Oxford may accept students from disadvantaged backgrounds who miss A-level grades

first_imgThe University of Oxford may accept applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds who miss their A-Level grades this year. “If the results show young people experiencing disadvantage were unfairly affected by the mechanism used to issue A Level grades, Oxford will do everything possible within the boundaries of the OfS conditions and the imposed DfE student number controls to help these students. We are fortunate that we hold a wealth of information on the students who have been made offers by Oxford, including admissions test and interview scores. In the most recent Oxford admission cycle, 69.1% of offers went to state school students and the number of students admitted from disadvantaged backgrounds increased. This comes after concern over the awarding of A-level results, which will be based on teacher assessments and schools’ past exam performances. Ofqual, the exam regulator, said: “Most students willreceive grades this summer to enable them to move on with their lives, despitethe cancellation of exams, and we expect the majority of grades studentsreceive will be the same as the centre assessment grades submitted by theirschool or college. “We will not have exact information about our offer holders until A-level results day, and will therefore not know to what extent we need to use our existing clemency policy – which allows us to reconsider applications where there are clear mitigating circumstances. The University will make decisions on students who failed to achieve their offer in the weeks before results day and applicants will be informed on 13th August. However, Oxford’s approach has faced criticism. Chris McGovern, chairman of the Campaign for Real Education, told The Times: “The results this year will be fake grades but what Oxford is doing is social engineering. It is not fair to admit a teenager who has missed their offer because they come from a poor background and a poorly performing state school.” “Attention must now turn to preventing the impending social mobility disaster facing students applying to university this year. Oxford undergrads are already leading by example through organisations like Zero Gravity, but more still needs to be done to ensure that the brightest minds reach the best universities in these unprecedented times.” “This information, alongside if a student comes from a disadvantaged background, or a poor performing school, will help us assess if clemency needs to be exercised, because despite narrowly missing their A levels, this student is likely to flourish at Oxford and the University’s academic standards will be maintained.”  “From the data we have reviewed, centre assessment grades are higher thanpredicted – by on average 12 percentage points at A-level grade A, whencompared with 2019 — and the standard applied by different schools and collegesvaries significantly. “So that students can compete on a level playing field with their peers in this, previous and future years, it is essential that centre assessment grades are standardised using the model we have developed with input from experts across the sector.”center_img A University spokesperson told Cherwell: “Like alluniversities, Oxford is very concerned about the long term effects of thecoronavirus pandemic, including the impact on offer holders and applicants fromdisadvantaged backgrounds, and those who have experienced educationaldisruption. Director of undergraduate admissions Samina Khan told the Times that Oxford will use contextual information for students who miss their offer by one or two grades. This will include the school they attended and where they live. “We have stressed that educational disruption would havesevere knock-on effects for young people from under-represented backgrounds,and have offered advice to Ofqual, DfE [Department for Education] and OfS [Officefor Students] on how to best support these students.” The University told Cherwell that it will use its existing clemency policy to account for “educational disruption” caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. It adds that students from underperforming schools may be “unfairly affected” by the grading of A-levels. A report from the Equality Act Review found that teacher assessment could negatively impact BAME pupils and those from disadvantaged backgrounds. “Standardisation will draw on the historical outcomes of a centre as wellas the prior performance of students in this year’s cohort. “Critics will condemn Oxford’s move as social engineering. But there are few better examples of social engineering than a grading system which gives affluent offer holders an advantage due to the historic performance of their school. “That is not surprising, as teachers were not given an opportunity todevelop a common approach to grading and naturally want the best for theirstudents. Some centres that have been optimistic about their students’performance would have been correct and others incorrect, but in the absence ofexams, there is no fair way to identify which. Joe Seddon, CEO of mentoring platform Zero Gravity, said: “The new Ofqual grading system – which calibrates students’ A-Level grades by the historic performance of their school – threatens to lock talented students from underperforming state schools out of top universities through no fault of their own. Image credit: HAM/ Wikimedialast_img read more

St. Vincent Evansville Birth Announcements For Week Of October 23, 2017

first_img Destinee Hanmore and Aaron McMillan, Evansville, son, Aaron Michael Jr., Oct. 11Whitney Williams and John Hathaway, Harrisburg, IL, daughter, Harper Mariah, Oct. 16LeAnne Wilson and Brad Shafer, Boonville, IN, son, Lennox Bradley, Oct. 16Endy Santos and Aaron Vincent, Evansville, son, Lorenzo Alexander, Oct. 16Johanna and Joshua Ackerman, Evansville, daughter, Emma Rose, Oct. 17Johanna and Joshua Ackerman, Evansville, daughter, Everly Ann, Oct. 17Heather and Brandon Welp, Ferdinand, IN, son, Gus Edward, Oct. 17Macie Medcalf and Trevor Ivy, Patoka, IN, daughter, Delilah Rae, Oct. 17Melissa Voegel and David Claoo, Evansville, son, Tristan Takei, Oct. 17Natalie and Michael Hussmann, Evansville, son, Gabe Andrew, Oct. 18Libberty Polston and Dakota West, Evansville, daughter, Kinsley Grace, Oct. 18Leigh and Michael Sheats, Evansville, daughter, Elliana Claire, Oct. 19Rachel Daly and Cruz Herrera, Henderson, KY, son, Cruz Alexander, Oct. 19Stephanie and Andrew Bradley, Evansville, daughter, Zoey Paige, Oct. 20Alisha Wicks, Evansville, son, James Anakin, Oct. 20Billye Robling and Kevin Helfert, Cynthiana, IN, daughter, Alaina Shea, Oct. 20FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

Silvery Tweed names Chris Green as sales manager

first_imgBerwick-upon-Tweed based Silvery Tweed Cereals has named Chris Green as its new sales manager.Green, who has 19 years’ experience in the foodservice industry, will be responsible for Silvery Tweed’s UK product range.He began working at at SIF Iceland Seafood and Coca-Cola, before taking a variety of regional and national account manager positions, culminating in eight years with food products supplier Santa Maria UK as senior national account manager.“The opportunity to work with such a professional and respected company is fantastic. I’m in the process of learning all about the company’s products and I cannot wait to get out and meet clients to see how we can best meet their needs,” said Green.Green has considerable experience in the foodservice industry as well as “great energy and drive”, said Mark Jackson, sales director at Silvery Tweed.“We know that both our existing customers and those who move over to Silvery Tweed products will enjoy working with him and know their needs are being well looked after.”Silvery Tweed manufactures cereal products such as flour, cereal flakes, grain and seed blends, as well as bespoke puffed grains and granola clusters.last_img read more

St. Bonaventure University President Recovering Following COVID-19 Diagnosis

first_imgImage by St. Bonaventure University / YouTube.OLEAN – St. Bonaventure University’s president is now recovering at home after he was hospitalized with COVID-19 over the holidays.The school announced over the weekend Dr. Dennis DePerro tested positive on Christmas Eve.He was hospitalized in Syracuse last week after developing pneumonia as a result of contracting the virus.DePerro has been at his second home in Syracuse since the university’s holiday break on December 18. “I’ve started to feel better the last couple of days and can’t thank the hospital staff enough for the care I’ve received,” said DePerro in a statement. “I have complete confidence in Dr. Zimmer and the university’s administration team as I work toward a full recovery. I look forward to being back on campus very soon.”The school says vice president of Academic Affairs, Doctor Joseph Zimmer will temporarily take over the day-to-day leadership of the university. Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Board finalizes Bar budget

first_img June 15, 2003 Gary Blankenship Senior Editor Regular News Board finalizes Bar budget Senior EditorWith some slight changes that improve the bottom line, the Board of Governors has given final approval to the Bar’s 2003-2004 budget. The fiscal plan will now be forwarded to the Supreme Court for review.Incoming Budget Committee Chair Jesse Diner said since the budget was initially approved in early April, the Bar’s Center for Professionalism had found $25,000 in savings and a recalculation of CLER revenues had produced an additional $102,250. He reported at the board’s May 30 meeting in Key West.That produced a slightly better bottom line in what had been called a break-even budget for the 2003-04 fiscal year, which begins July 1. Overall, the Bar will begin the budget year with about $10.6 million on hand and it expects revenues totaling about $30 million.For the second year in a row, there will be no increase in annual membership fees. They remain at $265 for active members and $175 for inactive members. A complete breakdown of the new budget was published in the April 30 News. The budget provides funding for the Bar’s Dignity in Law Program, although with a $300,000 appropriation instead of $750,000 appropriated in the 2002-03 budget year. Many of the program’s operations, though, will be done by Bar staff in the coming year.Board member Robert Rush renewed objections from the April meeting over reducing the Dignity in Law budget, saying the Bar has begun public relations efforts before and then failed to follow through.“I think we’re being short-sighted,” he said. “We’re not going to get twice the return by cutting the budget in half.”He likened the Bar’s position to a grocery store with a top-notch produce section not countering stories that its fruits and vegetables are old and spoiled.While critics bash the legal profession, Rush said the reality is “if you lie, cheat or steal, you’re not a lawyer in Florida. We need to get that information out.”At the April meeting, other board members had argued the Bar could continue to provide an effective program at a lower cost by bringing operations in-house and that the Bar’s tight finances precluded spending more.The only other change made to the budget was to allow the certification program to spend $15,200 to continue the listings of certified lawyers in the Bar Journal directory issue. Board member Hank Coxe made the motion to restore those pages to the directory, noting that it would be certification funds and not Bar general revenues that paid for the listings.Diner said the pages were tentatively dropped from the 2003 directory as part of a phaseout that will eventually see an end to the printed directory as all of the information it contains is made available on the Bar’s Web site. He noted the list of all certified lawyers is currently on the Web site.But Coxe and other board members argued there was no reason not to continue the listing since the certification program would pay for the cost. “I think we gain nothing and lose a lot [by not having the list],” Coxe said. “There is a constituency of 4,000 board certified lawyers. They want it there until they go electronic [with the directory].”Other budget changes include increasing CLE fees by $10 per course and raising the amount the Bar gets from lawyer referral service fees from 10 to 12 percent. That will help offset $400,000 the Bar lost as a result of the discontinuation of an endorsed credit card program that was part of the Member Benefits Program. The Budget Committee also recommended dropping the Bar rules from the annual Journal directory issue to save money.The budget anticipates the Bar will have $10.6 million on hand at the start of the budget year, and will have a total income of $30 million for the 2003-04 fiscal year, with matching expenditures. That’s actually $600,000 less than projected revenues and expenditures for the 2002-03 budget year. T he largest income item continues to be member annual fees, expected to generate almost $19 million, up about $500,000 for the current year. Sales of products and services, though, are projected at $4.9 million, down about $600,000. Income from advertising revenues, including from Journal and News operations, is expected to remain steady at about $1.8 million.On expenditures, the Bar’s regulation of the practice of law, which includes the discipline system, ethics and advertising, professionalism, and membership records, will continue to be the largest expenditure. The 2003-04 budget calls for $12.6 million, up from $11.9 million in 2002-03. T he Unauthorized Practice of Law Department will get $1.4 million, up from $1.3 million, while the Bar’s communications programs, which include public information as well as the Journal and News, will see a decrease from $4.4 to $3.5 million.One notable figure was the expected return on investment. The 2002-03 budget projected $709,000 of income on investments, while through the end of January 31 the Bar had lost $421,854. The 2003-04 budget anticipates investment earnings of $250,000.Investment Committee Chair David Bianchi reported at the May meeting that after several months of losing money, the Bar’s investments have returned to the positive. Since the beginning of 2003, the Bar’s investments have earned $1.03 million. Board finalizes Bar budgetlast_img read more

Winning back deposits

first_img 6SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Jennifer Laud Jennifer is a credit union marketing consultant and the owner of Jennifer Laud Consulting. She has a background in strategy and a passion for positioning credit unions to find their … Web: www.jlaud.com Details For years we’ve been talking about loans, loans, and more loans. Thanks to carefully crafted products, promotions and incentives, we’ve gotten pretty good at encouraging our members to borrow with us. Now, some of our credit unions are hitting the point of being loaned out and struggling to find the best way to entice deposit dollars without squeezing margins in a rising rate environment.If your marketing team is tasked with getting deposits to flow back in, it’s time to brush up on ways to deepen relationships and get members to save. Get your head back into savings mode with these four launching points. Pinpoint Your Members with DepositsWhen you’re trying to get more deposits, the logical first step is to identify which of your members have money available. You can break this category up into the members who are currently saving with you, and those that likely have money to move into your credit union. Work on maintaining relationships with members who are utilizing your Money Markets, CDs, and IRAs. That can be accomplished through interactions with your staff, marketing communications, and relationship pricing and perks. For members who likely have more to deposit, you can focus your business development and marketing on showing them your mission and all the value that you have to offer when they utilize more of the credit union’s services.You may start by looking at your older members who are out of their borrowing years, but also consider high-earning singles, couples and families who are saving for down payments, education, and rainy days. It’s generally more expensive to attract and onboard a new member than it is to keep an existing member, so don’t let yourself grow complacent with existing deposits. For new members, let them know what makes you unique and make it easy for them to get on board.Dominate Your Niche and Build LoyaltyGaining additional business with members and nonmembers is all about building loyalty. Consider what makes your credit union truly unique – the things that get members excited about doing business with you. Then, think about the niche that you want to dominate within the financial services industry and how you can use your business model to carve out your space.When you talk to your audience, you want it to be clear what kind of experience and products a person will find when they interact with you. That helps set the expectation and attract people who are a good fit. Then, building the relationship becomes much easier. Remember to connect with your audience on more than your product, as emotional connections are stronger than just a love for your account or pricing. You may even find that talking about awards, initiatives and charitable giving is more effective in gaining member’s complete portfolio than talking about each account individually. Make it Easy to Move by Breaking Down BarriersWhen’s the last time you took a look at the process for switching to your credit union? If it’s been a little while, try mapping out the journey that a person takes when they are joining your credit union or opening an account. What you’ll undoubtedly find is at least one place where you can improve the process. Look for barriers that you can break down through process improvement. Also look for places where you can enhance the excitement of opening an account. Naturally, people tend to dwell on the pain points and more easily forget the high notes. You can make the most of the good feelings you’re generating with a new member by creating even more relationship-building moments and cutting out hassles.Be Deliberate with Your PipelineYou can achieve small wins with promotional offers, but a more holistic view is better for long-term success. Consider the entire buyers journey when you’re crafting marketing campaigns so you reach people wherever they are: awareness, consideration, or decision.Talk to people throughout the process and become really good at having conversations. That means reaching your audience where they normally spend their time, either in-person or digital, and crafting a message that helps them make their best financial decision. Follow ups and calls to action help you nudge them along until they are ready to buy in.Major life cycle changes such as moving, having a child, or changing jobs, continue to be great opportunities for picking up new accounts. Since it can be hard to predict when these disruptions will happen, you can consistently talk about how you help members during these changes with targeted groups who will likely be in a similar situation.Get StartedEvery audience and credit union is different, so take these ideas and adjust them for your specific needs. Don’t be afraid to test ideas with small groups of your members to see what is the most effective before launching larger campaigns. If you focus on your unique advantages and work on building relationships with the right audience, the deposits will come. last_img read more

Married couple arrested for alleged child prostitution, human trafficking in Lampung

first_imgRead also: KPAI calls for more efforts to curb child prostitution in apartmentsHe further revealed that the couple had been trying to sell three underaged children via Facebook. SF reportedly admitted that she received up to Rp 100,000 for every transaction, which was worth Rp 500,000.”We promoted the service on Facebook and then arranged meetings with customers in the rented house for conducting transactions,” SF said. The couple has been charged under the 2007 Human Trafficking Law and 2002 Child Protection Law. If convicted, they may face a maximum sentence of 15 years’ imprisonment, the police said. (vny)Topics : The Tulangbawang Police in Lampung have arrested a married couple, identified as SU and SF, at their rented house in Warga Makmur Jaya village in Tulangbawang regency following reports they were running an online child prostitution and human trafficking ring.SU and SF were arrested on July 19 along with two alleged customers during a raid. The police also seized Rp 400,000 (US$27) in cash and a smartphone as evidence.”All four of them were taken to the Tulangbawang Police headquarters for questioning,” Tulangbawang Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Andy Siswantoro said in a press conference on Wednesday as quoted by tribunnews.com. last_img read more

USA eye historic result in first-ever T20I

first_imgBy Peter Della Penna in DubaiTODAY, USA will become the 28th country to play a men’s T20I when they take on UAE at the ICC Academy in Dubai.Coming from a place where T20 has been touted as the only possible gateway to crack the broader domestic sports market, the build-up has been low-key for what on paper is a historic occasion.But that hasn’t kept USA coach Pubudu Dassanayake and his players from appreciating the significance of the new frontier ahead of them.Speaking to ESPNcricinfo on the eve of USA’s first T20I outing, Dassanayake is hoping the two-match series will provide the opportunity to lay solid groundwork for a successful T20 World Cup Qualifying campaign later in the year as well as a lead-in to their attempt at securing ODI status at WCL Division Two in Namibia next month.“Of course, it’s the first T20 International USA is playing, so we want to win, so winning is important,” Dassanayake said. “But having said that, at the end of this year there’s a big tournament coming up – the T20 global qualifier – and regional qualifiers.“So we want to see what is our best combination and best players for that version. We’re going to try a few combinations tomorrow and the day after and see what’s best for us.“When we are talking about T20 into the 50-overs, we want to improve our death bowling; we want to improve our power-hitting ability. So all of these training tours, today, tomorrow and even the T20 games going into 50-overs, we’ve got to cover a few things for us to shape up in the 50 overs as well.”USA’s biggest obstacle might have less to do with the opponents on the field and more to do with the effects of jet-lag. The squad had staggered arrivals over the course of the previous day, while Roy Silva missed the team’s lone training session altogether after his flight didn’t come in late yesterday morning.However, captain Saurabh Netravalkar was upbeat about how the team has acclimatised to the 32-degree desert heat after coming out of the winter. Former New South Wales fast bowler Burt Cockley, who now lives in Kansas, has been working with the USA squad to lay out a strength-and-conditioning programme to improve their fitness through the winter leading up to this tour – something Netravalkar says will be a key factor in their ability to hit the ground running.The biggest addition to the USA squad is the recall of former West Indies Test batsman Xavier Marshall, who debuted for his adopted home in January 2018 but was left out of USA’s last three tournament squads to round out 2018. But he has been given a lifeline to re-enter the squad and is expected to come charging hard at the top of the order after top-scoring in an intra-squad trial match last month during a warm-up tour in Antigua.“The calibre of the player, you have no second thoughts,” Netravalkar said of Marshall. “He has played Test cricket, and his quality is right up there. But the passion that we saw in him in Antigua, the intensity that he put in his training sessions every day, it’s not just in Antigua.last_img read more

‘Circuit of Champions’ cycling meet to light up Linden on Labour Day

first_imgTHE roadways of Linden will play host to the ‘Circuit of Champions’ cycling meet on Wednesday (May 1), Labour Day, when Guyana’s top cyclists will match pedals with Linden’s best, in a bid to claim top honours and prizes.The race, which is a part of the Linden Town Week Event, is being organised by the Linden Bauxite Flyers Cycle Club this year, after a five-year hiatus. In the past, it was usually an annual event; however, due to circumstances beyond the club’s control, they were unable to host the race since 2014.Fortunately, this year, the club was able to able to garner the support of sponsors, who ensured that the meet will be pulled off.Fans will be treated to thrilling action throughout 15 events, with races being contested in the Veterans, Seniors, Juniors, Juveniles, Mountain Bikes, Females and BMX categories respectively.According to information reaching Chronicle Sport, the club will be using “a new exciting race course” – the ‘Wismar Circuit’ in which the cyclists will have to climb one of the steepest hills in Linden. Aptly described by the organisers as a “short stinging hill of under two hundred meters”, the circuit also includes a lazy descent. The circuit will span almost 2.5km. The race will pedal off at 10:00hrs on Labour Day.The main sponsors are Stronghold Metals Inc., Clear Waters, Visual Auto Toy Store, Namilco, Beepats and Star Rentals.last_img read more

Sports Ministry Protests Visa Denial to U-17 Female B’ball Team

first_imgSpeaking with newsmen after a meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday, Sports Minister, Solomon Dalung, said the grounds upon which the athletes were denied visas were untenable.He said “Our under 17 female basket ball team qualified in Madagascar for the Spain event but sadly after fulfilling all righteousness of visa requirements, even extra ordinary conditions were introduced by Spain, our federation met all but in the dying minute they were denied visa.“Before I came to the State House, I was in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to officially protest the treatment metted to Nigeria. I must really investigate more because the reasons given by the Embassy of Spain is that one, the letter signed requesting for visa was signed by a dead person. I had to in my office today invite the author of the letter to come to my office and he is a living person.“The second reason was that the lists sent was padded and that there was an attempt to smuggle some people and traffic them across the border. The lists that was brought to me today which I still have here is not up to 18 and these were the people that went to Madagascar for competition and there was nothing like padding in it.“The last reason was that it was out of time or it was brought in short notice. This one too did not stand the test of the investigation I did. This is why we have protested officially to the embassy and I have written the international federation the treatment they gave to us.“I guess it will not take too long we still insist on getting visa from Spain for our athletes to go and participate because if we allow this to go on then we are opening the gate for other countries to use this technique of disqualifying Nigeria when they feel we are going to be a threat in any international participation.”Dalung also explained why the nation’s football teams coached by indigenous coaches failed at international competitions.According to him, “there is one aspect of this indigenous coaching that has been responsible for the poor performance of football in Nigeria which Nigerians need to know.“They have not been able to grow above their parochial sentiments. An example is that a coach will train a team, the team will qualify to go to the next stage. Once it becomes international they will now submit a different list of people; not the entire people who qualified.“This already has violated what is referred to as team spirit in football. A team that played is different from the one that is going. We have that crisis on our hands now,especially with the list of those who are going to Rio (Olympics).”On the argument for the engagement of foreign coach for the Super Eagles, the minister said he had reservations on the proposal.He said though selection of coaches was being handled by the Technical Team, his ministry, he said owed a duty to guide it to get what was the best for the country.He said: “The selection of coach usually is handled by our technical team. We are a supervisory ministry; we have little to do with the process but we have a role in guiding what is best for Nigeria. I have always maintained that if we cannot pay indigenous coaches, we still owe them some months of salaries, some of them have even died without those salaries, do we still go and look for foreign coach and will he be able to tolerate us without salaries for some time moreso that we may also be paying him in hard currency. So, its a fundamental contradiction to swallow easily.”Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegram National U-17 Female Basketball team that was denied participation at the FIBA event in Spain recentlyTobi Soniyi in AbujaMinistry of Sports has protested the denial of visa by the Spanish Embassy to the nation’s Under-17 Female Basketball Team scheduled for an international competition in Spain.last_img read more