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They just bulldoze it and throw it away."All indications are that this is an intentional act, former chief of staff to Trump’s Democratic predecessor, Fla. stood stricken onstage struggling to read the words about her son on the TelePrompTer at the rear of the convention hall Christopher "Drew" Leinonen died six weeks ago along with his boyfriend Juan and 47 others in the massacre at Orlandos Pulse nightclub "Christopher was my only child and as I used to tell him you cant do better than perfect" his mother told the delegates at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia on Wednesday night "Where was common sense the day he died I never want you to ask that question about your child Thats why I support Hillary Clinton" Leinonen struggled to speak those words but they were carefully chosen Common sense is one of the terms that gun-control lobbyists advise their clients and allies to use when framing their arguments about the fraught subject of guns lest opponents weaponize their words Pollster Anna Greenberg who works with the gun-control group Americans for Responsible Solutions tells supporters to talk about "the gun lobby" but not the National Rifle Association which in many voters minds is about hunting and sport Talk about closing loopholes not about stricter gun laws Talk about background checks not a national gun registry And never promise that anything is a fix-all or use the loaded phrase "gun control" "By using the right arguments and language to bring more Americans into our movement galvanize our allies and fight back against the gun lobby we can win this fight" according to a strategy memo circulated to allies in Philadelphia this week This style of messaging played out in events around Philadelphia this week as Hillary Clinton prepared to accept her partys nomination Unlike other recent Democratic presidential campaigns Clinton has made combating gun violence a signature issue And in Virginia Sen Tim Kaine she picked a running made who is a longtime foe of the National Rifle Association which called itself a civil rights group when the Republicans met in Cleveland for their convention "Tim Kaine is someone who has put gun violence prevention front and center" gun-control activist Mark Kelly told reporters at a lunch this week "Its clearly not 1994 any more" That was the year Democrats passed an assault weapons ban only to pay the political price in disastrous midterm elections that helped Republicans retake Congress Since then candidates have tried not to provoke the powerful gun rights groups even as there are more than 33000 gun deaths every year and more than 130000 shootings But in Clinton gun-control activists think they have a champion for their cause "In the White House Hillary will stand up to the gun lobby" said former Arizona Rep Gabby Giffords who survived a mass shooting in 2001 in her hometown of Tucson and is married to Kelly "Thats why Im voting for Hillary" Clintons team is betting the publics thinking has shifted High-profile shootings like Virginia Tech Sandy Hook Elementary School and the Orlando nightclub have added to public anxiety and allies see a political upside to taking on gun-rights activists "Peoples minds were certainly changed around Sandy Hook but the cumulative effect of these tragedies is starting to increase the intensity of the attention we give this issue" said Sen Chris Murphy of Connecticut one of the partys leading voices against gun violence Some 90% of Americans now support a strengthened background-check system "If Hillary Clinton wins she wins with a mandate on this issue" Murphy told reporters on Tuesday "And thats the first time in 20 years that you have a presidential candidate run openly and strongly on the issue of guns" Dan Gross president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence says the political climate for gun-control activists is better than at any time in recent memory "Finally this issue has become the defining issue that its always deserved to be" Gross told TIME "The gun lobby is much more of a paper tiger than people have long assumed This is an issue where voters are prepared to hold our elected leaders accountable" Look for anti-gun groups to use the same approach to House and Senate races too For the first two nights of the Democratic convention speakers were largely silent about the topic That changed Wednesday evening A procession of speakersactivists celebrities and Americans who have lost family members to gun violencetook the podium in Philadelphia to issue wrenching pleas for tighter gun laws Many of them deployed the language that pollsters like Greenberg advise "We need to take action and we need to take action now" producer and director Lee Daniels told the crowd "Theres only one candidate willing on the gun lobby and keep our families safe" The Rev Jesse Jackson called Clinton a fighter who would "make us more secure by banning assault weapons that are turning our communities into killing fields" Erica Smegielski a young woman from Connecticut whose mother was the principal at Sandy Hook and died in the massacre told the hall that "what we need is another mother whos willing to do whats right Whose bravery can live up in equal measure to my moms What we need is to elect Hillary Clinton" The point was driven home again and again And the message was clear: Gun regulation would be debate front and center in the 2016 election Write to Alex Altman at [email protected] and Philip Elliott at [email protected] Thursday the South Dakota House of Representatives failed to override the governor’s veto of a “bathroom bill” which would have required public school students to use facilities based on their “chromosomes and anatomy” at birth The override vote in favor of the bill fell some ten votes short of the required two-thirds majority with 36 yeas 29 nays and five members not voting The vote came two days after Republican Gov Dennis Daugaard vetoed the bill amid heavy opposition from LGBT rights groups In rejecting the measure he argued that issues regarding gender and facility use at public schools are best handled locally by the schools rather than statewide legislation that would likely open up schools to lawsuits Critics who ranged from nationwide advocacy groups like the Human Rights Campaign to tourists who said they were canceling trips to the state believed the bill unfairly targeted transgender youthessentially banning transgender girls from using girls’ facilities and likewise for transgender boys Controversial “bathroom bills” have caused uproar in states around the country in recent years including Arizona Kentucky and Maryland The Department of Justice has repeatedly expressed that denying transgender children or adults access to the facility that aligns with their gender identity is a form of sex discrimination under Title IX “As policymakers in South Dakota we often recite that the best government is the government closest to the people” Daugaard said in a statement accompanying his veto “Local school districts can and have made necessary restroom and locker room accommodations that serve the best interests of all students regardless of biological sex or gender identity” While the governor called controversial incidents regarding bathroom use “rare” one lawmaker arguing for the House to override the veto described transgenderism as a “virus that has broken out” across the nation arguing that being transgender is a choice and a bad one that will make children suicidal “When you feed the fire of this kind of confusion” said state Rep Steven Haugaard “youre going to add to the number of people who are going to make this choice” Medical experts widely recognize the phenomenon of gender dysphoria a situation in which a person’s physical characteristics do not match their innate sense of gender Groups such as the American Academy of Pediatrics wrote an open letter expressing “deep alarm” about such bills to all the nations governors during the debate over the South Dakota measure: "All of our nations children deserve equal protections and treatment in their classrooms" The original sponsor of the bill Rep Fred Deutsch urged colleagues to sustain the governor’s veto saying there was no way the measure would pass the Senate and they should “allow this bill to die a dignified death in this chamber where it originated” State rep Karen Soli a Democrat also argued against overriding the veto saying the legislation was “neither wise nor necessary” “We do not need to single out [transgender students] we need to figure it out and let the people who are closest to the situation do that” Soli said Several lawmakers countered that opposing the governor’s veto was necessary saying “girls belong in girls’ bathrooms boys’ belong in boys” Before the bill became the subject of nationwide news coverage it passed the House with a super majority that would have sustained the override on Thursday As battles over other laws that affect the LGBT community heat up around the nation governors beyond South Dakota have found themselves at odds with their state’s legislators and business communities The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported on Thursday that Republican Georgia Gov Nathan Deal criticized the current version of a “religious freedom” bill that has passed both chambers Critics believe the measure would allow individuals and organizations to deny service to LGBT people based on moral beliefs On Thursday he said he would reject any bill which "allows discrimination in our state in order to protect people of faith" and made a Biblical case for his position "What the New Testament teaches us is that Jesus reached out to those who were considered the outcasts the ones that did not conform to the religious societies view of the world” Deal said according the the Journal Constitution “We do not have a belief in my way of looking at religion that says we have to discriminate against anybody If you were to apply those standards to the teaching of Jesus I dont think they fit" Write to Katy Steinmetz at [email protected]"Cheese curds. ‘The return of Jon Snow is turning into the worst-kept secret in TV history” said Vanity Fair.

” Read Next: Here Are All the Jon Snow Conspiracy Theories Write to Rishi Iyengar at rishi. and rich, 2015 Chances are you missed a subtle change to Facebook’s logo Tuesday. more important element to the job," he says.

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