Keywords how to do layout

is commonly used in the content page long tail keywords optimization; in the title, appear in the text. Write down each of the long tail keywords and long tail keywords links, made of a link table is a good habit good, so in writing new articles, in the long tail word appears in the article before, it can be added directly to the link. At the same time for the optimization of difficult or directional high conversion rate of the long tail, can do the appropriate chain to optimize.

Hello, I am the future. For a web site, good keywords layout, not only to optimize the order to help web site keywords, also can make the website editor more orderly. Keywords the more the content of the website, late planning more smoothly. read more

How to do web site optimization from small to large, strong field

, avoid the search engine punishment. A new generation of things, and in the time of growth, is bound to be setbacks. The site is also so, the main risk factors, factors from human nature. Website optimization, want in a short time, obtain a valid keyword ranking. So, take the way of some black hat. Such as keyword stuffing, a lot of tools through the construction of the chain and so on. The short-term benefits, lost the long-term development opportunities. Have a feeling of low vision The loss outweighs the gain., effect. Therefore, we need to have a web site, the foundation of good, is an advantage of late development; read more

How to from the statistics analysis of keywords optimization effect

in the analysis of keyword optimization effect, the most direct method is the natural view the site can be obtained from the search engine flow value trend to learn. Because the keyword optimization is to allow users to search your web site keywords, you can see your site in the front, naturally can increase the probability of user access to the site, in order to obtain the flow value. Then in view of keywords optimization effect, of course, you can from the statistics from the search engine traffic is increased. As shown above, traffic from Google obviously has a rising trend, which indicates that the key words in Google ranking is good. Love Shanghai and search is manifested as a general, so that the two keywords obtained from the flow of value is not what big change, that is to say the words of the site in the two major search engine ranking is not very good. So, through the analysis of search engine traffic value is increased from statistical data, the analysis of keywords optimization effect has a very big help. read more

believe the future of Shanghai All sufferings have their reward.! Phoenix Road will go farther and

now Shanghai Longfeng, within the chain is king, the chain for the emperor has been as an example for the traditional method, Shanghai dragon experienced a "content is king, the chain for the emperor" era, an era practice is not suitable for the evolutionary trend in today’s search engines love Shanghai, if only to keep pace with the times. Replaced by new things. The needs of the times is what? That is how to meet the needs of users. In this process there are many owners left the Shanghai dragon industry, also has added many new owners, the Shanghai dragon strategy is not clear, think about every day to update their own soft, sleep often to 12 midnight " read more

Optimization of real implementation site of Shanghai dragon can from the perspective of diversificat

: Shanghai dragon

I remember when beginning to participate in the training, only the teacher told us, do site optimization must firmly grasp the content as well as the chain, also cannot ignore user friendly experience, but these are some of the most basic content of Shanghai dragon, not the impossible site of the Shanghai dragon, of course, Cardiff the teacher did not directly say several aspects of this site is the only way to success. Most of the search engine market, the environment is changing, whether in the former stage of love Shanghai news source changes, or as we now often talk about love in Shanghai increased search results "add to Shanghai love the home button, they have what effect to our Shanghai dragon, how do we use these reasonable, these are all we need to think, Shanghai dragon is a Knowledge has no limit. industry, is not to say that you are a few training, will be what technology can The Legendary Swordsman. read more

On site ranking unstable solutions

website ranking is not stable, it is floating, each site will experience, but some sites do a proper method, recovery will be ranked earlier, some do not reply to an antidote against the disease will be long in coming even from death. In general, the website ranking is not stable for several reasons:

1, whether the

2, the website is too much (cheating cheating variety, there is a common link, such as hidden jump, hidden text, spam links, hidden pages etc.).

I gave several reasons about the fluctuation of all website ranking analysis, website ranking next about unstable. read more

How to improve the weight of the website site

is easy!

in search of

loves Shanghai ranking is constantly changing, but each time the love Shanghai update, those with high quality and high weight website ranking is mostly small fluctuations, but also have many website ranking disappear overnight, love Shanghai drop right or pull hair, as a qualified webmaster will need experience a love Shanghai ranking floating attack and strong test! For some good returns website, when love Shanghai drop right or ranking floating a great time, what should we do, the website to give up or continue to work? If we should do now is to a what? The site of my personal experience for everyone to simply say: read more

How to guarantee the depth of website revision will not be right down

domain name and the depth of website program revision based on the analysis of how to make the weight of the website can continue to go steady strategy. I think we can from the following several aspects to the revision, can to some extent sustain the weight of the website.

first, choose high quality old domain name. If we want to change the domain name of the website, do not be able to use the new domain name, if the new domain name revision, so it is easy to be judged to be Shanghai love new website, if using the old domain name, and the higher the weight of the old domain, can well maintain the site of the weight does not appear to change. We in the choice of domain name, also need to pay attention to a problem, that is the old domain name is used by K, if K, even an old domain name, it is hard to maintain weight after the revision of the website. read more

How to use Google Analytics to Shanghai Dragon

Analytics interface

Of course,

1. make full use of the site every period of Shanghai Longfeng comparative analysis of data flow. Shanghai Longfeng flow analysis data here mainly refers to the Shanghai dragon early implementation phase and a comparison of the data flow of Shanghai dragon target period. To do so we can clearly see the value of the work of Shanghai Longfeng, generally speaking, is the best data also reflect the effect of the most direct and effective way.


for a qualified Shanghai dragon Er, the Google Analytics is a must to master data analysis tools, and to fully utilize. Google Analytics search engine optimization work of Shanghai dragon, is largely a feedback guidance effect and work direction. read more

Let the traffic boats for a moment. Popular keyword optimization

not all sites can get ideal effect, which relates to the flow of import mode. High weight website can directly write a soft release to the web site, wait for after included will be ranked, but if the low weight website how? Method can use indirect import traffic to improve site traffic. If the article was posted to the high weight blog "love Shanghai space, Sina, NetEase, the blog" written on a piece of content, then use URL to guide users to further access. Another such as "love Shanghai know, Post Bar" so the flux, but the latter may. read more