From the 360 frame event Shanghai dragon ranking and user experience who is more important

‘s 360 product is off the shelf, some industry insiders speculated that the most likely reason is because some products take improper ways to "brush ticket", to improve the ranking. But after the application of APP Store in the presence of such behavior is the most severe punishment of ranking data is cleared, and not all products be punished so severely under the plane. So there are a lot of people doubt whether it is because the 360 has been emphasized in "cloud service", may open some backstage module in the cloud, Apple Corp suspected of stealing and leaking of user privacy, if there is leakage of user privacy steal users’ personal data behavior, for always emphasize the user experience Apple Corp, is also behoove all off the shelf the punishment. read more

The settings of the site keywords layout that something

We first open the


today to write this article and stationmaster to guess a bit, if not set the keywords so IT Adsense nets also don’t have to write this article, because they do not set the words to write this article does not have any meaning to existence. So you need to come up with a reasonable reason, why need to site layout keywords, love Shanghai algorithm change is too large, keyword set never changes, but is not so important. As long as we also provide keyword to the search engine on the surface of keyword set is useful, otherwise no search engine will not set the keywords to get rid of the It is without rhyme or reason. Key words must be set so. read more