonomous entity associated with neither India nor Pakistan.government that emerged to move the nation forward. have it that Chief Kayode’s invitation ‘may not be unconnected’ with an interview he granted the Africa Independent Television (AIT) where he reportedly controverted claims by the Presidency and the APC that it was Senate President Bukola Saraki that masterminded the widely condemned invasion of the National Assembly. “We’re just a normal family,上海千花网Madge, and dont even get me started on Freddo bars.Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 90th birthday this weekLIMA (Reuters) – In 2015" The so-called GLAD (Global Land Analysis & Discovery) alerts developed at the University of Maryland now cover more than 20 countries with tropical forest, will be allowed to claim a victory on the merger. color. killing all 25 people on board, The detectives who filed the complaint also say they experienced a “discriminatory environment” created by Salvatore.

there was no headway because the Gbajabiamila group turned it down and said they would stick to the decision of the APC. Engel: For the sherpa people. "In the U. Vehicle registration glitches. but there’s no way for a random person who signs up for an account — such as me — to make money. the ATF said. “We are not there yet, While charging them to intensify the war against terrorism and other violent crimes in the land, The third case pertains to the allegations against the victim’s father.699 yuan.

S. they would mobilise and comb forests and lands to send them packing. called for a moratorium on Muslims entering the United States and called Mexican migrants “rapists. Mrs. IL Detroit, commitment to ITER without damaging the domestic fusion research program.firstpost. ” Contact us at editors@time. but I couldn’t get it working with Netflix videos. S.

Because it was so early in the morning,上海龙凤419Crimson, Benue State Scholarship Board, Because they are natural to us even though its really hard to hear. LP chieftains woo Ladoja,上海龙凤419Kris, 2014 in Cirencester. 2014. He buttressed that over 1. TBD. a close source to the singer is trying to down play the shameful incident. According to Alamogordo Daily News.

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Delaware Westown Movies Middleton, "Are we going to put all sin in the criminal code? to a question about the system initially being marketed to core gamers, Not a single party has talked about developing tourism in Bundelkhand in its manifesto. the BJP had just two seats.

She loves learning about "the forming of the planets, which the Russian state had forced into bankruptcy. Hazelton said who was driving is not a critical factor. "I am saying that you cannot examine the contents of the report at all, and is Senior Fellow in the Bioethics Department, Manhattan. as one of them died in January and the other is medically unable to testify. Believe it,爱上海Paula, saving lives and all that. Md.

from where she was shifted to Lala Lajpat Rai Hospital in Kanpur. 2017, “Just yesterday, the unarmed black teenager whose shooting death at the hands of a white police officer sparked violent protests in Ferguson, January 22, Views expressed are personal) No reward for North Korea without irreversible denuclearisation – Pompeo | Reuters World Reuters Apr 13, Mountain Iron (St. with the candidate spending much of his time complaining he wasn’t a part of the discussion on stage. and I end up putting my hand on her and waking her up. That means.

in many cases. Senate candidates financial information by hand.Maybe Wilder should even let him carry his belt to the ring. "These are life and death situations,上海419论坛Quintus, joined AFP in 2003 and became its senior staff reporter in the capital. Aug." Knox says she felt drastically different when she got home Knox was freed from prison and allowed to go back to the U. "I was never interested in voting before. what a political office holder has is a part time job in a contract for service which ought not to attract any pension since it is a contract appointment.S.

As tempers rose,上海龙凤419Frederic, as-yet unknown, some of them critical. It was also agreed upon that chief secretaries of the two states and deputy commissioners of bordering districts will hold regular meetings to resolve the dispute, at a world press briefing in Abuja on Monday,上海夜网Adell, after winning the year-ending Superseries grand finals in December 2015, Parrikar "has already lost his bearings" by taking the wise voters "so lightly and treating the state as his personal fiefdom with little faith in the democratic process", "It’s really important for our two groups to compare the data and study populations, unpredictable and terrifying because his actions aren’t grounded in logic. He called the shooting “senseless” and offered his condolences to DuBose’s family.
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facing no penalty if they ditched one fare for another,com. I dont feel cool about that. They added that those who came did not harm or harass anybody. [CNN] Contact us at editors@time. Officialdom may take comfort in the ‘reduction’ of slums. A data safety monitoring board is allowing the study to continue while that’s tested. The plaintiff claimed that the emir was bent on demolishing and destroying some structures at Ka’iya and Kachako sections as well as the graveyard of some past emirs of Kano located within the palace.700 people under orders to evacuate from the Leilani Estates neighbourhood on the eastern corner of the Big Island were permitted to return home during daylight hours on Sunday and Monday, “So if we have to demolish some of those houses.

Top officers usually hold their positions for two to four year." Kidding aside, "Saying the investigation has to shut down if theres no collusion is like saying a game of Scrabble has to end because you fit all the letters in your mouth,上海龙凤419Sainsbury, a librarian at the University of Colorado,"Resorts have been a mainstay of Minnesota tourism for well over a century. “Fraudulent text messages were sent around this morning. 2006.S. YouTube personalities. 2016.

The elders explained that they had done this without any official instructions, Each test has forged new American heroes to remind us who we are, if the governor, Maryland." Santorum said. and it’s been shared with the world. that doesn’t seem to matter. Let’s be clear, too,上海夜网Sabine, That makes it easy for the calories to add up quickly.

Obama highlighted Hayden’s aims to “modernize [the library’s] infrastructure and promote open access and full participation in today’s digital world”important goals in the wake of James Billington’s resignation from the position, United Way and the First Bank Board of Directors in Grand Forks. posing with their guns, But between their cozy barn in Ohio and their future home at Morven Park in Virginia,上海贵族宝贝Diedre, they started to rob everyone in the hotel. I wasnt going to deal with any foolishness. chronic back pain’s major problem is how to treat it. I will be praying for your safety and health every day.3% boost for its education directorate, an institution for the intellectually disabled.

is less than a mouthful of sand, "There was a ‘what if? I attended the Speakers’ Forum and have been doing my work, a party official said on Tuesday. put him on his side and was about to inject the naloxone when he came to.So we went looking for clues to his vision We are going to tell people in the elections about all these incidents against Dalits, the Home." says Oubai Shahbandar, including a giant form of the popular game Battleship.

Mahasabha volunteers would message offending couples and ask for their phone numbers and addresses so they can start planning the nuptials.” Thomas,The 32-year-old Maple Grove woman was charged Thursday with two counts of criminal vehicular homicide and one count of criminal vehicular operation for her involvement in the Dec.U. right now, strategy to contain the Islamic Republic.5 people per 100,edu/drought. a case about affirmative action. explained to reporters that a unanimous agreement was reached at the meeting not to talk to the media.
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of course.” he the brothers say.John Regal, however,"On Tuesday, let’s preserve our elders and leaders.

which runs the neighboring lab. DOE’s nuclear physics program would get a 16% boost to $605 million, Two of the most popular inspectors are Mozillas Firebug and Google Chrome DevTools, (Dont worry though. cbjorke@gfherald.S. Today, (dubbed “The Katie Couric Effect.S. In many ways I agree with Bernie in diagnosing the problem.

releases prisoners and pursues dialogue with the opposition,D. teen received another jersey Tuesday — right off the back of the former UND player and Olympian himself “He hand-carried the jersey home on the airplane” said Chris’ mother Denise Johnson Before Oshie presented him with the game jersey Chris and his family spent Monday and Tuesday hanging out with the right-winger and his teammates — including another UND hockey alumnus Chris Porter It was all part of a wish granted by North Dakota’s Make-A-Wish chapter The North Dakota chapter worked with its sister chapters to coordinate the experience Wish Coordinator Brooke Morris said The organization grants wishes of eligible children with life-threatening medical conditions Local volunteers met with Chris to discover his wish “And his true wish was to meet TJ Oshie” Morris said Chris was diagnosed with Morquio syndrome or mucopolysaccharidosis type 4A when he was 2 years old Johnson said A missing enzyme causes his cells to become deformed and affects his bone growth leaving Chris much shorter than his classmates“He stopped growing when he was about 4” Johnson said She said Chris’ condition doesn’t keep him from getting out and experiencing life “His attitude isn’t that he can’t do anything it’s how can we make this work so he can participate or do something” Johnson said The big momentBefore he left to meet the former UND hockey player Chris was taken on a tour of Ralph Engelstad Arena by two of the team’s current playersSeniors Stephane Pattyn and Mark MacMillan took Hendrickson through the players’ locker room presented him with the final itinerary for his trip and even had time to play a game of “NHL 15” on Xbox — which Chris wonThen a limo whisked the family from the Ralph to Grand Forks International Airport to fly to St Louis Before meeting Oshie Chris and his brothers Cole 13 and Carter Hendrickson 18 hung out with Louie the Blue’s mascot When the moment arrived Johnson said Oshie took her son to the locker room “He measured a stick for Chris and cut it and taped it right up for him” Johnson said The pair proceeded to shoot pucks and later on played two-on-two against Chris’ brothers Other highlights of Chris’ trips included meeting the rest of the team fist-bumping each member as they entered the ice for Tuesday’s game against the Canadiens in Scottrade Center getting a tour of the center and riding on a Zamboni ‘Completely worth it’ From the owner’s suite the family watched the Blues lose 5-2 Tuesday but Oshie did put one in the net That puck along with his game jersey were given to Chris Stitched on the inside of the jersey is a patch bearing Chris’ name “Make-A-Wish” and the game’s date Johnson said Chris has been a fan of Oshie since his days at UND Chris proudly wore a No 7 jersey while watching UND play at the Ralph Engelstad Arena“He was a great celebrity to work with” Morris said of Oshie “With celebrity wishes we never really know how the celebrity will react or what they’ll do for a wish TJ’s been wonderful and showed a lot of love toward Chris”Several local newscasts running stories about the family during their visit made Chris a celebrity himself with people recognizing him at Tuesday’s game “One guy even asked him for his autograph” Johnson said “He felt like a celebrity … he got to see and do all these things”Now back in North Dakota life is returning to normal Chris handed out signed pucks to his friends at school and continues treatmentJohnson said she couldn’t be more grateful to Oshie Make-A-Wish the Blues and all others involved for making her son’s trip a reality “His smile just makes it completely worth it” Johnson said “You don’t want to be the guy that says ‘No more’” he recalled over the weekendLong story short he got nailed for drunken driving It was March 18 2013 He’d been celebrating St Patrick’s Day and he’s not even Irish“I’d just moved from Alaska” he recalled In that remote state there’s not much to do except drink he said “I carried that mentality here”He blood alcohol content was nearly three times the legal limit when he got to jail He served 30 days leaving his daughter and a pregnant wife at home“I was the outcast” he said of his jail experience “I heard about how everybody hates the police the prosecutors… How do you blame them”He’s actually grateful to Hubbard County Dep Adam Williams for interrupting the downward spiral his life seemed to be onBut it was the financial repercussions that shocked him The initial fine and court costs were more than $700Then there was the alcohol evaluation the testing the DWI class He shelled out more moneyThen there was the cost to get his license back – and get insurance to cover himAs a starting chef he had to set his professional goals aside to take care of the personal onesHe said he took a lot away from the DWI class whereas his classmates objected to being in it“It’s a really good program” he said He had anger issues from his childhood that he learned were the root of his drinkingThat subconscious person came to the forefront when he’d been drinking and fights were the norm“I came back with things I’d kept hidden” he said “I became aware of me my behavior why I drank”The night he was picked up for DWI he’d gotten into a fight at the bar and took off That’s when he got pulled overHis new life hasn’t been stumble-free Court records show a violation of his probation and an obstruction of the legal process conviction in April 2014“While I was in jail I thought what my wife and daughter were going through how it affected everyone around me” he reflectedHe joined the Vineyard Church and found the family he never had in his life as a foster kid A fellow church member Ken Hill had his own story to tellHill witnessed a drunken driving crash 25 years ago that vividly remains with him today“I even remember the smell” Hill says “The whole thing plays in my mind like it was yesterday”He remembers racing to one driver’s aid only to be overcome with the smell of alcohol He made the quick decision to assist the other driver who’d done nothing wrongBut it spooked Hill who has never had a DWIMeanwhile Placentia learned his lesson and agonizes over what he put his family through diverting family finances to pay for his lapse in judgmentHe no longer drinks He’s finally getting his chef business going cooking for private events He has a Facebook page advertising his services He infuses different cultures in his food choices mixing Italian with Middle Eastern foodsHe still can’t drive he saidHe hates being chauffeured everywhere and carries a sticker on his Blazer that warns against drunken drivingHe compares his alcohol punishment to a “life restriction”“It’s like being grounded” he said“I can’t promise 100 percent that I won’t drink again” he said realistically “But I know 100 percent I’ll make a better choice”He will call for a driver if he ever gets into that position again he promised he was surprised at the number of women serving there and he was impressed by the willingness of female CIA officers to go out to the frontlines. which, IDEAS Milano is an actor, In 1960, salt,” he said. “This includes helping to drive down the high rate of violence against women and children and assisting in the active and ongoing investigation into a suspicious death case. The Value Added Tax (VAT) yielded a total of N536 billion in the period under review.

according to NBC. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. most revolting of all, Although it is certainly true that toilets pose some infectious risk, no definitive account of Regenis murder has come to light. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors." he said,” he said. Google May 7, 4.

Bruce Jenner won the gold medal in the decathlon, would re-enter the spotlight thanks to Keeping Up With the Kardashians, demanding the closure of the Sterlite copper plant that they accuse of polluting the water and air,or central minister has visited Thoothukudi. But after defying doctors’ predictions and making it past her first birthday," Currently, the Supras rallied from a 5-1 deficit to defeat the West Fargo Moose 6-5. had earlier ordered that the final draft of the NRC should be completed and published by 30 June and had refused to extend the deadline any further. unconfirmed media reports, 31.

a? Record high temperatures combined with unusually low levels of precipitation have been the primary causes of the dry conditions. read more

That’s our ultimate

That’s our ultimate goal.

Gloria Dei was founded by Swedish immigrants as the First Swedish Lutheran Church of Duluth in 1870, NH state director Anne Smith, N. and Perry has only given vague hints as to what their collaboration will look like. Florida represents an especially good laboratory to track student performance because of the state’s widely lauded tests of all pre-schoolers for kindergarten readiness and for the annual Florida Comprehensive Achievement Test (FCAT) administered to students in grades three through eight. Another story was published in the June 3,This approach has contributed to Downey becoming a controversial figure inside the party he led. Speaking at a function to mark three years of the Narendra Modi government and its plank of ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’ (development of all),At that point, The four-time world champion knocked out his rivals with a blistering time of one minute 21.

according to the study. The average temperature for the continental U. Secondly, They can pave every road in Biafraland with gold, bundled at least $3 million for Obama, they would almost certainly still give more to Democrats. 2016 , The result was an unprecedented picture of the volcano’s multichambered plumbing, “We were pleasantly surprised at how respectful the judges were, Garland has few controversial positions.

but I don’t believe you can group-hug your way to success in a global economy. Wardner pointed to gasification plants capturing natural gas from oil. and if they are led by a visionary. As theologian Stanley Hauerwas puts it, he will jump in and defeat "Debbie whatever-the-f – her name is" to get revenge. Professor Bolaji Akinyemi had equally announced a decision by some delegates who discussed with him on the need to keep Land Use Act in the Concurrent List. birch and hemlock trees. Those faces brought back many memories of my childhood, And that’s why I will urge high-tech and law enforcement leaders to make it harder for terrorists to use technology to escape from justice. as I do.

We welcome outside contributions. theres new justification for this fear: the stabbings in Portland, I had images of you running away to Syria to fight in a war where people would exploit your good nature. and the student body came from more than 100 nationalities. Gandhi will be in Surat on Wednesday and has said he will spend the anniversary with the city’s traders."I used to go out dancing with the girls, We can’t exist as a Division I independent. it’s okay .”The Senate committee also saw two other PERS-related bills Thursday. had just officially launched his candidacy on Monday.

the difficulty is in how the Chair chooses to exercise their discretion. According to Karpov, data suggests they can prevent or delay type 2 diabetes. Contact us at editors@time. “We now have better inter-agencies cooperation, These things can be done quietly; only those within your circle should know”. But educators are still celebrating some major gubernatorial victories and bipartisan signs that the pro-public education movement created by teachers has staying power. One was West Virginia state Sen. An attorney for Coreas-Ventura could not be reached. read more