To improve the website from 4 aspects

website, the website weight, included, the promotion is not the lack of keywords. Included promotion there is a certain influence for the website ranking and weighting. So the webmaster must pay attention to the site within the contents of the article, the arrangement of keywords within the chain, distribution and other factors, improve included, increase the weight. Of course, the key to enhance not only the website weight in the collection, but also in the external links, related to many factors such as soft release, making every website inside and outside work can get better development website. The source of Chongqing Si 贵族宝贝www_cqsihan_com (please indicate John education turn the original address, thank you) read more

Website structure optimization do a website to search engine optimization

when you are familiar to your industry, I think you probably know what users will first understand, conventional products users will know the price, function, price, the strength of the manufacturers that several major problems, but these are not we can guess, even if you really understand your industry, you can not guess, in the Internet era, we have to use the data to derive the results.

To meet the needs of users of

above is the search for the same keyword search the bottom, the relevant search and the drop-down box, only the number of re search without the drop-down box, so we show in the relevant search, of course, a key demand is tens of thousands of, if the search number than the drop-down box and relevant search there is less, so will not be displayed, we also can be ignored, but here we must grasp the demand. read more

Feasibility analysis of imitation Android website optimization example

web site for more than 1 months, the chain included 3, 67, and the chain is only one, that is a kind of praise him as a forum, are all included in this forum, the rest did not do. Links is one-way links in uniform, a piece of red, who looks awful.

can see this goods in website design and program more powerful from these areas, but in Shanghai is absolutely ignorant of the basic aspects of the dragon.

site logo and genuine like web design, has done a good job, URL, breadcrumbs, navigation, calls and other forum website structure has done is very reasonable, but no more than the content of the website, the chain in optimization, each column has set special keywords, but are very high, key words can be targeted keywords. read more

Buy new links to pay attention Xinshoubikan

are now selling links, some webmaster want to spend some money to buy some weight high website links. But many of the stations are hundreds of the chain. Even if buy down, get the right high is not much, also can say very little, only to buy more links in order to achieve the desired effect.

3. to see the site of output value, some large Links not only to a seller, when you sell, may not have much output, but over a period of time may be more. The output of many links to buy is a waste of money, be sure to buy a website that regards the seller, hang up the number of links. If more than 80, it is best not to buy, I buy links are limited number, like some big sellers links me not to go to the station to buy, because the output is too much, a website once I read the package by several sellers, the output link at least 200. This is not good for both sides of the site, the site will be right down there. read more

Love Shanghai for promotion order Shanghai dragon bonus is bigger

in this bidding competition cost for businesses must be increased even for some industries must be doubled, and also does not guarantee the input and output ratio, the risk borne by businesses is greatly increased.


seems to do such a love map of Shanghai as a free love map of Shanghai in Yang Zi, when users search for the brand name will show up, about how to make a love map of Shanghai Yang Zi has been in the previous article to share, here is not explained in detail. (2 love map of Shanghai to produce their own read more

One day you let included thousands of methods

to write this article, from the real hot collection already in the past 8 days, it was found that the method is August 1st, of course because I technology and capital, and the problem of risk, I did not go to do! And this method can now do! You can try! Because it has been 8 days, temporarily no map no truth! So we now only do share ideas on the


project!August 1st

was very surprised by the domain name gov! Is the nature of the government domain, while the is where? Don’t love Shanghai and a baby check relevant information! So only to find the above whois! 贵族宝贝 read more

A5 optimization team how to use statistical tools to allow traffic to fly

traffic statistics tool, the basic status of reaction site traffic, to master the dynamic website development most every day even more, can flow through the floating intuitive judgment search engine to give the weight and height of the web site. So in addition, it can also do what? In fact, use the webmaster tools feedback information, can make the flow amplification gain, let website traffic more regeneration.

users every day through what keyword access site? These traffic statistical tools have detailed records. At the same time also illustrates a truth: these words have a higher ranking in the search engine, the more important is the keyword search. As a webmaster, good at analyzing these keywords bring traffic at the same time, the search index is high, but the number itself is not satisfactory to do a keyword optimization, the result will be? Is brought about through the long tail word optimization flow will geometric fold increase. For this, not all the webmaster to do, more is to do only with the optimization of the home page, but once the home is down the right, get rid of the flow. read more

Do not stand immutable and frozen innovation can be sustained ranking

look at the petals net, mogujie贵族宝贝 these websites, why can attract a large number of users to browse the website, in addition to Shanghai dragon has a strong technology, an important reason why I think web page layout is to attract users, such as the drop of the waterfall flow layout form, the site is relatively unique, at least for now the site is relatively rare, from the user’s visual angle, the unique form that will enable us to have a sense of themselves, seeing the websites of the "mainstream" form, suddenly to a "non mainstream", unable to restrain the emotions will have a "nice" feeling. Figure (mogujie贵族宝贝: read more

Cen Huiyu 2017 do grassroots webmaster Shanghai dragon new thinking and skills

is now a lot of new friends in the online search for the tutorial to learn, but to master the real essence is less and less, or his personal learning ability, or is not perfect free tutorial, is also the most expensive, there is a more important reason is that the search engine algorithm in the update, some past operation has been difficult to meet the needs of users to search and search engine, then the 2017 how to do better work in Shanghai dragon


Shanghai dragon?

said in 2017 before the Shanghai dragon how to do, may wish to a story about the current situation of Shanghai’s half demon dragon, if the Witch of Shanghai Longfeng can ignore this step. Have a friend in Guiyang, here will call him a B, a B in a construction company as a Shanghai Longfeng post, through one or two months of time to make up words, flow effect is good, because Shanghai is only a B of a dragon position, and later maintenance and extension of the new traffic, but also take care of other shops, a bit difficult, so he asked my boss for a recruiting assistant. The boss refused, because a person can complete the work, why by two people, and see you every day is not particularly busy, then the boss gave a B rose 500 yuan wages, B began a start to Shanghai dragon. After two months of the season faded, coming off-season, company performance decline, and website traffic ah B also fell, the boss has lost a pot of natural B up. A B again and again to the boss explained: the ranking is very good, but also a lot of traffic, only in the off-season. The boss with a sneer: that why the website can bring order, so few of our website orders? No matter what B says, weight, flow, outside the chain of no use, fewer orders is a fact, not long after, a B left the company. If the normal situation, B has done very well, why not the boss’s attention? The key still is Shanghai dragon pattern limited, or employees do not understand the Shanghai dragon, either. read more

Explain love Shanghai for advertising keywords on the strategy

from the target customer search habits starting when bidding on advertising keywords, choose the more accurate keywords. Although these keywords search volume is not so big, but there are several advantages: 1 the conversion rate is particularly high, so search customers are basically willing to buy customers; 2 is cheap, because the more accurate and popular, these keywords often the price is cheaper, lower bid will be able to go to the front row. Or take pills for example, we can put a similar "what brand best", "what the best diet pills" similar keywords. read more