Dave Matthews Band Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Audio From First Ever Live Performance

first_imgYesterday celebrated a twenty-five-year career for Dave Matthews Band, with their debut performance beginning at TRAX in Charlottesville, Virginia on March 14, 1991. The band included Carter Beauford (drums), LeRoi Moore (saxophone), and Stefan Lessard (bass), who found the old cassette tape a few years ago with recordings of this historical night in DMB history.In light of the milestone, the band shared audio of “Recently” from their legendary debut:The concert was part of a benefit show for Middle East Children’s Alliance, and featured songs like “The Best Of What’s Around,” “Typical Situation,” and “I’ll Back You Up.” The original lineup lasted through August of 1991, and then expanded with Peter Griesar (keys) and Boyd Tinsley (fiddle), until Griesar left the band early 1993.While Dave Matthews Band will be playing an incredibly extensive summer tour, they’ve announced plans to take a hiatus following those dates and through 2017.[H/T JamBase]last_img

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